Case Study American Apparel Clothing In United States

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    American Apparel

    Company’s Background American Apparel is a clothing manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer in the United State Found in1998 by Dov Charney under the name “Old American Apparel” The company started out as a wholesale business selling undecorated t-shirts, and after its successful, its expand to retailing business, open its first store in L.A in 2003, and expand more to Canada, Europe and Asia. And also h ave its own online retail store. It currently has more than 270 retailer stores in 20 countries

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    Zara Case Study

    Zara: Fast Fashion Case Study IEOR 153 Logistics Network Design and Supply Chain Management Niko Katigbak Regine Labog Kevin Leung Ruoyun Li Miranda Ortiz Michelle Papilla Spring 2011 Professor Kaminsky UC Berkeley I. Background Inditex, founded by Amancio Ortega, operates six different chains: Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius, and Oysho. Since 2006 when the case was written, Inditex has added Zara Home and Uterque to its collection.1 The retail chains

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    Abortion in the United States

    Abortion in the United States Valora Hawkins, Tracy Avila, Timothy Easter, and Veronica Holifield BCOM/275 June 18, 2012 Les Colegrove Abortion is one of the most controversial topics to date in the United States. Because of the complexity and issues involved, there are those individuals who are for abortion, and those who are against. There is neutrality that extends between the two, with those who are one the fence depending on circumstantial situations. In this paper our group of four

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    United States Case Study

    Case Study : United States In general, how does a manager from the U.S. communicate (verbal and nonverbal) and view relationships? Given that U.S. tends to have a very low threshold for silence (uncomfortable with silence) they are very verbal. The U.S. is also a low-context culture meaning it is direct and straightforward when communicating, leaving little to be interpreted nonverbally. There is also a high occupational mobility in the U.S. meaning there is weak loyalty of employee to employer

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    Native Americans in the United States

    Running Head: SCOTT SMITH ON NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE Scott Smith on Native American Culture Scott Smith Regis University Abstract The Native American culture is explored in general terms, including their history, cultural values, and racial identity to better understand them as fellow human beings and to gain insight into how best to provide them counseling services within their cultural context. In addition, Scott Smith, a therapist-in-training, provides some of his personal feelings

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    The Vietnamese Americans’ Successful Transition to the United States

    Research Paper for SOC 350 National University 25 November 2012 The Vietnamese Americans’ Successful Transition to the United States Group of Vietnamese immigrants started after 1975 to the United States started after the Vietnam War. Early immigrants were refugee boat people (refers to refugees, illegal immigrants or asylum seekers immigrate in numbers in small boat fleeing persecution or poverty). Forced to flee from their mother country and often drive into poor town neighborhoods

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    American Airlines Case Study

    Executive Summary – American Airlines The future of American Airlines remains uncertain after a lieu of mistakes and misfortunes. American Airlines’ parent company, AMR, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November of last year after recording net losses of $2.1 billion, $1.5 billion, and $471 million in 2008, 2009, and 2010 respectively. Also, with AMR’s previous CEO declaring retirement, new CEO Tom Horton was named. In the wake of their financial predicament, American Airlines is also having PR

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    Iran and the United States at the Icj: Oil Platforms Case

    Iran by attacking oil tankers on its way to Iranian ports. In October 1987, a Kuwait oil tanker sailing under an American flag was attacked allegedly by Iran. In a separate incident, a U.S. Navy escort ship struck a mine in international waters. These attacks by both Iran and Iraq violated time honored rules of international law regarding neutral shipping and naval warfare. The United States soon retaliated by destroying two offshore oil production facilities owned and operated by the National Iranian

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    American Apparel Analysis

    American Apparel is a vertically integrated business located in Los Angeles, California. They are a retail company targeting individuals of all ages. They perform all aspects of the business from raw materials all the way to the customer’s shopping bag. ------------------------------------------------- Marketing Strategy and Supply Chain Product In 1989 when American Apparel was founded they began as a wholesale brand selling t-shirts to screen printers and boutiques. Since then it has grown

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    Death Penalty in the United States

    Death Penalty In The United States Many Americans identify issues with the death penalty and the ethical responsibility of American jurors. Individuals who oppose the death penalty often argue that Americans have a responsibility to be merciful and often suggest that death penalty supporters have a thirst for vengeance. Some arguments use bold approaches that intend to guilt their audiences and suggest that America should not have the control to choose whether an individual lives or dies.

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    Fat Tax in the United States

    the United States Abstract The United States has one of the least healthy populations in the entire world. That seems out of skew because we are also considered one of the most powerful. In the near future we will have a universal healthcare program that will basically enforce everybody to have health insurance of some sort. You would think you would want this for a nation on route to good health. This is not the case now, but there is one way in starting the path. Fat Tax in the United States

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    Illegal Immigration in the United States

    Illegal Immigration in the United States Illegal immigration has been the subject of debate and of controversial views for a substantial amount of time. The aggravations toward undocumented aliens mainly reside on the financial burden and dangers they represent for the rest of the population. Illegal immigrants are generally defined as unauthorized residents that are foreign-born non-citizens and who are not legal residents. There are two ways an unlawful status can occur, the most common one happening

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    Children and Poverty in the United States

    RUNNING HEAD: Children & Poverty in the United States Children & Poverty in the United States Kylon D. Shipp SOC120 University of Phoenix In the United States, there are millions of families with children who live at or below the poverty guidelines set by the federal government. The federal poverty income level is around $22,050 a year for a family of four, and it takes about twice that amount to cover the basic needs and expenses of a family of this size (National Center for Children

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    The Great Northern American Case Study

    The Great Northern American Case Study Patrice Pace Professor: Dr. Debra Sherry Business 520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior November 25, 2012 Discuss why Joe’s employees need to understand the importance of how people form perceptions and make attributions Great Northern American is a 35-year old company operated by President, Mr. Joe Salatino. The company is responsible for selling more than $20 million in office/promotional supplies to more than 60,000 businesses nationwide

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    The United States and the Middle East

    Robert Montgomery ENGL 1120 Amelia Lewis 4/25/13 The United States and the Middle East For the past few decades, United States foreign policy has revolved around the situation in the Middle East. This is due mostly to the fact that tensions between the United States and the Islamic countries of the Middle East are always high. Also with the United States’ most valuable resource, oil, found in highest supply in the Middle East, America has a vested economic interest into the political stability

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    Poverty and Children in the United States

    Poverty and Children in the United States Patsy Fox Soc 120 June 26, 2011 Barbara Romero Poverty and Children in the United States The United States is one of the richest nations in the world, and yet millions of Americans live at or below the poverty level and many more struggle each month not to fall into this category. Unfortunately, the number of children in our society that are living in poverty is increasing daily. Many of these children are from single-parent homes where the parent

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    Tri State Telephone Case Study

    Tri state telelephone ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are over whelmed in all humbleness and gratefulness to acknowledge our debt to all those who have helped us to move these ideas well above the level of simplicity and into something concrete. We are very thankful to our lecturer for his valuable help. He was always there to show me the right track when we needed his help. It is with the help of his valuable suggestions, guidance and encouragement, that I was able to perform this project work.

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    Tesco Case: Examining the Marketing Management and United States Market

    Tesco Case: Examining the Marketing Management and United States Market BUS 620: Managerial Marketing Dr. Paula Zobisch January 20, 2013 Tesco Case: Examining the Marketing Management and United States Market Tesco need to focus on their customer loyalty and retention in their marketing strategy to bring up their sales in the United Kingdom (U.K.). The company dipped into the United States market, but came up short. It is time for the business to look at their largest market the U.K.,

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    American Apparel

    American Apparel American Apparel, founded in 1997, began its business strategy differently than most other companies. The founder, Dov Charney, believed in the philosophy of being a vertically integrated company. This means they manufacture, produce and sell their own products. Sales were slowly decreasing over the years because of poor fiscal management. To remain the largest U.S. apparel store they needed to tighten the reins on their financial management. Synopsis of the Case American

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    A&F Case Study

    {draw:frame} Abercrombie and Fitch Case Study 4/21/2010 Executive Summary: Abercrombieand Fitch was Founded as a High Quality sporting goods store in 1982 by David Abercrombie. Abercrombie Co opened its first store in Manhattan, New York with the intention of providing high quality equipment to an elite segment of the market. Throughout the years, Abercrombie and Fitch Co has proven itself to be able to adapt to the constant changing retail market and has slowly evolved in the retail

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    American Connector Co Case Study

    cooQ1 How serious is the threat of DJC to American Connector Company? Answer -   The threat of DJC to American Connector Company is very high. Following are the reasons: Ø  If DJC sets up manufacturing base in USA, as per the exhibit 7 and exhibit 8 the raw material cost for DJC in USA will drastically reduce. Current Raw material product and packaging cost is 14.89 which will reduce to 8.93 in USA.As the raw material cost is almost half of the total finished goods cost, the raw material cost

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    Retail Marketing Case Study

    James Borda Retail Marketing 10/5/12 Case 10 Case Study 1. Over the last decade, American Eagle and Abercrombie and Fitch have been two of the main clothing retailers competing for the affection of young adult shoppers, specifically within the teen-college age range of 18-22 years. While both companies carry a similar assortment of clothing apparel and try to cater to the same demographic, each company’s retail strategy does differ in various ways. A retail strategy is defined as the way

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    United States

    Welcome to the United States A Guide for New Immigrants M-618 (rev. 09/07) Welcome to the United States A Guide for New Immigrants Revised Edition U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL EDITION NOTICE This is the Official U.S. Government edition of this publication and is herein identified to certify its authenticity. Use of the ISBN 978-016-078733-1 is for U.S. Government Printing Office Official Editions only. The Superintendent of Documents of the U.S. Government Printing Office requests that

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    Great Northern American Case Study

    Running head: GREAT NORTHERN AMERICAN Great Northern American Case Study Abstract Joe Slatino, as executive who has operated his business for over 35 years have the qualities to maintain its success. Joe gauges his company success on many factors including how well his employees are paid. Joe ultimate goal is to make sure that his employee productivity continues to grow his business. Under his leadership, he understands that a hand off approach works best for his organization. Joe does

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    American Apparel Dofa

    Fortalezas: • Operaciones en manufactura (integración vertical). • Al ser responsables de todos los eslabones de la cadena de suministro, American Apparel responde a los cambios del mercado de una forma rápida y eficaz. • Prendas de alta calidad. • Personalidad de marca y público objetivo definidos. Fortalecimiento de los mismos mediante las estrategias. • Buen posicionamiento en el mercado textil de Estados Unidos. • Reconocimiento y recordación de marca. • Reconocido trato a los empleados

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    American Apparel Case Study

    COMPANY BACKGROUND In today’s market economy, American Apparel places a premium on differentiating itself from the competition by creating a unique brand image based on a hip, comfortable line of clothing, and a “Made in the USA” slogan. Founded in California, American Apparel is a company that wants its customers to be comfortable in its merchandise, as well as in their own skin above all else. American Apparel offers clothing and accessories for men, women, children, and even pets. The

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    American Apparel Case Analysis

    Case Analysis American Apparel: Unwrapping Ethics Whether American Apparel should change their advertising or stay with the highly sexualized nature they have been using for advertising Situation Analysis How American Apparel is going to take the brand from where they are at and move forward with it, either by changing their ways or staying the same. Internal Environment The resources American Apparel has available to them internally come from hiring young people for design and advertising

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    United States Congress - Case Study

    Case Study – United States Congress ANSWERS: #1 The probability that a randomly selected representative is female is: 77/432 = 0.178 Ans. The probability that a randomly selected senator is female is: 20/100 = 0.20 Ans. #2 There are 18% females in the House of Representatives in United States Congress, where as 20% females in the House of Senate. Relatively proportion of Males is more in the House of Representatives and less in the House of Senate. #3 a.: The probability

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    Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans, a New Beginning in the United States

    Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans, A new beginning in the United States North America is known to have various groups of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Most people in the United States if not them have ancestors who moved to the U.S for a better way of living or to escape challenges that arrived in their respected countries. According, to Individuals of the Latin American origin contains over 14% of the population of the United States. The two groups that

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    Manchester United Case Study

    Rafael Zielinski Örebro, 7th of October 1. How do you evaluate the international competitiveness of ManUtd after the takeover by Malcolm Glazer? After Malcom Glazer invested 1.4$ billion in Manchester United he had to create new strategies and face some challenges. To be sucessful Manchester United had to raise their profit, because of the globalization. Football clubs are not only sport teams, but they are quite normal companies. They had to go with the time and charge with their global brand the

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    Case Study--American Tool Works

    Case Study--American Tool Works American Tool Works (ATW) is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-quality power and hand tools, such as electric drills, hammers, and so forth. The company has manufacturing facilities all over the world, and its main markets are in Europe and North America. Products are sold through distributors and dealers or directly to home owners and tradesmen. ATW enjoys a very successful partnership with its distributors and dealers. This channel provides about 80 percent

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    American Apparel - Case Study Analysis

    Accounting for Decision Making American Apparel: Drowning in Debt? Case Study Analysis Prepared by Group 7-section A: Ambika Ravi Shankar - 14009 Ashish Sopori -14018 Ashvita Ganesh - 14020 Tamilarasi Rajappa – 14066 Pragadeeshwaran Selvaraju - 14075 Introduction American Apparel, is an American multi-national clothing manufacturer, distributor and retailer since 1988based in Los Angeles, California. Dov Charney, a Canadian business man was a founder and former CEO of

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    State of the United States Economy

    Evan DiLauro ECON 152 12/3/13 The State of the United States Economy By looking at the past five years of data, it is clear that the United States economy is in a state of rebound from the Great Recession. The data shows that before the recession the United States’ economy was operating at a solid level. The recent numbers show that the economy is on its way back to the state it was in before the recession hit. The Great Recession began in December 2007 due to major factors that lead

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    American Apparel Marketing Strategy

    PROJECT:  AMERICAN  APPAREL  Marketing  Strategy       AMERICAN APPAREL Abstract American Apparel has been experiencing a declining trend since 2008. My aim is to identify the reasons why this has been, and continue, to happen. Even if the world financial crisis had an important role at the end of the day, there surely are other actual and potential threats the company has overlooked: for example, right 2 days before the beginning of the decline the CFO resigned; they

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    The Reasons That the United States Won the Spanish-American War

    feature of the American foreign policy were trying to avoid the conflicts with European powers and applied itself for territorial expansion. But the Spanish-American War which took place in 1898, was the United States first time broke the geographic boundaries and began to set a goal as one of the most powerful countries in the world in 20th century. From isolationism to expansionism, the Spanish-American War led America into the modern era, the war was a symbol that the United States was rising power

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    American Apparel

    Information Management Systems The Second Life Strategy of American Apparel 1. This was not a failure for American Apparel because this was a learning experience. This learning experience helped them identify with their customer base. This helped them start up the MTV’s virtual Lower East Side. This was a great benfit for the company. 2. This has supported American Apparels business strategy greatly. It has allowed American Apparel to come to the market, helped sales and building customer

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    Diversity in Workplace: a Study on Multinational Clothing Retail Brands

    Diversity in Workplace: A study on Multinational Clothing Retail Brands Diversity in Workplace: A study on Multinational Clothing Retail Brands Course: BUS 520 Management & Organizational Behavior Section: 3 Prepared For: Dr. Muhammad Shariat Ullah North South University Prepared by: Sarah Binte Mohiuddin ID # 1512983660 Md. Farhan Khan ID # 1512984660

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    American Apparel

    analyzing the case you put yourself in the decisions maker’s role and try to figure what you would do in his/her position.) * What is the main problem(s) or opportunity(s) that you (as the decision maker) must deal with? * Why this issue is important and how urgent is it? * Provide any sub-issues that are relevant to the case. * Who are the key people and/or groups that you need to consider in solving the problem/opportunity?The decision maker is Dov CharneyMain Problem: American apparel is struggling

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    Case Studies

    Harrington Collection: Sizing Up the Active-Wear Market On January 22, 2008, financial results for Harrington Collection’s 2007 fiscal year were distributed to all senior executives. Harrington, a large manufacturer and retailer of high-end women’s apparel, had posted lackluster sales for the past three years and margins were now at an all time low. Sara Huey, Vice President of Strategic Planning, gathered her strategy team and key operating managers to review the disappointing 2007 results and brainstorm

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    American Rice, Inc. in Vietnam Case Study

    International Business Case Study Report American Rice, Inc. in Vietnam Nov 30, 2015 1. Is Vietnam a suitable expansion location for American Rice? No, Vietnam is not a suitable expansion location for American Rice and the reasons are as follow. * Long history of communist Vietnam has long history of communist, strongly influenced by the Soviet Union. In other words, possibilities of the government intervene the agricultural industry might exist, when that sector plays a leading role

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    Homeless in the United States of America

    HOMELESS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA So who exactly are Homeless? According to the Stewart McKinney Act (1994)[1], a person is considered as homeless if he/she is not able to acquire a “fixed”, “regular” and “adequate nighttime residence” and has a primary nighttime residence that is either used as a place to accommodate people on temporary basis, e.g. motels, rehabilitation centers, shelter homes, etc., or a place that is intended to be used as an institution, e.g. schools, hostels, etc

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    United Breaks Guitars Case Study

    Yohance Patterson Case Study 3 Professor George Scott 11/07/14 United Breaks Guitars “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet (cite) Introduction David Carroll a musician and his band “Sons of Maxwell” were flying back from their hometown of Halifax, Canada from doing a week worth of shows in Omaha, Nebraska on March 31, 2008. On aboard a connector flight in Chicago at O’Hara international

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    Case Study - American Electric International

    Case Study American Electric International 1. Whose responsibility is it to staff the office? Because this is a matrix system, those in charge of the functional groups are responsible for assigning staff from their department to the project staff. While the project manager is in charge of guiding and monitoring the project, authority over the staff lies with their functional managers. 2. What should be Glen Carty’s role, as well as that of Dr. Runnels? As the director of project management

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    United States V. Greber and United States V. Mcclatchey Case Questions

    Discuss the United States v. Greber and United States v. McClatchey case questions 1. How, if at all, can you distinguish Greber from other instances of payment for professional services? Suppose the percentage Dr. Greber paid to the physicians had not exceeded Medicare’s guideline? Would that payment still amount to prohibited remuneration in this court’s eyes? Yes. I think Dr. Gerber is still responsible. Although the payments made had legitimate purposes, they could still be viewed as intent

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    All State Insurance Case Study

    Insurance is the country’s chief publicly held personal line underwriter. They are a Six Sigma modeled Fortune 100 company, with over $130 billion dollars in assets. They also offer economic amenities to over 15 million clients throughout the United States, employing a very diverse team of over 70,000 specialists. Allstate also has 13 key lines of coverage, including vehicle, property, life, and commercial. Allstate attributes their success to their unique take on the best way to run a business successfully

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    American Apparel


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    Unites States Postal Service Case Study

    INTRODUCTION Background of the Case Study of the UNITES STATES POSTAL SERVICE The evolution of the United States Postal Service is interlaced with the history of our federal government. Today, the Postal Service is the second largest civilian employer in the United States. It has over 700,000 employees, affects an economy that employs 9 million people and represents 8% of the United States gross domestic product in a $900 billion mailing industry (United States Postal Service [USPS], 2002b).

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    Drug Tracficking in the United States

    Drug trafficking in the United States: Blacks are treated unfairly when it comes to drugs. Cheryl Cooper English Composition 11 Instructor Lesa Hadley 01/18/2012 When it comes to drug trafficking in the United States most African Americans and minorities are treated unfairly when it comes to drug charges being handed down from the criminal justice system. “Critics of American drug policies have long said that war on drugs is really a war on people. Today, the Justice Policy

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    Firearm Ownership in the United States

    Firearm Ownership in The United States COM 150 Firearm Ownership in The United States “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has given Americans the right to firearm ownership since 1791. The exercising of this right has been part of how our society has been formed. Gun ownership in America has affected our economy, lifestyle

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    Affirmative Action in the United States

    In the United States, affirmative action refers to equal opportunity employment measures that Federal contractors and subcontractors are legally required to adopt. These measures are intended to prevent discrimination against employees or applicants for employment, on the basis of "color, religion, sex, or national origin".[1][2] Examples of affirmative action offered by the United States Department of Labor include outreach campaigns, targeted recruitment, employee and management development, and

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