Case Note Carmel Collins V Mid

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    Marietta V. Lorenz Case Analysis

    wrongdoing, and the employee’s performance of an act that public policy would encourage under circumstances where retaliatory discharge is supported by evidence of employers bad faith, malice, or retaliation. Summary of the facts: In the case of Martin Marietta v. Lorenz, Lorenz is suing over the claim of wrongful discharge. Lorenz held a degree in advanced engineering and had at the time of employment complete all of the necessary work for a doctorate in metallurgy except his thesis. Prior to his

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    Additional Note on Progressive Case

    ADDITIONAL NOTE ON PROGRESSIVE CASE (TO BE CONSIDERED FOR CASE ANALYSIS) In March 2000 Progressive began to offer a new product: homeowners insurance. Made available first in an Arizona pilot, the program was extended to Michigan in October 2000, Maryland in January 2001, and Illinois in September 2001. Marketed initially through specially selected and trained independent insurance agents, Progressive’s homeowners policies were eventually to be\ offered, along with its primary product, auto insurance

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    Case Brief Stanford V. Kentucky

    I. Style of the case: Stanford v. Kentucky 492 U.S. 361, 109 S. Ct. 2969, 106 L. Ed. 2d 306 (1989). II. Statement of Facts: Kevin Stanford committed the murder of Barbel Poore in Jefferson County, Kentucky on January 7, 1981, when he was approximately 17 years and 4 months of age. Stanford and his accomplice repeatedly raped and sodomized Poore during and after their commission of a robbery at a gas station, where Stanford shot her pointblank in the face and then the back of her head. A Kentucky

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    Busl250 - Mid Semester Notes

    BUSL250 – Mid-semester Notes Liabilities * Harm may be caused deliberately or carelessly * One person’s single harmful act to another person (deliberately or carelessly) can give rise to one or more legal liabilities * Legal Liabilities * Tortious Liability: harmful act can be a tort (civil wrong), other than breach of contract, remedy is compensation (commenced through litigation) * Vicarious Liability: Liability for harmful act caused by another * Statutory liability:

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    Case Note on Carmel Collins V Mid Western Health Board

    Case note on Carmel Collins v Mid-western health Board and O’ Connor This case concerns the death of a man in his early 40’s from a subarachnoid haemorrhage. In the HC the learned trial judge found there to be no action in negligence. The case was appealed to the Supreme Court. The deceased first fell ill on the 20th February 1991 while at work on a building site. He visited the second named defendant in his surgery later that day, after his wife had made an appointment over the phone. She

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    Guide to Individual Case Preparation Case Notes Template

    Guide to Individual Case Preparation Case Notes Template The following outline and question areas are intended as a guide to your thinking for case preparation. Some question areas, as noted, are required for each case, while others are relevant only for selected cases, depending on the content and focus of the case. You may use this template to guide your preparation of your individual notes on assigned cases. If your notes are handwritten, rather than typed, they must be submitted as photocopies

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    Case Analysis on Balfour V. Balfour

    NAtional Law University, Orissa Case Analysis On balfour v. balfour Submitted to submitted by Prof. Rangin Pallav Tripathy Nikhil Saini Assistant Professor of Law 12/ B.A. LL.B/041 School

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    A Case Analysis on Stilk V Myrick

    PROJECT A CASE ANALYSIS ON Stilk v Myrick 16 December 1809 (1809) 2 Campbell 317 170 E.R. 1168 BY ROHAN GOSWAMI NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, ODISHA ROLL NUMBER: 042 SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER COURSE: B.A. L.L.B Email: FEBRUARY 2013 This case analysis forms a part of the internal assignment and was assigned by the subject Professor Mr Rangin Pallav Tripathy. Issues that would be dealt with in the following case analysis: * The Law as it stood before the Case,

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    Case Brief: Orlando V. Cole

    Case Brief Orlando v. Cole (2010) FACTS Joseph M. Orlando filed a complaint for slander against fellow attorney, Garrick F. Cole. Allegedly, Orlando suffered harm to his reputation as a lawyer when Cole made false comments about his role in an investigation involving a 17-year-old student and a high school basketball coach, Thomas A. Atwater. At the time, Atwater was unrepresented and approached Orlando to admit that he had in fact sexually assaulted the high school student. He signed an

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    Case Notes Citi

    Citibank Case Analysis Citibank: Launching the credit card in Asia Pacific Country entry strategy Objectives of this case ... q To understand market evaluation, target market selection, and product positioning issues in services operations. q To appreciate globalization/country entry issues in financial products. q To understand the underlying economics of customer acquisition and retention. Key Strategic Issues qShould Citibank launch the card product ? Why ? Why not ? qGiven the

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    Case Notes

    Case Notes Student Name University Case Notes Soap Case Note: Client Description: Client is a 52 year old, divorced African-American female with 2 children. Client has a 13 year old son and a daughter who is an adult. Client is dressed appropriate and is well groomed. 8/8/13 (S) Client reports have a lot of difficulty understanding her 13-year-old son. She stated her son “holds on to anger and can lash out at the drop of the hand”. She reports the last episode occurred when her

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    Case Brief: Brady V. Maryland

    Case Brief Citation: Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1962) Procedural History This case is on appeal from an affirmed decision of the Maryland Court of Appeals. It was currently on remand only for the purpose of punishment. Issue Does withholding of evidence favorable to a defendant violate that defendant’s due process rights? Under the circumstances of this case, did limitations on new proceedings as to punishment only violate defendant’s due process rights? Holding The Supreme Court held

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    Case Study: Weil V Theron

    fraud” (Weil v Theron, 2008).This paper will discuss how the contract between Raymond Weil and Charlize Theron was allegedly breached; the Defendants available defenses, and the remedies available to the Plaintiffs. Contract Denver and Delilah Film, DDF, is owned and operated by Theron. DDF is “both a film production company and a so-called ‘loanout’ corporation. A loan-out corporation enters into agreements whereby Theron renders services of various kinds to third-parties” (Weil v Theron, 2008)

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    Kentucky V. King Case

    the case that represents the vote of the majority of justices Dissenting opinion is an opinion that is written by a justice who disagrees with the majority Concurring opinion is an opinion that agrees with the decision but may disagree with the some of the reasoning behind the Court opinion, or may elaborate on a point made or introduce further relevant information 3. List the major differences between trial and appellate courts. Trial courts are the courts where cases start

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    Salomon V. Salomon Case

    Salomon v. Salomon & Co. [1897] A.C. 22 (H.L.) Salomon v. Salomon & Co. (1896), [1897] A.C. 22 (H.L.) is a foundational decision of the House of Lords in the area of company law. The effect of the Lords' unanimous ruling was to firmly uphold the concept of a corporation as an independent legal entity, as set out in the Companies Act 1862. | | Background: Aron Salomon was a successful leather merchant who specialized in manufacturing leather boots. For many years he ran his business as a sole

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    Nino V. the Jewelry Exchange Case

    Case Study #1 Nino v. The Jewelry Exchange Case After reading chapter 1 and the Nino v. The jewelry Exchange Case, I have researched the answers for the questions asked at the end of the case study. 1. What was the legal issue in this case? What did the Court Appeals decide? a. The legal issue was discrimination towards his gender and nation origin. The Court Appeals decided to reserve Districts Courts order compelling the parties to arbitrate. 2. What does it mean for a contract

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    Mid Term Case

    Eastern Waves Inc. Case OM 527 Edward Elric Background Eastern Waves Inc. is a steel manufacturing company located in Kuantan, Malaysia. In 2009, Eastern Waves’ cash on hand was 188 ringgits (RM). In the previous year, they had an even lower cash balance of RM188. Without cash, Eastern Waves are unable to purchase raw materials from local raw material suppliers. Eastern currently has a joint venture relationship with Jinan & Iron Steel Corp., which enables Eastern to buy scrap steel

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    Case Note - Takamore V Clarke

    Takamore v Clarke [2012] NZSC 116, [2013] 2 NZLR 733. This case concerned the burial of Ms Clarke’s long-term partner, Mr Takamore, who was of Tūhoe descent. Without Ms Clarke’s permission, members of his Tūhoe whānau buried Mr Takamore in accordance with Māori tikanga in the Bay of Plenty. Ms Clarke, executor of his will, sought to recover his body and bury him in Christchurch, where they had lived together for the previous 20 years with their two children. Ms Clarke succeeded in the

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    Case Review Payne V Cave

    LAW 3112 CASE REVIEW CASE: PAYNE v. CAVE 1789 SUBMITTED TO: Dr. Siti Salwani Razali SUBMITTED BY Abdullah Md Mohabbat 1112221 Abdul Wasey Faheem 1119949 (Section : 3) FACTS OF THE CASE The defendant had made the highest bid in an auction. The defendant had withdrawn his offer before the auctioneer had knocked his hammer. The plaintiff’s counsel opened the case with as: the goods were put up in one lot at an auction. There were several bidders of which the defendant

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    Unit V Case Study

    McDonald’s Case Study V McDonald’s perceived product positioning maps in comparison to their corporate strategy do line up to what is expected. There are areas for improvement in relation to their direct competition in every town. In reference to EPS/EBIT, it is relevant to their strategy implementation. McDonald’s product positioning maps do line up with their corporate strategy. Their strategy or motto is “Plan to Win”. When I think of a fast food restaurant winning, I think of winning over

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    rectifier using a diode is connected to a 240 V (rms), 50 Hz supply. Neglect the voltage drop across the diode. Derive the mean load voltage for two cases: (i) when the load is a pure resistor of 10 Ω. (108 V) V mean =(240√2)/π = 339.4112/ π =108.04 (ii) when the load has a 10 Ω resistor connected in series with a 0.1 H inductance. Assume that the current continues up until ωt=30 degrees. (100.8 V) Hence calculate the mean load current for each case. (10.8 A; 3.06 A) 2. Using a

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    Doenz V Garber Case

    Tyler Payne March 14, 2014 Facts In the case of Doenz v. Garber, the Doenz family fights the rules of adverse possession of the land acquired by the Garber family. Rules For this case, Wyoming Adverse Possession rule needs to be fully interpreted. Adverse possession is when a person wrongfully possesses someone else’s land if certain statutory requirements are made. If the elements of adverse possession are met, the adverse possessor acquires the title to the land. The possessor will be given

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    Case Study - Transamerica V. Lynes

    TransAmerica Oil Corporation v. Lynes, Inc & Baker International Corporation Case Brief Issue: This is a case of breach of an express warranty, subsequent decision, and appeal in the State of Kansas and the issue is whether or not breach of an express warranty warrants an award of damages under the Uniform Commercial Code. Facts: Harold Brown, TransAmerica's president, purchased 10 production injection packers typically used for temporary purposes, but advertised as a permanent

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    Bhp Biliton Mid Term Case

            BHP  Billiton  Sustainability  Report  Case   Executive summary This short paper discusses relevant stakeholders that the multinational conglomerate company BHP Billiton encloses in their 2013 Sustainability Report. The components that are briefly touched upon is related to the various stakeholder influences, report and not reported costs (referring to the triple bottom line), but the majority of the paper primarily focuses on the environmental and

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    3m Post-It Notes Case Study

    Post it Notes – Case Study Questions Question 1 In the development of this product, how did the creative thinking process work? Describe what took place in each of the four steps. . The Post-It Notes case has clearly illustrated the 4 phases in creativity development and each step has demonstrated by the inventor of Post-It Notes as described below: * Background or knowledge accumulation This phase was demonstrated by Art Fry who is the inventor of Post-It Notes whereby he recalled about

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    Helling V. Casey Case Brief

    Title: Helling v. Carey 83 Wash. 2d 514, 519 P.2d 981 (1974) Procedure: The plaintiff Helling, a patient, appealed from a judgment of the Court of Appeals (state of Washington) affirming the judgment of the trial court for defendant ophthalmologists in a medical malpractice action involving the ophthalmologists' failure to timely administer a glaucoma test. This case was heard in the Supreme Court in Washington state. Issue or issues: The issue was whether the ophthalmologists' compliance with

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    Case Brief Levi. V. Abercrombie

    Levi Strauss & Co. V. Abercrombie & Fitch Trading Co. 633 F.3d 1158 (2011) FACTS: Levi Strauss has stitched a design on the back pockets of its jeans since 1873. Levi Strauss holds multiple federally registered trademarks on this bow-shaped design, an “Arcuate”. They are required to actively monitor competing designs and enforce its trademark rights. In 2005, Abercrombie & Fitch attempted to register a “mirror” image stitching design for use on certain products. Levi Strauss argued that this design

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    Case Study Kim V. Son

    Case Study Kim V. Son AC 502: Regulation Kaplan University March 31, 2015 In the case of Kim v. Son, Kim invested money into Stephen Son’s companies. I have to say there was not a valid consideration because in order for a consideration to be valid there are three rules that apply: 1) both individuals must receive something that is of value; 2) if a person promises to give something of significance or even value, then this would be a consideration; and 3) both individuals would have to have

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    Case Notes High barriers to entry Not a

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    Tanishq Case Notes

    Concept Case Notes – Tanishq: Positioning to capture the Indian Woman’s Heart. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ OVERVI EW: * Indian Jewellery industry * Tanishq and Goldplus SWOT analysis * Problem Analysis * Success strategies * Market Segmentations * Findings & Understandings India's Jewellery Industry: * Indian gold jewellery market~Rs. 60,000 crores Annually * Indian wedding jewellery-~70%

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    Case Study : People V Perkins

    Shawn Napolitano Term Paper Dennis Consumano People v Perkins On July 26th, 2010 , Perkins had been charged with six offenses. They were: Driving While Intoxicated, Driving While Ability Impaired, Resisting Arrest, Unlawful Fleeing a Police Officer in a Motor Vehicle in the Third Degree, Reckless Driving and Driving at an Excessive Speed. Over the next two years, Perkins appeared in New York Court 25 different times. Perkins had traveled from her home in North Carolina each time. The

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    Case Note

    Case Note: Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co Introduction This case note comments on the decision of Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co [1893] 1 QB 256. It examines whether any person who act upon the required conditions of a contract is legally bounded by this unilateral offer. The significance of the case lies in the establishment of a precedent that an offer of contract can be unilateral and does not have to be made to a specific party. It also established that notification is not necessarily

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    Case Mid Sized Pharmaceutical Company

    CASE STUDY 1 A Midsize Pharmaceutical Company Gido, Jack; Clements, James P. (2014-02-05). Successful Project Management (Page 58/59). Cengage Learning. Kindle Edition Jennifer Childs is the owner and chief executive officer of a midsize global pharmaceutical company with sales offices or manufacturing plants in eight countries. At an October staff meeting she tells her managers that company profits for the year are expected to be $2,000,000 more than anticipated. She tells them she would like

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    Old El Paso Case Notes

    El Paso Case Notes Background * 75 year heritage * 100 products in 6 different sub-categories: * Mexican sauces * Refried beans * Taco shells * Taco sauce mix * Dry dinner kits * Chilies * Good trade distribution and in-store presence * Regarded by retailers as leader in Mexican food category * Undisputed market share leader for 30 years * Decline in full line of Mexican Food offerings with growth rate of 4.5% lower due to decline

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    V , S Case Analysis

    acknowledged. Please see our full end user licence at: A note on versions: The version presented here may differ from the published version or from the version of record. If you wish to cite this item you are advised to consult the publisher’s version. Please see the repository url above for details on accessing the published version and note that access may require a subscription. For more information, please contact

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    Old El Paso Case Notes

    Old El Paso Case Notes Background • Established in 1938brand equity • Subsidiary of General Mills strong parent brand Problem/Opportunity • Need to develop a marketing plan for the brand • Implement a growth strategy that will result in a 5% sales increase for the brand while maintaining the current profitability Analysis • Strengths o Very large market shareequity, customer base, loyalty o Currently they are under General Mills which is the 6th largest food company, they already have

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    Case 7.2 Collins

    these categories, there has been a range given for the loss, so we will have to determine whether the amount of loss can be considered reasonably estimated. There is an example of an entity that is involved in a litigation that draws parallels to this case. ASC 450-20 per Par 55-18 and 55-19 describe the situation: 55-18 An entity may be litigating a dispute with another party. In preparation for the trial, it may determine that, based on recent developments involving one aspect of the litigation,

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    Audi V D'Amato Case

    Audi AG and Volkswagen of America Inc. v. D’Amato Case Yamileth Hoffman Palm Beach State College Abstract Business owner Bob D’Amato, who was unaffiliated with Audi, the automobile maker, in any official manner, used the domain name to sell Audi items such as t-shirts, hats, and other accessories. The site was linked to a dealership in Florida; an establishment whom D’Amato said gave him permission to use the Audi trademarks (Roger E. Meiners, 2012 p. 243-244). . Audi

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    Warnings Case Study with Notes

    Case study: Warbings Office Systems Plc Background Warbings Office Systems is small but rapidly growing company, focusing on delivering and supplying office based products to a target market of small businesses in the U.K. and, increasingly, Europe. As the trend for homeworking continues much of their new business is in supplying office materials to individuals working from home. Currently offering some 18,000 different product lines in store and 39,000 via catalogue ordering, it intends

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    Rba Note Case Study

    RBA Note Printing Case Back ground- NPA prints banknotes for the RBA, Australian passports, and banknotes for a small number of other countries, while Securency manufactures, markets and supplies a range of polymer substrates on which banknotes are printed by NPA and others. In July 2011, the AFP announced that it had charged two subsidiaries of the RBA, NPA and Securency, as well as six former banknote executives, with paying bribes to foreign officials 'in order to win banknote supply contracts

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    United States V. Greber and United States V. Mcclatchey Case Questions

    Discuss the United States v. Greber and United States v. McClatchey case questions 1. How, if at all, can you distinguish Greber from other instances of payment for professional services? Suppose the percentage Dr. Greber paid to the physicians had not exceeded Medicare’s guideline? Would that payment still amount to prohibited remuneration in this court’s eyes? Yes. I think Dr. Gerber is still responsible. Although the payments made had legitimate purposes, they could still be viewed as intent

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    Case Notes - Dinsney

    Governing the House of the Mouse: Corporate Governance at Disney from 1984-2006 CASE ASSIGNMENT At the departure of Eisner, Chairman George Mitchell and new CEO Robert Iger are preparing to move the company forward. They have invited your consulting firm to meet with the new Board of Directors and discuss the situation at Disney. To familiarize yourself with the client, your first task is to prepare a background report which analyzes Disney's business environment and strategy. 1. What external

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    Unit V Case Study

    Unit V Case Study BCJ-2001 March 29, 2016 Introduction The exclusionary rule applies to evidence which has been confiscated in infringement of the U.S. Constitution. There have been many alterations to the exclusionary rule and its applications throughout the years. The exclusionary rule, in addition to three court cases, which have had a direct impact on the rule, will be examined in this case study. The court cases are Weeks v. United States (1914), Rochin v. California (1952), and Mapp

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    Case Notes

    Case Notes: What to Write; How to Write; and What to Avoid? (Presentation by Bruce Benson, M.S.Ed. @ Seta Conference) Why are case records important? Assessment summary a. Capture relevant data elements”! b. Present accurate customer “snap shot”! c. Deficiencies and barriers should link directly to services and activities! Case management Guide a. Sequential tracking and reporting of customer contact and progress! b. Capture newly emerging barriers! c. Revise action plan! Accountability

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    Liebeck V. Mcdonald’s and Pearson V. Custom Cleaners Legal Case Analysis

    Liebeck v. McDonald’s and Pearson v. Custom Cleaners Legal Case Analysis AMBA 610 9043 University of Maryland University College Introduction Frivolous lawsuits can be a determent to those who are really seeking justice through the court system. Lawsuits that are frivolous in nature are filed in the court systems that lack legal merit (Frivolous Lawsuit Law & Legal Definition, 2015). Plaintiffs and attorneys who decide to partake in meaningless claims against other parties can anger

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    Case Notes

    THE SATERA TEAM CASE NOTES PROBLEM STATEMENT The main problem in this case is the growing disagreement between two senior members of the team which is affecting the overall team performance and the working environment. Both the members are very skilled but have very different working styles, and hence most of the time they find it difficult to get to a common ground. Following are some problems which the Satera team project is facing right now • Relationship conflict between two senior mechanical

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    Dupont Case Notes

    | |7.40 | Note that we predict proceeds per share will decrease over time due to the increased flotation and under-writing costs resulting from large equity issues. Also, we expect market price to slightly decrease due to the increased supply of company stock, or

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    Turner Case Notes

    decisions far outweighed less glamorous aspects of industrial marketing o Following week, Cardullo offered Turner the job essentially as the executive search consultant – Turner accepted without hesitation THE FIRST THREE MONTHS: • Arrived on the job in mid-march – first few days were whirlwind of meeting people, learning more about the business, and settling into his new responsibilities. Moved into vacant office adjacent to Cardullo’s • Cardullo was open and enthusiastic, seemed to have absolute confidence

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    Case Analysis - Liebeck V. Mcdonald’s Restaurants Andpearson V. Chung

    Case Analysis Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants Pearson v. Chung Introduction Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurant, also referred to as the “McDonald coffee case”, was a well known case in the United States of America in 1994 because it was considered frivolous. The case involved a woman Stella Lieback, who spilled the hot coffee she purchased from McDonald onto her lap and sustained a series of third degree burns, and was awarded millions of dollars from her lawsuit against McDonalds. The coffee

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    Coughlin V. Tailhook Case Analysis

    Coughlin v. Tailhook Case Analysis LAW/531 October 4, 2010 Coughlin v. Tailhook Case Analysis COUGHLIN v TAILHOOK 112 F.3d 1052 (1997) United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Appeals from the United States District Court for the District of Nevada WIGGINS, Circuit Judge: During a convention at the Las Vegas Hilton, Navy Lieutenant Paula Coughlin was attacked by a group of men in a hotel hallway outside several convention-related hospitality

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