Case Details For Luo Busi 301

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    Detail Proposal

    Detail Proposal For The Missouri Emergency Earthquake Preparedness Policy Background: On March 22, 2003, an earthquake that had a magnitude of 7.1 on the Richter scale caused major devastation to Missouri and the surrounding Midwestern states. Due to the horrific damage and destruction to health facilities, it caused a delay for basic health services. In the aftermath of the earthquake, there was confusion on basic policy and procedures that should have been easy to obtain. Emergency

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    Flag Detail

    11 April 2012 Flag Detail and the Significance of the Role of the Noncommissioned Officer The raising and lowering of the Colors during Reveille and Retreat is a tradition to honor those who have fought for and died for our great American Nation, and for those who currently serve in the United States Military. The color red represents hardiness and valor, white represents purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice. For everything that the American Flag represents

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    Busi 301

    subordinates follow. The leader has all the information and expertise required to make a quick decision. It is important that the leader is a good decision maker as it is he who has to own up to the consequences of his decision. Though effective, in case the leader is an experienced individual, it can harm the organization if the leader insists on an authoritative type of decision making even when there is expertise available within the team. Conclusion Trying to function in the work place without

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    | | |College of Humanities | | |HIS/301 Version 6 | | |U.S. Constitution | Copyright © 2012, 2010, 2008

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    Details of the Assignment The Objective of the assignment is to consult our Client who is willing to setup a Vocational Training Institute in NCR based on various aspects like: (a) Understanding of the current as well as Future Skill requirements our Manufacturing as well as Services Sector in NCR (b) Understanding the Aspirations as well as Constraints of various Target Groups for the Institute (c) Mapping the current Private as well as Public competition in the region (d) Identify the

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    Contact Details

    requirements and the application under test. ✓ Discussions with Business to freeze the requirements. ✓ Test Design after the requirement gathering ✓ Test Execution ✓ Execution status reporting to the senior management PERSONAL DETAILS |Name as in Passport |: Vaidhyanathan M | |Email id |:

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    Case Details for Luo Busi 301

    This series of videos shows oral argument in the case of White v. Gibbs in which Mrs. Debbie White has sued Patrick Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern under the civil provisions of Indiana’s Dram Shop Act, Indiana Code 7.1-5-10-15.5. Because the parties reside in two different states, the suit was brought in diversity in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, but will be decided under Indiana state law. The defendants have made a motion for summary judgment, seeking judgment

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    Personal Detail

    Pin : | Educational Details Examination | Yr of passing | Board/Institute | Main Subjects | % of marks | 10th | | | | | 12th | | | | | B.E./B.Tech. | 2013 | | | Pl . mention % of marks below | % Sem 1 | % Sem 2 | % Sem 3 | % Sem 4 | % Sem 5 | % Sem 6 | % Sem 7 | % Sem 8 | Total Avg % | | | | | | | | | | Subjects I liked most in Engineering studies: (1) (2) Languages known : Category - i.e. General/SC/ST/Sportsman: In case of Sportsman, pl. mention

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    Occ 301

    Fast-Food Feast Case Study (Burger King vs. Taco Bell) University of Phoenix OSC 301 – Operations Management Professor Alan Boyer September 21, 2009 Fast-Food Feast Case Study (Burger King vs. McDonalds) The research to answer the questions to this Fast-Food Feast Case Study was done abroad in two different countries. The first was Burger King on a military base in Stuttgart Germany and the other was McDonalds out on the economy in Tbilisi, Georgia. Having data from two different countries

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    Busi Disc 3

    DBForum #2 Rachel Suleski BUSI 301-B03 Case Study: Does Not Forbid Is it morally, ethically, or Biblically wrong for Christians to turn to declare bankruptcy? No. Bankruptcy in the Bible is mostly dealt with caring for the poor, which is not Carl’s situation. Bankruptcy laws in our country go a long way toward balancing the needs of both lender and borrower. The goal is to reduce the losses incurred by both lender and creditor. The creditor holds reasonable rights towards the debtor. (Bankruptcy

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    Case Detail

    This series of videos shows oral argument in the case of White v. Gibbs in which Mrs. Debbie White has sued Patrick Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern under the civil provisions of Indiana’s Dram Shop Act, Indiana Code 7.1-5-10-15.5. Because the parties reside in two different states, the suit was brought in diversity in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, but will be decided under Indiana state law. The defendants have made a motion for summary judgment, seeking judgment

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    Mm4 Details Case Study

    call 1-800-CALL WILEY (225-5945). Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Hartley, Robert F., 1927Marketing mistakes and successes/Robert F. Hartley. —11th ed. p. cm. Includes index. ISBN 978-0-470-16981-0 (pbk.) 1. Marketing—United States—Case studies. I. Title. HF5415.1.H37 2009 658.800973—dc22 2008040282 ISBN-13 978-0-470-16981-0 Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 P R E FA C E Welcome to the 30th anniversary of Marketing Mistakes and

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    Comprehensive Work Details in Uganda

    engaged in youth development as a Youth Focal Person, he joined the EMBLEM Study in 2010 as a Survey Coordinator working closely with children of ages (0-14 years) and their parents to organize both case and control study files. He updated patient information and clarified on related data of both case and control patients. He corresponded with the National Institutes of Health for sponsorship of all health related funding for children in the study. In his career and professional growth, Denis

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    Busi 600

    Discussion Board Forum 1 Case Study Topic: Business Ethics Benji Watson graduated near the top of his class in the Liberty University MBA program, and he was recruited by several national corporations. One of those corporations was New Gen Health Sciences. New Gen manufactures and sells various vitamins, health foods, and health supplements; it was recently featured in Fortune Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Benji was invited to attend a weekend-long “Get to

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    Project Details

    Project Details: Title: Give the title of your project (less than 200 characters). Short Title or Acronym: (max. 15 letters). Keywords: Identify the relevant keywords. Duration: Up to 12 months. Total cost: Estimated overall budget of the project. Funding: total amount requested from AASTMT up to 200,000 EGY pound. Research Theme: specify which theme under which this proposal lies. Proposal Summary: (max. one page) Summarise the main questions and/or approach and objectives; give a short

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    Attention to Detail

    After I observed my initial four locations, I ended my hour with a walk around the outside of the convenience store. I wanted to do this to see if the corporate philosophy continued outside the store. Specific Acts of Attention to Detail or Absence of Attention to Detail My observing experience was just as good of an experience as every time I enter the store as a customer. The friendly staff greats you with a “hello” or “hi” upon entering the store. This is a corporate company policy. This makes

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    Mm1 Details

    Finally, the shape of the diagram is significant. It has no starting point or implied hierarchy. A priori, it isn't obvious which of the seven factors will be the driving force in changing a particular organization at a particular point in time. In some cases, the critical variable might be strategy. In others, it could be systems or structure. To understand this model of organization change better, let us look at each of its elements, beginning-as most organization discussions d o - w i t h structure

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    Busi 600 Db1

    Jake Benson Liberty University BUSI 600 Question 1.5 One of the many dilemmas a sales force manager has is how to continuously keeping their sales people positive, happy, motivated and incented to deliver the best possible service to your companies customers. Whether a companies business is growing or particulary if it’s failing, motivational programs can rejuvenate employee’s spirits to drive business. While a sales force manager is making this decision to conduct a motivational program

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    Acc 301 Case 2 Essay

    ACC301 CASE 2 (a) Identify the accounting literature that addresses the accounting for the type of separately priced warranty that Pleasant is considering. I am checking the website from FASB find out in the FASB ASC 605-20-25 it addresses how revenue and costs from a separately priced extended warranty or product maintenance contract should be recognized. Citation: (b) When are warranty contracts considered separately priced? An extended warranty

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    1 Extra differentiation problems with solutions. These problems were prepared using Maple. There are sometimes 2 answers; the second is just Maple’s “simplification” of the first answer. In most cases there are other reasonable ways of writing the answer. d −x2 + 4 x − 1 = −2 x + 4 dx d 4 x8 − 5 x3 − x2 + 11 = 32 x7 − 15 x2 − 2 x dx d 1 + 4 x6 x−3 − 4 x3 = −3 x−4 − 12 x2 = −3 dx x4 d 1/3 x3 − 1/2 x2 + 3 x = x2 − x + 3 dx d 5 x−1 − 3 x−3 − 6 x−5 = −5 x−2 + 9 x−4 + 30 x−6 dx d dx d dy x + 3 x−1 x2 −

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    Erp Details

    Davenport, T.H. (1998) „Putting the enterprise into Enterprise System‟, Harvard Business Review, July-August, Vol. 76, Issue 4, pp121-21 [Accessed: 10 January 2009] Dess, G.G, Lumpkin, G.T. & Eisner, A.B. (2008) Strategic Management: Text and Cases (4th edition), McGraw Hill Publishing Hammer, M. & Stanton, S. (1999) „How process enterprises really work‟ Harvard Business Review, November- December [Accessed: 7 January 2008] Laudon, K.C. & Laudon, J.P. (2007) Management Information

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    Discussion Board Forum 2 Case Study Busi 561

    Discussion Board Forum 2 Case Study Business Ethics Roger Charnock BUSI 561 Abstract Most people are committed to doing the right thing; however that is not always the case in business. Since the days of a formal handshake to close a deal, the contract has evolved into a complex process. Many years ago society believed in the power of the spoken word; thus the statement my word is my bond, however since the downfall of mankind in the garden mistrust and out right egregious acts to undermine

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    Case Assignment #1 Busi 600

    Case Assignment #1 1 Build the management-research question hierarchy. 1 Management Dilemma: Is Penton Media using a outdated method of marketing to gather advertising revenue. If so, will Penton Media see lower then usual advertising revenue if more efficient methods of inquiring advertisement are not adopted instead of the reader service cards. - Yes, The study conducted by Penton media proves that due to information technology methods that were virtually non-existent in 1992

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    Gurgaon Details

    in/history.htm 3/15/2011 DISTRICT HISTORY Page 4 of 4 Total Area of District Gurgaon excluding Mewat area = 1253.07 [ Census 2001 Abstract ] Note :- Please visit to the website of CENSUS OF INDIA : for more details on census of Gurgaon [ TOP ] 3/15/2011

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    Analysis Details

    Analysis Detail For this analysis, the power system network to be studied is designed and simulated using the software, CYME 5.02 Power System Simulation Software. The system chosen for the study is that of a two machines system, involving two synchronous generators connected to a substation grid through circuit transmission lines. In order to gain much further comparison of the results, it is considered also the two different types of synchronous generators’ rotor types, salient-pole rotor and

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    Busi 3001

    1 Mid-Term 1 EXAMINATION Summer 2013 DURATION: 2 HOURS Department Name & Course Number: BUSI 3001A Course Instructor(s) : Maurice, Jacques AUTHORIZED MEMORADA No. of Students: NonProgrammable Calculator Allowed Students MUST count the number of pages in this examination question paper before beginning to write, and report any discrepancy to a proctor. This question paper has 4 pages. This examination question paper MAY be taken from the examination room. no In addition to

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    Regina Vazquez BUSI 645 Individual Assignment #3 November 20, 2014   Discretionary benefits are an important commodity to both employees and employers. Today, it is expected to have some type of leave program and companies, although not required by law to have them, use these benefits to attract the best talent. They are also a way of rewarding good performance. Employees’ use of paid time off gives them the chance to rest and relax without having to worry about decreased pay. They then come

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    Detail Tech

    Detail-Tech Objective To prepare the vehicle for delivery as quickly as possible in a safe and quality manner, with a fit and finish that meets or exceeds the original factory fit and finish. The end result should be an invisible repair. Overview A great deal of emphasis should be placed on the overall quality of the detailing job since it is the final signature of approval on the repairs conducted. For this reason, the detail technician must be meticulous and thorough in performing the final

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    Busi 604

    Global Business Cultural Analysis: Brazil Liberty University BUSI 604 Abstract This research paper analyzes the effect of Globalization on the country of Brazil, and how its economy compares to other South American countries and the world. This review will provide factual evidence of the integration of the Brazilian products internationally, and how its economy has evolved to compete in the international markets. A Comparative summary of evidence will be

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    Busi Law

    not want to spend money getting advice until after you provide an assessment. In your answer, identify what legal principles support your decision. All encounters can be supported from legal principles found in the readings for this week, including cases and statutes. Each answer must be limited to 350 words. Legal Encounter 1: Newcorp hired Pat Grey as manager of real property for Newcorp in Vermont, responsible for activities related to maintaining leased office space. In that role, Pat supervised

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    Busi 3704

    BUSI 3704 A: The Environment of International Business Topic Review What does Population Ageing mean for International Business? December 2014 What does Population Ageing mean for International Business? (see also lecture notes on this topic) (1) Manifestations of Global Population Ageing (2) What is population ageing? (3) What are the patterns of population ageing across the world? (4) What countries are specifically affected by population ageing? (5) How do societies

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    Eng 101 - Luo Essay 1

    ESSAY 1 Mike Gaston ENG 101 ENG 101 – C02 – Spring 2015 LUO THESIS: Chores are a beneficial and important factor in the upbringing of children for many reasons. Outline: INTRODUCTION: In the military I have met many people from many walks of life. What I have gathered and witnessed from my encounters were that basic household skills were lacking in some and not others. I found that many of the people I met who were not raised to do chores lacked basic household

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    changed to an increase of $7,883 (58691-50,808 = 7883) from the prior year. 2. Types of intangibles-What is the composition of intangible assets? Prepare a table that details the categories and percentage/weightings of each type of intangible asset. For December 31, 2013 Types of Intangible assets | Details of categories | Percentage/weightings | Software | $25,833 | 44.02% | Landing Rights | $16,372 | 27.90% | Other | $5,785 | 9.86% | Assets under development | $10,701 |

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    [pic] BUSI 2601 BUSINESS LAW Winter 2015 PROFESSOR: J.L. GILLES LEVASSEUR OFFICE: 1705 DT PHONE: 520-2600 ext. 6805 (during office hours only) EMAIL: TIME: TUESDAYS 19 h 00 – 22 h 00 OFFICE HOURS: 10 - 11 pm, every Tuesday nights PREREQUISITES: For students registered in B.Com., BIB or Minor in Business The School of Business enforces all prerequisites. COURSE PHILOSOPHY The purpose of the course Business Law in Canada consists

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    Base Details

    Ahmad Salah English 104 3/24/2015 Explication of “Base Details” by Siegfried Sassoon If I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath, I’d live with scarlet majors at the Base. And speed glum heroes up the line to death. You’d see me with my puffy petulant face, Guzzling and gulping in the best hotel. Reading the Roll of Honor. “Poor young chap,” I’d say—“I used to know his father well; Yes we’ve lost heavily in this last scrap” And when the war is done and youth stone dead;

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    Smallauto Detail

    Quality Small Auto Repair and Detail, LLC By xxxxxx UMUC 655 Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide the highest quality of auto repair and detail services to its valued customers by using technologically advanced diagnostic systems with the utilization of highly trained mechanics and technicians. Our mission is to grow the company and deliver quality efficient services at extremely competitive price points in a clean customer friendly environment. Financial Perspective: To succeed

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    of alignment for large and small companies (including the relationship between alignment and financial performance). He reviews seven drivers of alignment while emphasizing the pivotal role played by a company’s culture. He also provides a detailed case study that illustrates the process of linking organizational vision, strategy, and goals to behaviors. He concludes by describing four core elements that distinguish organizations with effective performance management systems from other organizations

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    Busi 600 Case Study 1

    Case Study 1 Inquiring Minds Want to Know—Now! Annette Brooks Liberty University Case Study 1 Inquiring Minds Want to Know—Now! 1. Build the management-research question hierarchy. “This case describes a multistage communication study undertaken by the research department of Penton Media, a publisher of business trade magazines, to determine the long-term viability of a reader and advertiser service, the reader service card, a post-card –size device used by readers to request additional

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    Busi 4940 Final Exam

    COMPREHENSIVE EXAM Business Policy (BUSI 4940) TEAM #: _________ STUDENT NAME: ________________________________________ STUDENT ID: ________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: o Please read the supplemental material provided by the instructor on the day of the exam, and answer the following questions in the context of the industry and the firm discussed in the supplemental material. o Answer all questions on the

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    of stimulating student interest in future topics. Section 8.3 derives the general result that any firm wanting to maximize profit should produce where marginal revenue is equal to marginal cost. It also identifies perfect competition as a special case where marginal revenue equals the market price because firms are price takers. You should clear up any confusion about the difference between market demand and the horizontal demand curve facing an individual firm. Students find the idea of a horizontal

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    Mis 301

    MIS 301 Introduction to Information Technology Management FALL 2010 - Unique Numbers: 03905, 03910, 03915 Instructor tructorBin Gu – Dr. Information, Risk, & Operations Management (IROM) Dept. Office CBA 5.228 Office Hours MW 4:00-5:00 pm or by appointment Qian Tang - Teaching Assistant CBA 1.308B Office TBD Office Hours Course Description Information technology (IT) has transformed all aspects of 21st century business and

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    Grotesque Details

    Grotesque Details Describing Characters, Setting, Mood and Theme. In the stories read in class, there were different grotesque details that revealed characters in the story, the setting, and the mood of the story. “Grotesque means odd or unnatural in shape, appearance and character” ( Grotesque details are in stories to make a thing significant and important in that story. There were a lot of grotesque details in the stories read in class. One of the grotesque details was in “A

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    Busi 301 Case Study

    Case Study BUSI 301 LUO April 18th, 2016 Megan Wickham Part one: After reading all the details in the Landmark Case 13.4 Diaz v. Pan Am World Airways, Inc. I would have to agree with the court. Mr. Diaz was denied a flight attendant job with the airline because he is a male and that goes against the airline’s policy which states only a female may be a flight attendant. As the case goes to says, Mr. Diaz then filed a complaint with EEOC. His complaint was simply that the airline’s policy was

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    Relevant Details

    Relevant Details Pierce’s poem, "Relevant Details," describes the mistakes young people make before eventually realizing that they have all along been on the losing side. Remarkably, in modern times, the youths engage in a lifestyle of negligence that endangers their present and future life. Pierce, in her poem, depicts the transformation of a modern youth by using flashback to recount the dark days to the transformed days. Given this, this essay makes an analysis of Pierce’s poem, "Relevant Details"

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    Details of Registration

    changes - In case you have a PAN but no PAN card and wish to get a PAN card, fill all columns of the form but do not tick any of the boxes on the left margin. In case of loss of PAN card, a copy of FIR may be submitted along with the form. For changes or correction in PAN data, fill all columns of the form and tick box on left margin of appropriate row where change/correction is required. Having or using more than one PAN is illegal. If you possess more than one PAN, kindly fill the details in Item No

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    Buisness Details

    BUSINESS DETAILS This business proposal is confidential and I request that it be treated as such. I must solicit your confidentiality and assure you that I am contacting you in good faith and this proposal will be of mutual benefit. I am Richard Gerrald, a solicitor at law. I am the personal attorney/sole executor to a client of mine, who died along with his family in a plane crash on the 14th of August 2005. My late client a formal Sub-Comptroller working with Chevron Texaco Oil here in the

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    Case #1 Busi 642

    not represent the efforts of the organization to be both diverse and inclusive. He should reaffirm throughout the ranks that the mission will continue to be diversity and an atmosphere that encourages inclusion. It is pretty obvious from reading the case that the committee does not adequately reflect the culture that has been devised within the Royal Dutch Shell Company. I feel that it is important that this issue of negativity be dealt with and not overlooked. If left unattended it could lead to distrust

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    Details Needed

    Please mention the following details regarding your SIP and send the same as an attachment along with your project file in .doc format. {Few prerequisites before filling up the below details: * Roll no. has to be mentioned in full : * Mail ID needs to be the full mail ID: * Title should not contain any quotation marks. Ex ‘,’ cannot be included in the title. * Summary should be of maximum 200 alphabets. * Student Name should be the complete Name of the Student with the Initial

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    Busi 5200

    BUSI 5200 2-13-12 ML Ch 5, Case 1 & 2; ML Ch 6, Case 1 & 2 ML Ch 5 Case 1 1. SU 2. SU 3. SU 4. SU 5. SA 6. SA 7. SU 8. SA 9. SA 10. SA 11. SA 12. SA Most instances create conflicts of interest that would require the disclosure of involvement. Examples in the case include; engaging in personal matters during business hours, using company resources for personal gain, and using employment status for personal gain. ML Ch 5 Case 2 1. I do believe that management err when they

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    Polymer Details

    | | | | | | |2. |BROUGE INDIA PVT LTD |301, VIP Plaza Off New Link Road Andheri (W) |Tel: +91 22 4255 7700 Fax: +91 22 4255 7710 | | | |Mumbai- 400 053 |

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