Caribbean Studies

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    Motivation and Caribbean Managers

    Question: with the use of motivation theory discuss how Caribbean managers can enhance the motivation of their employees. Provide relevant examples to illustrate your answer. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the use of motivational theories and how they relate and enhance the motivation of employees by managers within the Caribbean. Motivation is defined as the processes that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. It can either

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    Research on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Research on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean Read the following articles in GGR: pp.151-230 These readings review the status of research in women's and gender studies in countries in Latin America and the Caribbean After I read the articles, I see women from Latin America and the Caribbean are facing similar issue with women from Asia and Africa. Sure that women’s right has come a long way and women role have change from only working in the houses or farms to working outside of the

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    Indigenous People of the Caribbean

    The Indigenous Heritage Of The Caribbean And Its Contribution To A Caribbean Identity Text from the Untold Origins Exhibition held at the Cuming Museum, October 2004 to February 2005. The Cuming Museum 155-157 Walworth Road London SE17 1RS 020 7525 2163 ‘Mabrika Mabrika- welcomeIt has been very important to be able to look at the objects in the Cuming Museum. It makes me realise how much we can regain from what

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    The Influence of Caribbean Islands to the Us Progress

    The influence of Caribbean Islands to the US Progress. Haiti became under two European colonizers such as French and Spanish. Haitians also suffered from slavery, from forced labor both under the French and Spanish colonization. During those years, many of their native leaders had attempted several revolts but failed many times. With great effort and unceasing determination for freedom, Haiti gained their independence at last in 1804. Haiti thus emerged into the world as the first black independent

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    The Use of Traditional Medicine in the Caribbean

    Medicine compliments their use of modern medicine? 5. What solutions may be implemented to create an integrated approach to health care for the benefit of residents? DATA COLLECTION SOURCES The study conducted employed the use of both primary and secondary sources of data. The primary sources were the survey and personal interviews. These were used to collect both quantitative data (any data which can be counted or expressed numerically)

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    Caribbean Music

    reggae has played in the development of the Caribbean identity. Music is part of our cultural identity, it’s prevalence in the region helps define the Caribbean civilisation and identity gained through time. The root of Caribbean identity lies in slavery, race, language and the ecology of the region but the term transcends further to include the various types of cuisine, music, ethnicities, religions and cultures present in the Caribbean today. The Caribbean remains one of the most diverse regions

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    Caribbean Studies Notes

    caribbean studies notes MODULE ONE LOCATION AND DEFINITION OF THE CARIBBEAN REGION Definition of the Caribbean Region Geographical This describes the area washed by the Caribbean Sea and is often described as the Caribbean Basin. It would therefore include most of the islands of the Lesser Antilles, Greater Antilles as well as the mainland territories in Central America (Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Honduras) and Northern South America such as Columbia and Venezuela. The common link here

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    Caribbean Festivals

    two perennial national festivals in the Caribbean Carnival is Bacchanal! It is an annual celebration of life found in many countries of the world. Carnival is the time when individuals releases themselves and parade with enjoyment of the various Caribbean local art forms. According to Julia Hewitt “in the Caribbean, carnival as a mode of performing resistance, the memory of repression and sacrifice but also of hope, in a sense of becoming other”. “Caribbean festivals embody an aesthetic formally

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    Caribbean Brewers

    Caribbean Brewers: Transfer Pricing, Ethics and Governance Abstract Caribbean Brewers is a fictitious company although the case depicts a real international business situation focusing on transfer pricing, ethics and governance. It exposes students to the role of management accounting concepts such as cost allocation and transfer pricing in terms of how they impact the performance and reward of individuals at different levels within the organization. Students are also exposed to impact of the

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    Pirates of the Caribbean

    Pirates of the Caribbean is a series of fantasy adventure comedy films by Jerry Bruckheimer and based on Walt Disney's theme park ride of the same name. Directors of the series include Gore Verbinski (1–3), Rob Marshall (4), and Joachim Ronning & Espen Sandberg (5). The series was scripted by Terry Rossio, Ted Elliott (1–4), and Jeff Nathanson (5), with the stories following the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) . The films take place in a fictional historical setting; a world ruled

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    Assessing the Impact of Globalization on the Caribbean Business Environment

    The purpose of this paper is to assess the impact of globalization on the Caribbean business environment. Much has been written about globalization which is more accurately viewed as a process of change rather that an event which has already occurred. The impact of globalization on any environment can be both positive and negative and can be described as the enablers or the constraints which affect the decisions made by leaders, both government and business. It also refers to the way these choices

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    Caribbean Development

    Caribbean Development: An Overview Paul Sutton * Development is generally recognised as a complex multifaceted process of economic, social, political, environmental and cultural change, which results in increases in the well-being of people and extends their rights and choices in the present without compromising the abilities of future generations to enjoy these benefits. In the Caribbean the economic, social and political elements of development have held centre stage in the last fifty years

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    Caribbean Civilization

    How accurate is it to assert that " 1492 the Caribbean region was part of world civilisation"? Since the emergence of our species, early humans lived by hunting, fishing and collecting wild plants. These were referred to as Paleolithic societies, which had to follow their food and as a result, were forced to live mostly nomadic lives wandering from place to place in search of food. Eventually these early humans learned to cultivate plants, herd animals and make airtight pottery for storage

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    Caribbean Studies

    Recently students have started a new academic year; some entering high school and others moving into higher forms, all of them preparing for CSEC examinations. Parents and teachers are constantly advising students on their main goal: which is to succeed in their exams. One of the main topics brought forth was relationships and academic performance. Teenage students who are in committed relationships often are faced with conflicts through prioritizing time spent with their partner and academics. Relationships

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    Caribbean Managers

    effort’s to satisfy some individual need. Effort, a measure of intensity or drive direction toward organizational goals need personalized reason to exert effort. Motivation works best when individual needs are compatible with organizational goals.” Caribbean managers are no different from any other manager in any other part of the world, whether you are a manager in North or South America, Asia or China; Managers are expected to accomplish their organization’s goals through people as effectively and

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    Royal Caribbean

    Britain 0160-7383/00/$20.00 PII: S0160-7383(99)00073-0 CARIBBEAN CRUISE TOURISM Globalization at Sea Robert E. Wood Rutgers University-Camden, USA Abstract: Caribbean cruise tourism provides a particularly illuminating vantage point for understanding the processes of globalization in the world today. After documenting the rapid expansion of this business, the paper explores three central manifestations of globalization at work in the Caribbean cruise industry: the restructuring of the industry in

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    Caribbean Colonialism

    Today the Caribbean is known as a melting pot of cultures and societies, this is mainly due to preexisting historical factors of colonialism that were done in the early 16th and 17th century in the Caribbean. The exploitation of the Caribbean landscape dates back to the Spanish conquistadors around 1600 who mined the islands for gold which they brought back to Spain. The more significant development came when Christopher Columbus wrote back to Spain that the islands were made for sugar development

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    Caribbean Studies

    CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL CARIBBEAN ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION (CAPE) CARIBBEAN STUDIES For Self-Study and Distance Learning This material has been developed for The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) With assistance from The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Copyright © 2004 CXC/COL Prepared by Dr Jennifer Mohammed Mr. Samuel Lochan Dr. Henderson Carter Dr. David Browne CARIBBEAN STUDIES TABLE OF CONTENTS Study Guide 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14

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    Similarities and Differences in Caribbean and European Tourism

    Similarities and Differences in Caribbean and European Tourism The World Tourism Organization is a United Nations Organization that specializes in and oversees national tourism, serving as a mediator or consultant to fix or aid in tourism policies and as a practical source of tourism knowledge and statistics. The World Tourism Organization plays a positive central role in the promotion of tourism development nationwide. The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people "traveling to and

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    Spain's Monopoly in the Caribbean

    In 1494, after Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Caribbean, the world was divided into two areas of exploration and colonization, the Portuguese and the Spain, in order to avoid conflict between the two forces. This was known as the Treaty of Tordesillas, where Spain established the policy, marcclausm i.e. sea closed to others. Elizabeth soon implied that Spain caused aggression by restricting the access of foreigners in to the Americas and so the concept of “no peace beyond the line” was introduced

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    Caribbean Brewers

    To: Board of Directors of Caribbean Brewers, Inc. From: Advisor, Caribbean Brewers, Inc. Subject: Report on the Performance Measurement System for Cost and Quality Control Date: April 17, 2014 Performance Measurement Background Since Gera International purchased a 75 percent share of the brewery, the performance measurement system has changed immensely. Presently, the production personnel can earn a bonus if production costs do not exceed 43% of sales. In the past, the bonus was based

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    Public Sector Enterprises in the Caribbean

    TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION …………………………………………………………………………………2 STUDY OBJECTIVES ……………………………………………………………………………3 METHODOLOGY …………………………………………………………………………………4 LITERATURE REVIEW ………………………………………………………………………..6 * Methods of Training …………………………………………………10 * On the Job Training ………………………………………………….10 * Off the Job Training …………………………………………………12 PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF FINDINGS ……………………………………14 SUMMARY &CONCLUSION ………………………………………………………………….27 RECOMMENDATIONS …………………………………………………………………………30

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    Ponzi Schemes in the Caribbean

    WP/09/95 Ponzi Schemes in the Caribbean Ana Carvajal, Hunter Monroe, Catherine Pattillo, and Brian Wynter © 2009 International Monetary Fund WP/09/95 IMF Working Paper Western Hemisphere and Monetary and Capital Markets Departments Ponzi Schemes in the Caribbean Prepared by Ana Carvajal, Hunter Monroe, Catherine Pattillo, and Brian Wynter Authorized for distribution by Paul Cashin and David Hoelscher April 2009 Abstract This Working Paper should not be reported as representing the

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    Caribbean Airlines Overview

    Overview Of Caribbean Airlines Caribbean Airlines (CAL) was incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on September 27, 2006 when the previous British West Indies Airways (BWIA) was found to be no longer viable. In that same year, the airline also purchased Tobago Express. Flight operations commenced on January 1, 2007 with 128 weekly departures to 10 markets. The company initiated a simplified fare structure which offered discounted fares to senior citizens and students. The Airline

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    Royal Caribbean Strategic Analysis

    | | | |Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. | |

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    How the Imf Impacted the Caribbean Business Environment

    Monetary Fund Impacted the Caribbean Business Environment? Student Name: William Franklyn April 1st, 2014 ID#:407002804 Professor: Mr. Wilberne Persuad Contents Introduction: 3 Literature Review: 4 Background: 4 Further look at the IMF: 4 The World Bank: 5 Loans facilities offered by the IMF: 5 Definition of Caribbean Business Environment (The Small Open Economy Model): 6 Characteristics of the Caribbean Business Environment: 6

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    Caribbean Economy and Slavery

    information on the roles that the slaves played. Sugar cane was the main crop produced on the numerous plantations throughout the Caribbean. Generally speaking, the different types of persons living on the plantation were Negroes and Whites. It is land economy that influenced the social and political values of the plantation. THEME: Caribbean Economy and Slavery. Research Topic: How did land economy help in the 18th century British plantation?

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    Caribbean Festivals

    Caribbean Festivals at Home and Abroad Concept of Carnival/Festival Carnival brings about a "second world condition" so that when carnival comes around, another world is created and people go into that world. Notion of carnival as one of “the decentralising forces that militate against official power and ideology. Carnival as the interruption of dominant discourses “to surrender the critical and cultural tools to the dominant class and in this sense, carnival can be seen above all else as a site

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    Caribbean Human Development Report

    Caribbean Human Development Report 2012 Human Development and the Shift to Better Citizen Security Caribbean Human Development Report 2012 Human Development and the Shift to Better Citizen Security Copyright © 2012 by the United Nations Development Programme 1 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise

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    Caribbean Schools

    Career Choice, Mass media, peer and church, and although all these influences intertwine with each other but the main focus of this document would be on how much the male and female socialization affects the educational system, especially in the Caribbean. Listed as one of the eight Millennium Development Goals, the goal of ameliorating gender inequality and empowering women is well recognized as a critical tool for advancing population health, improving life chances, and bringing economic prosperity

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    Integration Efforts in the Caribbean

    INTEGRATION EFFORTS IN THE CARIBBEAN ESSAY Sir Arthur Lewis in 1965 wrote ‘these islands did not start on the federal road in a fit of idleness. They start because it was clear that a federation is the only possible solution to their problem.” To understand what Sir Arthur Lewis meant regional integration must be defined. According to Carbough (2004), regional integration is a process of eliminating restrictions on international trade, payments and factors of mobility. Full regional integration

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    1.2. TRENDS AND PATTERNS OF MIGRATION TO AND FROM CARIBBEAN COUNTRIES Elizabeth Thomas-Hope[1] INTRODUCTION Migration has become deeply embedded in the psyche of Caribbean peoples over the past century and a half. It has evolved as the main avenue for upward mobility through the accumulation of capital – financial and social. Thus the propensity for migration is high and there is a general responsiveness to the opportunities for moving whenever they occur. At times these

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    Caribbean Study

    easier to learn using e-learning technologies and is this reflected in Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (C.S.E.C) passes, Lastly, is there a positive or negative response to e-learning in the classroom (would greater accessibility to the internet be more of a problem than a solution) and what other improvements could give added benefits to the lesson being taught. As this is a relatively new effort in Jamaica, this study could be used as a base for further research. It would help the government

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    Caribbean Internet Cafe

    1. What managerial issues should David Grant consider before starting the Caribbean Internet Café? Caribbean Internet Café (CIC) venture has both promise and risk attached to it, like any other start up venture. Mr. David Grant should consider the following issues before entering into this venture. His main managerial issue would be cost vs benefit. He must consider if the venture would be profitable for him and for CIC and also how long it will take for him to recover his initial cost. His

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    Caribbean Literature

    So, for the authors, that is a way to demand for attention or a better condition. On the readings of the Caribbean authors they show the reality of that country and even though the readers didn’t know about the countries that were mentioned, after reading they can do a mental image of how was the life of the people for the moment that the stories were wrote. The readings of the Caribbean authors “Return to Paradise” and “Two Grandmothers” show a country with many problems. Particularly, the purpose

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    Cultural Erasure, Retention and Renewal in the Caribbean

    Akari Devonish Caribbean Studies Culture is the beliefs or customs of a society. There can be two distinctive types of culture, material culture which consists of all tangible things created by the members of society like architecture, cuisine etc. and non material culture which comprises society’s belief and norms like music and religion. In recent times however, due to the increase of development and modernization, many traditional practices can be erased, retained or even renewed. We can see

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    The Caribbean as Third World Region

    How appropriate is it to describe the Caribbean as a third world region The concept of “third world” often bears the implication or gives the broader picture of a ranking or categorical system of which the world’s countries or regions are placed. Certainly, the impression is given that there is a first and second world, though such terms are hardly mentioned. To some, it is an undesirable term or concept, and many shun from the notion of their country being referred to as third world territory;

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    Royal Caribbean Accounting Project

    competitive advantage? Royal Caribbean Cruise Line was founded in 1969 by Arne Wilhelmsen and Edwin Stephan. Arne and Edwin both thought it would be a great idea to start a cruise line that would provide relaxation and travel to the Caribbean for wealthy men and women that resided in Florida. Royal Caribbean’s first ship was the Song of Norway that launched in 1970 with the ability to carry 700 passengers and included a lounge area to have a drink. Later, in 1971, Royal Caribbean added two more cruise line

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    Richard Branson Launches a Green Energy Plan for the Caribbean.

    Launches A Green Energy Plan For The Caribbean. ENERGY In 1979, when Richard Branson bought the 74-acre Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, he paid less than $300,000. It was untouched, undeveloped, inhabited only by birds and jungle critters. Back then, no one worried a wit about carbon emissions, ocean acidification, rising sea levels. To bring electricity to his island retreat Branson, like virtually everyone else on the small islands of the Caribbean, installed diesel generators.

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    Is There Evidence of "Too Big to Fail" in the Caribbean

    Is There Evidence of “Too Big To Fail” In the Caribbean? ““Too Big to Fail” means there are certain financial institutions so big and interconnected that their failure would be catastrophic to the economy. Therefore, they must be supported by government when they are facing difficulty. The bigger the company, the larger the risk.” One of these “Too Big to Fail” institutions is CL Financial Group. In 1993, CL Financial began as a holding company, a company that owns other company’s outstanding

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    Caribbean and Cuba

    Assignment 8 1. Despite having a strong base in agriculture the Caribbean has begun to fall behind as competition from the global markets persist. What was a crutch for the economy in the form of tourism has become the main aspect of many Caribbean economies. As great as that may be however, it has its downsides as well. Tourism is something derived from vacationing patrons who enjoy travel in their leisure time. During periods of economic crisis, as seen back in 2008, leisure tends to

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    The Moyne Commission's Effect on the Caribbean

    Introduction Conditions in the Caribbean territories controlled by the British Colony in the 1930’s were not of public health standard especially after the labour unrest. To understand the public health crisis that existed at that time it is important to have an idea of what public health means. Public health as defined by Winslow (1920) “is the science and art of preventing, prolonging life and organized community efforts for sanitation of the environment, control of communicable infections, education

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    Tourism in the Caribbean

    think of the Caribbean, for those who have never been they might envision themselves lounging by the crystal clear beaches and soaking up the sun but that is just a small part of what this region has to offer. With a thriving tourism industry more people are experiencing the gems of the Caribbean and to keep that alive, efficient and effective business management within the hospitality industry have helped to make tourism one of the largest revenue generating sectors in the Caribbean. Tourism is

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    Amerindians in the Caribbean

    over the Caribbean, the Amerindians have left a rich legacy Forty generations before the arrival of the Columbus, the Caribbean was inhabited by an indigenous people referred to as Amerindians. They were divided into two main groups, the Arawaks (Taino) and the Carib (Kalinago). They had a rich culture and thriving society the evidence of which can be seen all over the Caribbean today. The Arawaks came to the Caribbean from the Orinoco region to Trinidad then spread through the Caribbean. They were

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    Slave Revolts in the Caribbean

    Negative effects of slave revolts in the Caribbean * Slave revolts in the Caribbean such as the rebellion of Sam Sharpe/Christmas Rebellion (1831), tended to harden positions among plantation owners in defense of slavery. * Slave uprisings, or rebellions and revolts, were frequent and were ferociously put down by plantation owners. The idea was to put off future rebels by showing them how any rebellion would be punished. Participants of rebellions were often publicly killed ‘by progressive

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    Economic Integration in the Caribbean

    Evaluation of the Success of Economic Integration Movement in the Caribbean A clear judgment of the success of economic integration in the Caribbean can be highlighted by the optimism of the positive outcomes of the varying levels of the Caribbean’s economic integration. These include: Common Trade Policy and Strategy One of the strengths of the Caribbean Single Market Economy is its aim towards embracing a common trade policy. This is expected to emanate from a unified approach, some level of

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    Caribbean Studies

    Topic: Treats faced by coral reefs in the Caribbean. In the Caribbean, the natural structures of the coral reefs are faced with many severe dangers which are caused naturally and by human activities. Coral reefs however, are living communities. Coral polyps are tiny marine creatures that secrete a calcium carbonate or limestone shell around their bodies, which remains when they die. The long shells become cemented together to form the physical structure of the reef on top of which the live Coral

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    Caribbean Artist - Machel Montano

    of Spain, the capital of Trinidad, Machel Montano is not only one of the Caribbean's youngest performers, but one of its most successful. With his unique blend of soca and dancehall, and sensual stage persona, he has risen to the upper class of Caribbean music. Machel’s talent has been obvious since childhood. When his parents heard him singing with the accompaniment of his brother on the guitar, they sent him for vocal lessons. His career began at age seven and by age nine, he was chosen to represent

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    Equality Versus Equity: the Empowerment of Caribbean Women

    The search for gender equity and empowerment of Caribbean women through education has yielded mixed opinions. On one hand it is felt that social mobility for women is best realised through education, while on the other hand it is believed that current academic curriculums simply reinforce the subordinate, inequitable role for women to fulfil. At women’s conferences around the world, many ideals have been targeted for actualization. Among them, the need to improve the quality and relevance of education

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    Chaos in the Caribbean

    Chaos in the Caribbean Strayer University Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination ACC 571 Dr. Timothy Brown ------------------------------------------------- 1. Evaluate Avey’s role as an expert witness for the Jamaican government. Avey and his firm were hired by the Jamaican government starting in the early in the 90s to investigate accusations of fraud and mismanagement and prepare reports outlining his findings starting with the Blaise Merchant Bank and Trust Co which spread to

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