Can Detroit Make The Cars Customers

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    Zip Car : Influencing Customer Behaviour

    has spent close to an hour then we asked him again who exactly he was waiting for, he then told us that the gentle he came in with said he was a staff and of UT. He went on to say that the supposed staff of UT met him around Barclays Bank and said he can change his money thus five thousand eight hundred and twenty Ghana cedis (GHS 5820) into dollars. He walked him straight to the bank collected the money from him then walked to the counter. According to him, the man supposedly gave the money to the

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    Luxury Car Retailing and Trends

    Luxury Car Retailing & Trends Executive Summary A luxury car is indeed a status symbol that is a reflection of one’s personality and power in society. There is a steady increase in luxury car customers globally as there is a rise in income, wealth and urbanization. It is more of a dream come true of the rising middle class to purchase and own a luxury car. After the global financial crisis (Reyneke et al., 2012) hit the luxury auto market, it was interesting to find that the younger generation

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    How to Make a Wifi Antenna Out of a Pringles Can

    How To Make A WiFi Antenna Out of A Pringles Can Wi-Fi has completely changed the way we browse the net and use the internet in our day to day life. The complete comfort of accessing internet at better speeds is achieved through Wi-Fi networks. This article explains how to make a WiFi antenna out of a Pringles can, which you can use to boost your Wi-Fi network speeds. Here is the procedure : What is Cantenna? In order to boost your Wi-Fi internet network speed, you need to make an arrangement

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    Should Businesses Do Anything They Can to Make a Profit?

    When it comes the issue of the business development strategy, some people suggest that one company should do everything it can to make money, while others maintain the opposite view. As far as I am concerned, business should not be entirely profit oriented. I take this view on account of the following reasons. First of all, totally profit oriented companies may make decisions and develop some industries, which may extremely destroy the environment, and overlook the health problems of human beings

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    Can Smart Technology in Classrooms Make Your Child Learn Better

    Smart! But can it make your child learn better? by Karan Khemka [->0] Schools are turning to education technology to provide better teaching. Yet, despite strong growth, many edutech companies face challenges for sustainable growth With exploding affluence in emerging markets like India and Brazil, governments are unable to keep up with the demand for high-quality education among the growing middle class. Families are turning to private schools, and enrolment has grown, for example, in China

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    Opportunity for Detroit

    On July 18, 2013, Detroit filed for a historic Chapter 9 bankruptcy, the largest city in America to ever do so. Once a very prosperous city, Detroit has seen a material decline in its’ population, from about 1.8 million in 1950 to about 700,000 residents today, nearly 20% of whom are unemployed. This huge decline can be attributed to not only a decline in manufacturing jobs and the automobile industry, but also Detroit’s public safety woes. Coupled with a decreasing tax base and an increasing debt

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    Zip Car

    some 10 months before. The idea behind Zipcar—a sophisticated form of car sharing—was simple, yet potentially revolutionary. Chase and Danielson had conducted some initia l research during late 1999, and by the end of that year, the two had developed a business plan. They had incorporat ed in January 2000 and raised their first $50,000 from one angel investor. By June of 2000, the two entrepreneurs had leased 12 cars and were ready to open for business in Boston. By October, the fledgling

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    Detroit Bancruptcy

    The City of Detroit bankruptcy is a historical event since the city of Detroit is one of the largest cities ever filed for bankruptcy. However, the court trial will decide after considering all the facts and testimonials, if City of Detroit will qualify for bankruptcy. City of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy mainly because of financial factors such as expenditures were higher than revenues, the high level of debts and bad management. In the audit report issued for the 2012 there were many qualified

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    Hybrid Cars

    Sales of hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles fell to a 16-month low in May, dragged down by real and imagined supply constraints and increased competition from lower-priced gas-powered small cars, reports Edmunds’, the premier online resource for automotive industry analysis. May sales of hybrid and electric-drive vehicles were off 35.8 percent from a year earlier, lead by dramatic declines in sales of Toyota and Honda models. Overall, Toyota and Lexus hybrids dropped 45.1 percent

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    been a leader in car rental world. As the competition in the rental world rises with more exotic and fuel efficient vehicles being integrated to all rental fleets; hybrid vehicles become a priority. With their fuel efficiency being higher than that ever compared to standard fuel vehicles, the demand rises for the new better fuel efficiency vehicles. Hybrids car are averaging from 35-55 miles per gallon, compared to 25-35 in standard vehicles. Toyota has been a leader in hybrid car world with prime

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    production (ex: cars and ovens) comprises both manufacturing systems and assembly systems. In the first category we find job shops, manufacturing cells, flexible manufacturing systems and transfer lines, in the assembly category we have fixed position systems, assembly lines and assembly shops (both manual and/or automated operations) Another possible classification[12] is one based on Lead Time (manufacturing lead time vs delivery lead time): Engineer to Order, Purchase to Order, Make to Order, Assemble

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    Can Sugar Make You Stupid?

    individual’s health. In order to have a health body, individuals need to take the correct amount of sugars in their diets. Recently, there were experiments undertaken which provide proof about the ability of sugar to make an individual stupid. According to research, the claim that sugar makes an individual stupid is correct because of the outcome of the results found where the researchers used rats. The results indicated that the rats constantly feed with fructose had reduced levels of IQ as well as numerous

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    Is It Price a Key Factor That Determined by Customers in Buying Car?


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    Can Systems Thinking Revolutionise Your Customer Service?

    from the customer's perspective is, of course, the best way to improve customer service. And this way of working is the central tenet of systems thinking which examines how customers draw value from the process of interacting with an organisation and conversely, how the design of an organisation and its processes can drive poor service and poor performance. The Institute of Customer Service estimates that poor levels of customer service costs the British economy £50 billion a year, which equates to

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    Customer Behaviour and Luxury Car

    owning something is different. Automotive industry for instance, individuals can buy car because it will save them time, effort to go to work. Others can buy a car while already having another one for the “fun, joy” of having it. Information process model points out the consumer as a an individual that is capable of reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning who find a solution to concerns or problems to make purchasing decisions (HOLBROOK and HIRSCHMAN, 1982). This model is questionable

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    Explain How Monitoring and Evaluating Can Improve Customer Service for the Customer, the Organisation and the Employee.

    Explain how monitoring and evaluating can improve customer service for the customer, the organisation and the employee. Airport (Employer) In the Manchester airport they have unknown shoppers who helps the airport to deliver excellent working levels of customer service which helps the customer service to identify the weaknesses. In Manchester airport they do customer questionnaire which it can help the airport employees and it can improve the business a lot, the questionnaire is all about the

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    Detroit Case

    Wriston has two major decisions. First, Wriston must first decide if it wants to keep the Detroit plant open. Second, Wriston must decide if it will continue producing all of the product groups. When considering shutting down the Detroit plant, Wriston should probably evaluate the NPV (as Harvey pointed out) of the "no change" case versus the NPV of a shutdown case. Wriston may save fixed costs from shutting down Detroit, but may forego sales opportunities by not being able to meet demand. Another case

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    What Ever I Can Make Up

    ever I can make up vvvvvv What ever I can make up vvv What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What ever I can make up What

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    City of Detroit Demographics and Crime Profile

    Detroit, Michigan is known for its people, music, places, trends and events. It is more widely and famously known as the automobile capital of the world and a city with a prosperous diverse cultural social class which includes: Polish, English, Italian, English, Mexican, Irish, African, Middle Eastern, and Greek descent (City of Detroit, n.d.). Due to the diverse population, many factors contribute to crime. Changes of events such as land use, property values, transportation, and retail has been

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    The Impact of Mobile Marketing to Make Customer Loyal

    The impact of mobile marketing to make the customers loyal - a case study of KFC 1.0 Introduction: Mobile marketing has moved the customer to involve and loyal to the organization to create the next level of business opportunities. The consumers are likely to be carrying their mobile devices with them in a standby state, they are more likely to receive and absorb the message on the spot. According to (), advertisements for restaurants and food boast the highest response rates of all SMS advertising

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    Cars One of the most important steps in becoming an adult is your first car. When you have a car, you don’t need to rely on other people for rides to and from where you want to go. You also learn a great deal, thus making you a more responsible person. I live in Putney, a small town in southeastern Vermont, but I worked and went to school in Brattleboro. Brattleboro is a slightly larger town about a half an hour south of Putney. Since we had to keep stopping to pick up kids, the bus ride to

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    Toyota Hybrid Cars and Legal Issues

    Toyota Hybrid Cars and Legal Issues Introduction Automobile industry is a faster growing industry nowadays than any other industry. Most car manufacturers face the challenge of providing the best quality products to remain competitive to retain or regain market share during this tough economic times. Every organization has the opportunity to make more profit than their competitors do by improving delivery method and its impact on the company’s turnover. Toyota Corporation has implemented

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    Can the Youth Make a Difference?

    Can the youth make a difference? Can the youth make a difference? That is still a big question. Some say that the youth of today is the driving force of tomorrow, Rizal even quoted that “The Youth is the hope of our future, but most of the adults nowadays call them the “lost generation”. Are today’s youth really a lost generation? Let’s face it, they may give them that label because it is true that young people are struggling in record numbers to find work, leave home, and start a family, according

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    Can Maoney Make Person Happy?

    Can make money a person happy? Everyone uses money. We all want it, what it can do. We know how much we have more or less. We know what things coast and so we have some idea of what we can afford at any given moment. With money we can realize different kind of interesting projects, get a good education, make your life more comfortable and safe. Money plays very important role in our lives. People determine the status of person, his position in society according to their money. Money has an impact

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    Swot Assignment of City of Detroit

    I – Strengths Strength 1: Detroit receives freighters from more than 100 world ports The Detroit River is a 24-mile long river and one of the busiest rivers in the world and receives freighters from more than 100 world ports (, 2014). This is a long-term asset the city of Detroit has since it connects Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, St. Lawrence Seaway and Erie Canal. During the first half of the 20th century during Detroit’s rapid industrialization, the river became polluted but in recent

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    Asses the Contribution That Fiscal and Monetary Policies Can Make in Maintaining a Stable Economy.

    Asses the contribution that fiscal and monetary policies can make in maintaining a stable economy. Both monetary and fiscal policies are aimed at keeping the economy in a stable condition by reducing inflation and aggregate demand respectively. A stable economy can be described as an economy experiences good levels of economic growth while maintaining low levels of inflation and unemployment. The low levels of unemployment can be achieved via fiscal policies such as subsidising certain industries

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    Urban Farming in Detroit

    Urban farming in Detroit Turning the Motor City into Farm City Urban farming in Detroit Turning the Motor City into Farm City Subject: Intercultural Communication Studies 2nd Term Date of release: 16.02.2011 Table of Contents 1 2 3 Introduction ......................................................................................................................... 3 Characteristics ..............................................................................................

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    eighteenth century, Detroit went on to become an industrial power house. However, as beautiful as it may seem, the modern Detroit is not the same city it was prior to 1960. In the last half-century, the city has been struck by crime and violence. That is when an "All-American City" became an eyesore, a blighted spot on the map. Attempts to reverse this downward trend have been made throughout the years; major construction projects appeared, and continue to appear, everywhere in Detroit. One of the most

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    Tata Nano: the People's Car

    world's cheapest car. The case focuses on the translation of Ratan Tata's (chairman of Tata Motors) vision of a safe affordable car for the masses by Ravi Kant, managing director of Tata Motors into the Nano Project. The case raises questions around breaking the price-quality barrier and changing existing internal processes to accommodate revolutionary new ideas. The dilemma of success—Tata Nano was a runaway bestseller—left Tata Motors debating how large a bet they should make on the Nano and what

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    Read the Case Study Can Detroit Make the Cars Customers Want? and Answer the Following Questions:

    Tracing requirements throughout the development process and verifying adherence using the Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM). Experience in conducting Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions, project meetings, reviews, walkthroughs, and customer interviews. Contribute to the identification and initiation of process improvements which have resulted in an increase in accountability for SOX compliance, Emerging Market and Interest rate Derivatives (IRD). Extensive knowledge of GAAP, Financial

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    Driverless Cars

    of Suzuki’s most popular cars, and 45,347 Mazda Scrum models produced between August 2005 and March 2010. DPA Renault and Bollore join forces on EV project Renault and the French Bollore group are teaming up on a next-generation electric car to be marketed under the Bluecar name. The aim is to produce a smaller vehicle than the current four-seater Bluecar and Renault has commissioned a feasibility study. The joint-venture will also sell complete electric car-sharing solutions in France

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    Make Your Best Customers Even Better

    Progress Make Your Best Customers Even Better \ by Eddie Yoon, Steve Carlotti, and Dennis Moore \ ^^,i^^^imí'. ust over a year ago, managers at Kraft believed jthat their Velveeta brand had only moderate growth prospects. With the consumer migration toward natural and organic products, sales of Velveeta—a processed, unrefrigerated "cheese food"—had languished. The customers who did buy it typically used it once or twice a year, usually to make a party dip. But as we

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    Happy Detroit

    ”My Happy Detroit” The article “My happy Detroit” is written by Carolyn Edgar and is from July 28, 2013. The article is a reflection on Carolyn’s childhood growing up in Detroit and the causes to the city’s bankruptcy. Detroit filed bankruptcy and many people are devolving into political causes. The city also never recovered from the riots and the white flights. Detroit is a city that is going so bad, that more and more people are moving away from it. In the article she write about the good and

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    With the progress of science and technology, the cars have already become an important part in our daily life. It is known as a vehicle with four wheels and it contains an engine and that is used to move from one place to another smoothly and quickly. The cars are one of many very useful transportation methods; it gives the freedom to travel to anywhere and on anytime. In this essay I will compare and contrast this transportation method between the past generation and the present generation. This

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    Detroit – Essay In the beginning many went to Detroit to pursuit the American Dream. Then in the early 1900’s Henry Ford an American industrialist, and the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and also the sponsor of the development of the assemble line to do mass production. He brought mass production of the automobile to Detroit, making it a place where you could secure your economics, and many could get a job with pension afterwards. The base of Detroit’s economics laid its ground in the automobile

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    How Can Customers Needs and Wants Impact Marketing?

    Class Discussion Week 1 How Can customers needs and wants impact marketing? Marketing merely reflects and shapes the needs and wants of customers. Relationship marketing communicates the idea that a major goal of marketing is to build long-term relationships with the customers contributing to the firm’s success (Babin & Zikmund, 2010). We as people and customers all have needs and wants, this is just part of who we are as human beings. Companies will strive to satisfy these functions and keep

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    Restoration is an expensive proposition. Even if you can perform most of the work yourself, it's still going to cost you a tidy five-figure sum to buy the necessary parts, materials and paint supplies needed to transform an old car from a worn-out relic to a dazzling show beauty. If you've decided to restore a particular old car because you have a longstanding attachment to that model and are not concerned about its value or whether parts can be easily found, then we applaud you--that mindset

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    What Makes Your Tired and What You Can Do About It

    ESSAY: What Makes You Tired-and What You Can Do About It Here is an astounding and significant fact: Mental work alone can't make you tired. Sounds absurd. But a few years ago, scientists tried to find out how long the human brain could labour without reaching "a diminished capacity for work", the scientific definition of fatigue. To the amazement of these scientists, they discovered that blood passing through the brain, when it is active, shows no fatigue at all! If you took blood from the

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    “How Effective Communications Can Make a Business Enterprise Become Known”

    “How Effective Communications Can Make a Business Enterprise Become Known” People go to malls for numerous reasons. One of it is because of its convenience. Malls are able to provide people a wide variety of stores as well as shopping opportunities. It is also for having entertainment and leisure. People nowadays, employees or students, have a tough time in work or studies and going to malls has been one of their ways to relax and

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    An Investigation Into How Lack of Customer Satisfaction and Retention Can Hamper Growth

    views. Pajarinen et al. (2006) have said that entrepreneurs with higher academic background are more innovative and will use modern techniques and models to do business. Barringer and Bluedorn (1999) have described entrepreneurs as individuals who can explore the environment, discover the opportunities, and exploit them after proper evaluation. Kuratko (2000), in his book, distinguishes between entrepreneurs and small business owners. He highlights that these two terms are often used interchangeably

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    Intro to Detroit

    Centre for Occupational Health and Safety describe hazards as unique sources that can cause potential damage, harm or adverse effects to a human or environment (cite 1). Despite being commonly associated together; hazards prove to be different from risks simply because they have a direct relation to an area or object, whereas risks resemble the probability of harm associated with that particular area or object. Hazards can arise from a vast variety of conditions, some of which include violence, climate

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    9 Little Contributions You Can Make to Make Our Country Better

    Here are 9 simple things you can do to help bring a change in our country. A change for betterment. 1. Stop littering around. Yes, we should learn from the Swach Bharat campaign! There was a reason we needed it in the first place. The fact that even the new PM of the country addressed the issue on such a gigantic level proves that we, as a country, are in dire need of cleanliness! Things as simple as throwing garbage in the bin and not spitting on the streets can make a huge difference. 2. Be environment-friendly

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    Electric Cars

    Electric Cars Industry History of Automobile Industry The history of automobile dates back to 17th century as a Flemish Jesuit missionary, Ferdinand Verbiest, built a steam-powered vehicle to Chinese Emperor Kangxi as a toy. In 1769 French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot improved Verbiest’s car by constructing a car which could hold a driver. But only in 1886 German engineer Karl Benz invented the first real useful car, considered a first automobile powered by internal-combustion engine. A few

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    technology, the cars have already become the important component in our daily life gradually. Cars make our life convenient and swift. However, too many cars have caused very serious social problems. Some people claim that the disadvantages of car are more than the advantages. I doubt whether the argument can bear much analysis. Since one century [ago], the auto industry has [been] developed at full speed worldwide, and has brought the enormous progresses to our life. For example, the car is the most

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    Detroit Research Paper

    4/16/15 Detroit Research Paper During the twenty to twenty-five years after World War II the auto industry and other industries in Detroit had changed to supply the demands for an ever changing world. Henry Ford had mass production techniques. Thousands of jobs were created to build the Ford Model T’s. Part by part each vehicle was made, becoming Ford’s first most popular mass produced car. Not only the auto companies grew with demand, but the steel companies also produced supplies for engines

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    the construction of a brand-new construction site in New Delhi, India. The construction of this plant, which only builds Stark models, was started in April 2004 and became operational at the end of 2006. The final aim is to manufacture some 200,000 cars per year. This is the first large Stark plant on India soil. It is the definitive link of the brand with our continent, building pickup trucks according to the highest India quality standards. This new production unit will not only set the tone with

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    How Can We Retain Customers

    How can we retain customers? For a non-profit organization, marketing is quite different from other companies since the limited marketing budget. Creating a professional internet presence such as an official website can be a great help to display the mission and beneficiaries to our customer. As far as I know, the official website of MSC is However, when I searched with the keyword “my sister’s closet” in some major searching engines, it’s not easy to see our website. Actually

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    gradually. Cars make our life convenient and swift. However, too many cars have caused very serious social problems. Some people claim that the disadvantages of car are more than the advantages. I doubt whether the argument can bear much analysis. Since one century [ago], the auto industry has [been] developed at full speed worldwide, and has brought the enormous progresses to our life. For example, the car is the most convenient tool of transportation. We can [be] on and off duty by car every day

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    Small Cars Test Ford Resolve

    Katelyn Austin MGT 499 “Small Cars Test Ford Resolve” Founded by Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company has become the third-largest automaker in the world. Based in Dearborn, Michigan—a suburb of the Detroit area, the company has been in operation since June 16, 1903. Ford receives credit for the innovation of the assembly line. He was able to save nine hours and fifty minutes in producing his Model T car with the assembly line. He ultimately reduced the time to one hour and thirty three minutes

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    Detroit Bailout

    Mackenzie Patterson 2008 U.S. Automaker Crisis: The Detroit Bailout At the end of 2008, two of the three largest domestic automakers in the U.S. received significant financial assistance from the federal government and President Bush’s administration. General Motors and Chrysler were burning through their cash reserves and heading quickly towards insolvency and potential bankruptcy, endangering not only themselves and their workers, but also the large domestic auto parts supplier industry as well

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