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    Abstract The purpose of this assignment is to briefly analyze an article from a scholarly journal. This will be followed by a peer review. This paper is applying the review criteria developed by Elder and Paul (2011) to and article by Nunn and McGuire (2010). The main purpose of The Importance of a Good Business Plan by Less Nunn and Brian McGuire is that the basis for any business is a sound business plan. “It is written to guide the business owner in how to develop and

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    Vision Change

    surrounding community can help keep your business running, your consumer base strong, and your vision, mission, and strategy plan ever changing. Sources: “Mission Statements” Retrieved 4/1/12. “Ford” Retrieved 4/1/12.

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    Jpmorgan Matrix Structure

    Getting into Business Forms of Business Ownership Getting Funded Writing the Business Plan WINDOW ON MANAGING NOW: Choosing a Web-Based Business ● Managing Innovation and New-Product Development WINDOW ON MANAGING NOW: Using Computerized BusinessPlanning Software The Eight-Stage New-Product Development Process Fostering Innovation ● Innovation Now Innovation and Collaboration Innovation and Learning Managing Now: Using Information Technology for Innovation PRACTICE IT: Collaborative Innovation

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    Strategy of Iphone 5

    com/content/economic-crisis-finally-affecting-apple 11. Sohret H. (2012) Management Concepts and Practice. Essex. Pearson Education Limited. 12. Susan W. (n.d.) Mission Statement. [Accessed 5 November 2012] [Internet] Available from: 13. The Associated Press, 2012. Samsung fights Apple over Galaxy. [Accessed 22 October 2012][Internet] Available from:

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    Managing Activities

    Cultural Change and Managerial Careers, Personnel Review, 23 (3): 21-33. Talbot, M., 2003. Make Your Statement Work. 2nd ed: Cromwell Press, Townbridge, Wiltshire. Ward, S., 2011. Vision Statement (available at) (accessed on 23rd November 2011).

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    Advies Rapport Red Bull

    Adviesrapport 3 jaars-stage Red Bull e pagina 20 Literatuurlijst Websites (Penthouse) Ledenaantal NOC*NSF over 2007 Collega’s (aangedragen stukken enz) Businessplanning Red Bull 2008 en 2009 Literatuur Overig Afgedrukt 20 januari 2009 Red Bull Managing Director Bijlagen Management Assistant HR Manager e Afgedrukt 20 januari 2009 Front Office (2) HR Advisor Organogram Finance

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    Directional Strategies

    Strategies. Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, 6th Edition. John Wiley & Sons (STMS), 112008. (pp. 166-168, 175-177, 179-181). Ward, S. (2009). “Vision Statement”. Retrieved June 2, 2012 from Yukl, G. (2006). Leadership in Organizations. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Retrieved from

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    Lanka Orix Finance

    appropriate and it’s achievable too. Mission A mission statement is a brief description of a company's fundamental purpose. It answers the question, "Why do we exist?" Reference ( The mission statement reveals the company's purpose both for those in the organization and for the public. LOFC’s Mission “Our mission is to help set the industry standard in Non-Bank Financial Services. We reach out

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    Chartered Acc

    significance and importance of ratio analysis may be explained as follows: • It helps in evaluating the corporations performance: • It helps in inhume firm comparison: • It simplifies money statements Basis of comparison: The use of ratios as a tool of financial analysis, involves their comparison , for a single ratio like absolute figures fails to reveal their true position. For example, if in case of a firm, the return

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    Strategic Planning

    pid=23506&cdvn=news&newsarticleid=35661&mapcode= Vision statement. (n.d.). Retrieved from Ward, S. (n.d.). Mission statement. Retrieved from Yardley, T. (n.d.). Definition of Strategic planning. Retrieved from

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    our service and brand management. b. Target Markets Bibliography

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