Btec Level 7 Unit 17 Startegic Marketing

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    Btec Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

    Assignment Brief BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership |Learner Name: |Learner Registration Number: | |Unit Number: Unit 12 – Strategic Planning |Unit Number/Code: H/602/2330 | |Credit Value: 15 credits

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 1 P1

    Name: Arsalan Anwar Business level 3 Unit 1: P1 Introduction: In this assignment I will be selecting two contrasting business which are going to be Tesco and Oxfam. I will be writing a written report describing their purposes and ownership, to do this I’ll talk about what goods and services they offer and to whom they offer these to. Finally I’ll talk about where they operate and which industrial sector of the economy they operate in.

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    Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence

    UNIT 17: MARKETING INTELLIGENCE Written By: LO1: UNDERSTAND BUYER BEHAVIOUR AND PURCHASE MAKING DECISION 1.1 Describe the main stages of the purchase decision-making process for an individual consumer (i.e. business-to-consumer) Buyer Behaviour and Decision Making Process Customers go through five stages of decision making process in any kind of purchase. The diagram below summarises it. The above model is essential in making marketing decisions. Customer buying process starts

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    Unit 7

    sure that you look at Functionalism, Marxism, New Right, Feminism, Interactionism, Collectivism and Postmodernism. You must outline sociological terminology and use this when describing the perspectives. Please ensure you use key terminology from this unit in your explanations. Task 2 (P2) - Write a letter of at least 600 words identifying the different concepts of health and ill health. You should begin your letter with an introduction outlining the difficulties of defining health and illness.

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 1 P6

    company and investors. In the boom customers may not want value in their clothing, like for example with Asda they have George and even though George has a good reputation customers may prefer to buy more expensive and named brands. Therefore with the marketing teams, they will need to make sure that they change their adverts to show the luxury and the great fashion in which George has and also from the fact that they don’t really focus on the actual value of their clothing. With Asda thy may need to re-enforce

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    Btec Level 2 Medium Merit

    similar disciplines. United Kingdom[edit] In the United Kingdom, outside of Scotland, the National Certificate is a standard vocational further education qualification. It is usually rated at Level 3 on the National Qualifications Framework and is equivalent to A-level, BTEC National Diploma or NVQ Level 3 standard. Scotland[edit] National Certificate courses in Scotland are a one-year course offered by Technical Colleges. They are typically used to progress on to a Higher National Certificate

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    Btec Level 7 Unit 1

    skills match our strategic direction. The process demands careful and sensitive management but is essential to ensure that we continue to operate a competitive business. The SWOT analysis also identified that I need to further develop my level of skill within financial budgeting as this is a newly acquired area in which I am working; developing skills in this area will allow me to feel more confident working with educational budgets, enabling me to contribute more meaningfully in finance

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    Unit 4 D1 Btec Level 3 Business

    of qualitative data that would not have been made available to Coca-Cola such as staff morale and potentially the public opinion of Innocent, factors which would heavily influence the value of the acquisition. One department at Coca Cola is the marketing department. They use the following piece of information such as Web-Based communication. They use Web–Based communication to maintain a secure and effective way of communicating within the corporation. A strategic decision that the IT department

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    Btec Level 3 Business- Unit 1- the Business Environment

    meaning that they are getting fair pay and good working conditions etc. The marketing department is the link between the business and the external world. It is there job to advertise promotions and products within the store so without marketing Tesco’s would sell little products as nobody would ever know about any deals on at certain times. Marketing success usually comes down to a company concentrating on the ‘4 P’s’ of marketing; Production, promotion, place and price. NHS- The Business Environment

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 10

    different products. Qualitative research, whilst not representative of the views of the general population, provides greater insight into 'why' people think what they think.  P2- Explain how different market research methods have been used to make a marketing decision within a selected situation or business. Coca cola divide their market category’s into segments, businesses can identify different groups of consumers wants. It is then possible to design products to meet those requirements. Each segment

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    Level 7 Strategic Management Unit 1

    ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Name: Nadine Williams Hadfield Address: 28 Parkland, Stella, Blaydon on Tyne, Tyne and Wear Post code / Zip: Ne21 4LJ Telephone No: 07875217096 Email Address: Date: 7/7/13 Course Name: Level 7 Diploma in Strategic leadership and management Tutor Name: Maxine Shaverin Assignment Name: Professional Development for strategic managers DRAFT Introduction It is now commonly accepted that a firm and holistic commitment to the continued

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    Btec Level 2 Unit 1

    St Cuthbert Mayne COURSE: BTEC Extended Diploma in Business (QCF) COHORT: 2014 - 2016 UNIT: 1 – The Business Environment (10 Credits) ASSIGNMENT 1 – Two Businesses on our Doorstep Learner Outcomes: 1. Know the range of different businesses and their ownership 2. Understand how businesses are organised to achieve their purposes Scenario: You work as a junior journalist for the local newspaper which is planning to run a feature article on local businesses Task: 1. Learners

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    Business Btec Level 3 Unit 1 M2

    severity and length, management and employments may meet and agree to mutual concessions, both to save the company and to save jobs. The concessions may include wage reductions and reduced benefits. The hotel will spend less money on advertising and marketing. In turn, the decline in advertising expenditures will affect the business because people won’t be aware of the new services or offers provided by this hotel. Decreasing economic activity is consistent with decreasing demand for borrowing. This

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    P6 Unit 1 Btec Business Level 3

    their experience of the store can be made very easy for them to shop so they will find their products easily and have a smooth shopping experience. Tax (Political) Taxation in the United Kingdom may involve payments to a minimum of two different levels of government: the central government (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) and local government. There can be different types of tax: VAT: standard 20% rate Income Tax: basic rate 20% higher rate 40%

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    Business Btec Level Three - Unit 31 - D1

    the offer has all is adapted around this. This does include the prices and the methods of payment that they accept online and in store to make it affordable to look good on a low budget because all of the people in the target group that the are marketing towards don’t have much disposable income but are all at the time in their lives that they want to look the best they can and do spend a lot of time on the way they look and what they go out the house wearing. All the policies that Topman use and

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    Btec Business Level 2 Unit 1 P5

    example making a plastic bottle from oil. • The Tertiary Sector- this is the retail sector where the manufactured products are sold but also is where some businesses provide a service. 2. Copy the graph on pg 108 to show the changing employment levels in the different sectors over the last 20 years in the UK. This graph is showing us that in 1985 there use to be more employees in the more labour jobs like mining and quarrying, textiles and motor cars but in 2000 these had fallen instead there

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    Business Btec Level 3 Unit 10 D1

    Unit 10 Pass Criteria (D1) The first method that I used was a questionnaire I chose this method it allows me to analyse the user needs, expectations, perspectives, priorities and preferences. Because I needed to collect the data from such a large sample size it is a fast way to collect results, it also has high validity as the questions are very specific to the canteen and healthy food. By using a questionnaire it allows the staff and pupils to think about their answers; as I didn't require their

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    Unit 17

    Unit 17 Learning outcome 1: know E-business in the hospitality industry Celine van Norden IEMS 2 Table of content 1.1. Introduction Page 3 1.2. Definition of E-business Page 4 1.3. Applications of E-business Page 4 1.3.1 Business to consumer 1.3.2. Business to business 1.4. Hotel Page 5/6 1.5. Restaurant Page 7/8 1.6. Nightclub Page 9/10 1.7. Contract food service provider Page 11/12 1.8. Hospitality service Page 13/14

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    Unit 13 D1 Btec Level 3 Business

    ------------------------------------------------- D1 Unit 4– Evaluate the appropriateness of business information used to make strategic decisions. ------------------------------------------------- D1 Unit 4– Evaluate the appropriateness of business information used to make strategic decisions. Strategic decisions made by Amazon. Inc: Amazon uses a lot of information from different sources to help them make important strategic decisions. Some of these decisions include lowering prices and

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    Btec Level 3 Unit 2 Task Sheet

    Wrotham School BTEC Task Sheet Front Cover Name of Centre: Wrotham School Title of Course: BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma in Business Studies Unit Number and Title: Unit 2: Business Resources Name of assessors: Mr Williams Mr Toher Deadline for completion: Statement of Context: At the core of every organization are the human, physical, technological and financial resources that enable it to function. In this unit you learn the importance organizations place on

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    Btec Level 3 Business

    misconceptions. 1 M&S had to create profit centres with simpler management structures, faster decision-making and distinct targets for shareholder value. 2 It had to change the way it bought goods both in the UK and overseas by giving its selling and marketing functions more say in what they had to offer. 3 It had to restore profitability overseas by reorganising its local business to serve local customers. 4 Finally, M&S had to build on the success of its financial services business. 2 of 8 Maisy

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 10

    brief – QCF BTEC | |Assignment front sheet | |Qualification |Unit number and title | |BTEC Level 3 National in Business (QCF) |Unit 10 Market

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    Health and Social Care Level 3 Unit 7 Sociological Approaches

    incidence of ill health or morbidity and life expectancy vary according to social groups in our society especially to social class". Stretch, B, 2007.One p ossible explanation is that higher social classes can afford to pay for private healthcare. Their level of income is much higher which then also results in a better lifestyle and accommodation. People who were in less paid jobs meant they had poor housing and a reduced amount of money to provide food and heating. According to the above table from

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    Health Care Level 3 Unit 7 P1

    Contents: Functionalism……………………………………………………………Pg.3 Marxism………………………………………………………………….Pg.4 Feminism………………………………………………………………...Pg.5 Interactionism…………………………………………………………...Pg.6 Collectivism……………………………………………………………...Pg.7 Post-Modernism………………………………………………………...Pg.8 New Right………………………………………………………………..Pg.9 You (Me)…………………………………………………………………Pg.10 Functionalism According to the functionalist perspective of sociology, each aspect of society is interdependent and contributes to society’s stability

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    Level 7 Unit 1

    Unit 1: Strategic Management and Leadership Muhammad Salman Saleem 2015   CONTENTS Acknowledgement: 1 Research Methodology: 3 Task number 01 5 1.1 5 Link between strategic management and leadership is following: 5 1.2 6 Management and leadership styles impact on the strategic management: 6 For instance there are different leadership styles useful in different situations which are following; 6 1.3 7 Evaluation of leadership styles used in different situations: 7 Task number 02 8

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    Btec Level 7 Unit 6

    UNIT 6: “Identify three key HRM activities of an identified organisation. Justify how the objectives of these were achieved by effective management of human resources and refer to at least two HRM models”. Introduction This report will identify and discuss the outcomes of three human resource management (HRM) activities. Using HRM models the outcomes will be discussed and analysed as to their effectiveness. “Human Resource Management is a strategic and coherent approach to the management

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    Unit 3 Btec Level 3 Business

    Unit 3 – P1 P1 – Describe the marketing techniques used to market products My chosen organisations are NHS which is charity and Tesco which is private P1 Ansoff matrix Strategic marketing planning tool that links a firm's marketing strategy with its general strategic direction and presents four alternative growth strategies in other words there is four strategic parts to ansoff matrix which i will explain what it is and what is the purpose or definition for it. These are the four

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    Business Btec Level 3

    three levels in a flat structure because they are designed for small businesses like a local hairdressers. [2]The matrix structure is where the employees have dual reporting relationships, generally to both a functional manager and a product manager. It is not set out like a hierarchical structure, instead it is set up as a grid.[3] RSCPCA [4] This organisational structure for the RSPCA is a hierarchical structure. A hierarchical structure is a structure that consist of several levels. It could

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    Btec Business Unit 10 D1

    BTEC BUSINESS LEVEL 3 | UNIT 10 | D1 (D1) Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of techniques in marketing products in one organisation  In this assignment I will evaluate how effective the techniques are when used for the new McDonalds products. Marketing techniques is a useful tool to market McDonald’s products; however their usefulness can be criticized. I will also discuss the validity and reliability of the data used to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing techniques. Market Penetration

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    Btec Level 3 National Health and Social Care

    BTEC Level 3 National Health and Social Care Unit 1 Developing effective communication in health and social care This mandatory unit enables learners to understand effective communication within health or social care settings, some of the many barriers to effective communication and ways to overcome them. Learners will gain the necessary interpersonal skills to communicate with a range of people within the sector and will have the opportunity to identify and analyse the effectiveness

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    Business Btec Level 3 Unit 1 - P1

    Unit 1 - P1 Table 1 Types Of Ownership: | Definition: | Example: | Sole Traders | A sole trader business is owned and controlled by one person and the most common type of business. | Window CleaningPlumbing Electrical Work | Partnerships | A partnership is usually formed by signing a Deed of Partnership (which sets out how profits will be shared and the different responsibilities and payments to partners) with the paperwork being supervised by a solicitor. | Medical PracticeDental PracticeAccountantsSolicitors

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    Btec Business, L3, Unit 7, D1

    Introduction In this assignment, I will evaluate the reliability of break-even analysis in estimating budgeted activity levels for a selected organisation. Break – Even Analysis Break even analysis is reliable as it is made from the budget and it gives a financial structure to the business. The data used for break-even, the business try to make the data as accurate as possible. They make this data depending on the previous year’s financial report. That’s why break-even is reliable to estimate

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 3 Assignment 4 P6

    Marketing Plan CROP - Salon | Unit 3 – Assignment 4 | Kiranpreet Multani BMC151602551 | In this assignment, I am going to develop a coherent marketing plan for a product or service. The service I have chosen for this assignment is a salon. First, I will explain marketing mix and then I am going to develop a marketing plan for this service. Marketing mix The marketing mix refers to the set of actions, or tactics, that a business uses to promote its product or service in the market. The

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    Btec Level 3 Business Unit 1 P1, P2, M1, D1

    the financial aspect of the business, as they want the business to produce at maximum efficiency, so they can have a healthy Return on Investment. They can receive this return in two ways: A increase on your share, or a company will share of their levels of profit for every share you hold. | Shareholders, have a particular interest in DFS as they are a public company, they will be

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 2 P2

    as well as their work, therefore further improvements can be made. It is also very efficient since teams develop ideas that allow them to complete tasks efficiently and quickly. The employability skills that I have is that I have qualifications in Btec national diploma. This qualification is related to how businesses operate. This is ideal to be an accountant as you will need to know what businesses is and what they do. Another personal skills that I have is that I am quite confident. This is necessary

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    Unit 17

    Unit 17: Working in the social care sector Explain the requirements for two different careers in the social care sector Introduction: In this assignment I will be choosing 2 different careers in the social care sector of my choice and briefly explain the different aspects to do with each. The two I have decided to look at our social work and care worker. P1-Explain the requirements for two different careers in the social care sector Requirements for a social worker- Social work is a graduate

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 3 P1 M1 D1

    P1 Marketing is perhaps the most important activity in a business because it has a direct effect on profitability and sales. Larger businesses will dedicate specific staff and departments for the purpose of marketing. It is important to realise that marketing cannot be carried out in isolation from the rest of the business. For example, the marketing section of a business needs to work closely with operations, research and development, finance and human resources to check their plans are possible

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    Btec Business Level 3

    Fairtrade home grown coffee from Kenya. This will then become a travel feature and will provide interest Your aim should be to provide great food and service. If you do this then your reputation will spread. Word of Mouth is the greatest form of marketing known to mankind. Not only is it free, but people hearing it believe it because people that experienced what you have to offer told them, and they enjoyed it enough to tell them.

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    Business Btec Level 3 Unit 2 P1

    Unit 2 The selected organisation is Asda. Asda is one of the world’s most well-known and valuable brands and commands a leading market share in the world’s supermarket business. Asda produces food and general household products and it also has a cafeteria McCafe which produces hot drinks, sweets and snacks. The restaurant employs about 130 people. Its structure is a tall hierarchal structure. On top you find the Head Office which consists of the owner of Asda and the board of directors, after

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    Unit 4.2 Btec Level 3

    each box to guarantee authenticity. If the system is successful it could be used on Kellogg's other best-loved brands including Frosties, Special K, Crunchy Nut and Bran Flakes. The discourse analysis of the Global Corporate Responsibility Reports On 7 April, Kellogg’s Company released its second global Corporate Responsibility Report, a comprehensive accounting of its strategies, key initiatives and future direction in the environment, marketplace, workplace and community. "On what would have been

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    Btec Level 3 in Business – Unit 1

    and iWork creativity and productivity suites. Its online services include the iTunes Store, the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, and iCloud. Apple Inc. is both in the Tertiary Sector and the Secondary Sector. They fulfil the requirements for both levels. They own factories that create the components for their products and they also have stores that exclusively sell their product and those stores also contain support services for their products. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and

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    Btec Buisiness Level 3 Year 1 Unit 1 the Business Enviroment

    Stakeholder involvement is not an ‘all or nothing’ process, and there are several ways in which people can be involved, from being consulted to taking full control of the business. No method is necessarily ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than any other and different levels of involvement will be appropriate for different groups or situations. You can include a wide variety of different methods of involvement in your organizational structure. Internal stakeholders – people inside a company that can be influenced/can

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    Business Studies Level 3 Btec Unit 2 P5

    sheet. Calculating the business’ sales turnover is quite important as it is what investors and financial institutions use to determine whether they should invest in the company, whether to buy shares in the company and allows them to determine the level of risk they may be taking when providing operating capital. In the M&S balance sheet we can see that there was an increase of £92.5 million in turnover between the years of 2012 and 2013 and seen to be steadily increasing from £10,026.8 billion

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    Btec Science Level 3 Unit 1

    further 8 electrons. Here are a few examples of electron shell configurations: Element | Atomic Number | Electrons | | | N=1 | N=3 | N=3 | Hydrogen | 1 | 1 | | | Lithium | 3 | 2 | 1 | | Oxygen | 8 | 2 | 6 | | Fluorine | 9 | 2 | 7 | | Phosphorus | 15 | 2 | 8 | 5 | Potassium | 18 | 2 | 8 | 8 | These electron shells are represented though dot and cross diagrams Sub-shells are used in a more advanced idea of the shell diagram. As electrons will have an opposite spin as

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 3

    Introduction Here at Cadbury, we have provided you with a handbook to guide you through our marketing techniques and general information about the marketing at Cadbury. We hope to make you a world class marketer to match our high expectations for marketing. All you need to know to get started is in this handbook. Cadbury was founded in 1824 by John Cadbury who sold tea, coffee and drinking chocolate. They are now owned by Mondelez International and took in £11,346,002,000 of revenue in 2011. Cadbury

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    Btec Unit 12 Internet Marketing

    Explain how Internet marketing has made a selected business more efficient, effective and successful (P5) Explain the challenges of globalization facing a selected business when using the internet as a marketing tool (P6) AIRBNB The success of the company for the last three years AIRBNB started in August 2008 and is located in San Fancisco. AIRBNB is a company that offers worldwide unique accommodations. These accommodations are from people, for example they going on vacation, but they don’t

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    Business Btec Level 3 Unit 38

    people redundant which would mean they will be giving out fewer wage. Employment rates During boom employment levels will be high and during recession unemployment levels will also be high. When the employment levels are high employers may find it difficult to find suitable people because there may not be many people that are suitable for the job not finding work. When unemployment levels are high sales may fall because of many people not being able to afford to buy products from businesses. In some

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    Unit 17 Task 1 Business Level 3

    with expected skills profiles for these areas. This feedback helps employees identify how they are performing in relation to the expected technical skills and business competencies and reveals any gaps. At Marks and Spencer, staff at the lower levels of the hierarchy require less training than those with more responsibilities. Staff members like Jane who is a Commercial manager, are in a higher job role will have a lot more qualifications and training to be able to work in that position. Through

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    Btec Level 3 H&Sc Unit 5 Major Body Systems

    digestion – the stomach secretes several important substances to help the breakdown of food. This includes hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes; this works together with the mechanical digestion to breakdown large food particles into smaller soluble units. This prepares the particles for further digestion in the intestines where chemical digestion is complete. Different substances secreted by the stomach are used to breakdown different types of food: * Gastric lipase breaks down fatty acids and

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    Unit 3 Btec Business Level 3 P6

    P6 – Imogen Durston For P6 you must develop a coherent marketing mix for a new product or service. Evidence for P6 Topshop/Topman has contacted you to launch a new range of children wear. They have asked you to develop a coherent marketing mix for the new products and service. The marketing mix can be an Information sheet/Word Document and should include the 4 Ps along with an Introduction to the technique. Introduction – the product I am creating for Topshop is a children’s clothing

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