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    Theory X Y Z

    Professor Pamela A. Braden Division of Business & Economics Lecture: Theory Z Participative Management Styles: Theory Z - William Ouchi During the 1970s, when Japanese-style management was all the rage, William Ouchi, took the Theory X, Theory Y concept one step further: Theory Z. This is the participative model. Ouchi was born and educated in America, but was of Japanese descent. He visited Japan and studied their success with team and participative management and developed this theory. Assumptions

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    or to be recognized. But the study of two animals has turned that statement to something new. In one study, an elephant was looking at its own appearance and saw some dirt on its face, and with its trunk it tried to take the smudges off its face. (Braden) Another study was done on bottlenose dolphins; to show that they too, have self recognition .Researchers took markers and started to draw on them. Some dolphins had black marks and some did not acquire any marks, but they all felt something touch

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    Constitution and Systems of the State Paper

    divided among three branches. However, the Texas Constitution is much more detailed and much longer than the U.S. Constitution. The Texas Constitution puts rights first and deals with the state and local matters not covered in the U.S. Constitution (Braden, 1975). Several of the Texas Constitution amendments are obscured by text and not listed separately as in the U.S. Constitution. Services Offered Many services are provided by the judicial, educational, and social systems within the state of Texas

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    Diversity in Construction Management

    Michael L. Braden |802 Walnut Dr. Clifton Park, NY 12065 |Email Address: | |Cell Phones: (401) 477-9189 | | | Objective |Seeking a Construction Management position with a company that has goals for expansion and growth. | | Core Competencies

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    Delegation Example in a Healthcare Setting

    | | | | | | | | | |Dr’s orders-signed by PCP & returned to HHA w/I 30 days | | | | | | | | | |Case conference sheets-on Tuesdays following IA and every 28 days after | | | | | | | | | |Fall risk assessment-completed and in chart | | | | | | | | | |Braden scale-completed and in chart | | | | | | | | | |SOC Oasis-in chart, dated in back, signed/title legibly | | | | | | | | | |Double Identifiers-on every note | | | | | | | | | |Homebound status-supported on each visit note, if applicable | | | | | |

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    To Serve and Protect

    Braden Pellowski AP Eng III P1 3/24/12 To Serve and Protect Any student in high school cannot deny that a significant percentage of the student body engages in seemingly harmless, but illegal activities, as is common among teenagers. These infractions of the law include drug and alcohol use, speeding, petty theft, J-walking, etc. Inevitably, when there is a sizable population of students breaking the law on an at least somewhat regular basis, a number of them are bound to encounter the police

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    Evidence Based Nursing Practice: Pressure Ulcers

    prepared nurse to teach and educate RNs with an associate degree or diploma and other healthcare staff involved in patient care. This can be accomplished by introducing evidence-based practice information to them. They can be taught how to use to the Braden Scale effectively. They can teach others how to correctly stage and document pressure ulcers. Another important factor is stressing the importance of positioning, pressure-relieving devices, skin care and protection, and nutrition (Agency for Healthcare

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    score on the Braden Scale as a predictor of pressure ulcers in critical care patients, investigation of the contributions of the subscale scores has been limited, and the findings have been inconclusive. Although the subscales of sensory perception,22,24 moisture,21,24 mobility, 21 and friction/shear24 have been found to be significant predictors of pressure ulcer development in ICU patients, the activity and nutrition subscales have not. Other factors not included in the Braden Scale may

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    Industrial Contamination

    Pollan, M. Omnivore's Dilemma 1/e for DeVry University (1st ed). Pearson Learning Solutions. Retrieved from: Painter, J. A. (2013 March), Hoekstra, R.M., Ayers, T, Tauxe, R.V., Braden, C.R., Angulo, F.J. and Griffin, P.M., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Attribution of Foodborne Illnesses, Hospitalization, Deaths to Food Commodities by using Outbreak Data, United States, 1998-2008 Retrieved from: http://wwwnc.cdc

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    Operating Systems Dependency on Penetration Testing

    Result analysis and report preparation: After completion of penetration tests, detailed reports are prepared for taking corrective actions. All identified vulnerabilities and recommended corrective methods are listed in these reports. References Braden, Jimmy. (2003, October). Penetration Testing – Is it right for you? Retrieved from Burrows, Dave. (2003, October). Penetration 101 – Introduction to becoming a Penetration

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    Identify One Area of Nursing Research That Has Improved Patient Outcomes. State the Study and Its Impact on Patient Care.

    conducted to address this challenge was by Dr. Nancy Bergstrom in collaboration with Dr. Barbara Braden to develop and test the effectiveness of use of Braden Scale for assessing risk of pressure sores. In their study, the tool was tested in a multisite clinical trial involving hospitals, Veterans Administration (VA) medical centers and skilled nursing facilities. The study concluded Braden Scale as an effective tool in determining risk of pressure sores in patients (NNIR, n.d). This research

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    Human Skills

    ECM Assignment Tracye Braden UMA Lawrence Master ME115X 06/17/2013 ECM Assignment Some of the human skills that

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    Evaluating Comprehensive Approaches to Nursing Assessment for an Older Person with Multiple Health Problems

    is a need for more specialised care in the prevention and reduction of pressure ulcers throughout many care settings. The Braden pressure ulcer risk assessment tool was first presented by Braden and Bergstrom in (1987). The tool consists of two fundamental causes of pressure sores the duration and intensity of the pressure, and the tissues tolerance to pressure. The Braden pressure ulcer risk assessment tool has six variables which consist of sensory perception, moisture, activity, mobility, nutrition

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    that lead to that beautiful new world. Gregg Braden Taos, New Mexico 2009 Introduction We live in an interactive reality where we change the world around us by changing what happens inside of us while we’re watching—that is, our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. From the healing of disease to the length of our lives, to the success of our careers and relationships, everything that we experience as “life” is directly linked to what we believe. —Gregg Braden You hold in your hands a complete system

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    Assessment & Care Plan

    difficulty chewing or swallowing. Gag reflex present. Skin (hair, lesions, rash, ecchymosis, incisions, scars, nails, Braden scale score): Hair is dry and thinning: no rashes. Scar present on upper abdomen from previous farm accident. Fingernails appear healthy, slightly yellow. Toenails are thick and slightly yellow. Foot skin is particularly dry and red, lotion is applied QAM. Braden score is 14 = at risk for pressure ulcer development. (sensory perception 2, moisture 4, activity 2, mobility 2,

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    Geography and the Diffusion of Human Society

    test (rather than to the standards). Inappropriate resource allocation, such as targeting students near the cutoff while ignoring students not near cutoff levels. Exclusive use of a single data sources (i.e., test) to make high-stakes decisions. (Braden & Schroeder, 2004) Perspectives on Standardized Testing PROPONENTS OPPONENTS Standardized testing holds teachers and schools accountable. Standardized testing allows students located in various schools, districts, and even states to be compared

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    Nr451 Sacrum Pressure Ulcer Capstone

    to death. However, finding a way to prevent pressure ulcer in the most critical ills patients in the healthcare system is very crucial. Braden scale (Braden & Makelburts, 2005) use in hospitals allows nurses to identify patients at risk for pressure ulcer based on their sensory perception, mobility, activity, moisture and nutrition. Although the Braden scale is a useful tool but healthcare administrations has yet found the best method to eliminate pressure ulcers or bedsore in intensive care

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    Classical Music

    wooden dock contains 182  pilings that are treated in creosote; a toxic chemical that greatly impacts  the growth of salmon and also affects their immune system. In order to preserve the puget sound these  types of materials must be eliminated. Jim Braden, the president of the Fox Island Community and  Recreation Association said “removing the dock eliminates a constant source of creosote and a threat to  water quality and local habitat”. The project started back in September of 2013 and is currently being 

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    Electric Fields

    PHYSICS 213-L LABORTATORY REPORT ELECTRIC FIELDS Laboratory No. 6 Written By: Ali Al-Qubbej Lab Section: 04 Lab Partner: Braden Jople Date Performed 09/03/14 Instructor: Dr. Huh ABSTRACT The main objective of this experiment was to map lines like those of the electric filed around charged objects, each having a different shape ranging from 1 V, 1.5V, 2V, 2.5V, 3V, 3.5V, and 4V. Positive charge means that

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    Parental Authority

    February 11, 2014 a student was discovered carrying a handgun on the campus of Fairly High School in Memphis. Two weeks later, on February 25, 2014, Cartrail Robertson, 13, was gunned down in a Memphis home. On Thursday, July 10, 2014, SFC. Michael Braden was gunned down at a Tennessee armory. The criminal nature of these acts alone is enough to give pause, but of even greater concern is the fact that each of these crimes was committed by adolescent Tennesseans. Scenarios in which crimes have been

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    Final Future of Educational Finance

    Act of 2001 (NCLB) is the largest federal funding program in the history of the United States. No Child Left Behind is a, “reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which originated in 1965 as part of the War on Poverty” (Braden and Schroeder, n.d., p. 1). While NCLB provides additional funding from the federal government it also imposes mandates that states must follow. The supplementary funding provided under the No Child Left Behind Act is not necessarily enough for states

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    Pressure Ulcers

    population/problem is pressure ulcers resulting despite facility protocols and modalities currently in place. The relative intervention is to ensure frequent patient repositioning and the use of the Braden scale while being compared to no structural repositioning technique and no use of the Braden scale. Thus, the expected outcome is that there is prevention of skin breakdown relating to pressure ulcers during hospitalizations for patients. Step 2: Scope of practice question Pressure ulcers

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    Political-Legal Environment: Delta Airlines

    ry/ Crawley, John & Quinn, Andrew (January 6, 2012) Analysis: U.S. Weighs Retaliation Over Europe Aviation Law. Retrieved from Smith Jr., Fred L. & Cox, Braden. (2008). The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics: Airline Deregulation. Retrieved from

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    Reflection Paper

    work together we will accomplish more as a group then we ever could by ourselves. Nurses greatly contribute to the well-being of the patient by facilitating medical care, spiritual care, and compassion. Nurses also conduct research, for example the Braden skin assessments have reduced the number of pressure ulcers. “Historically, nursing theory has been based around and developed alongside medical knowledge and theory.” (Colley, 2003) .

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    Team Contract

    D4 - Team Contract Group Members Faisal Saeed Khan Sohail Singh Jingwen Jiang (Juli) Braden Bushell Xuanyi Huan (Victor) ChoongHee Yun (Dennis) Decision Making Process: * Every member has an opportunity to express their ideas, with the expectation that other members will be open to new ideas * If consensus cannot be reached on a topic, a vote will decide the approach – in case of a tie, further discussion or outside consultation will be utilized to come to a decision. If no decision

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    Optimizing PHI Disclosure Management in the Age of Compliance by Don Hardwick; Mariela Twiggs, MS, RHIA, CHP, FAHIMA; and James H. Braden, MBA, RHIA Summary of the article Improperly disclosing protected health information (PHI) and regulations surrounding the privacy and security of PHI have evolved to include strict requirements and corresponding steep financial penalties for non-compliance. HIM professionals are looking for comprehensive risk analysis, documentation of follow-up risk management

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    We have changed our standards by incorporating the braden scale into our assessment. The braden scale is an assesment tool. It has six catergories which are sensory preception, moisture, activity, mobility, nutrition, friction and shear. We do this on admission and then weekly thereafter. This is a good tool because it takes all things into consideration that cause pressure ulcers. If a patient meets a certain number on the braden scale they automatically qualify for an overlay. We then

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    Design for Change in Practice

    and the total cost to hospitals across the nation could be as high as $11 billion/year (Lynch & Vickery, 2010). Initial identification of at risk patients has been one of the keys to successfully reducing stage 3 and 4 reported pressure ulcers. The Braden scale for predicting pressure sore risk is a universally accepted tool used to help nurses identify patients who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers. The scale evaluates each patient in the following six areas exposure to moisture, sensory perception

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    condition at least once a day for color or texture changes, dermatological conditions, or lesions. Determine whether the client is experiencing loss of sensation or pain. Rationale #1: Systemic inspection can identify impending problems early (Ayello & Braden, 2002; Krasner, Rodeheaver & Sibbald, 2001). Intervention #2: Identify clients at risk for impaired skin integrity as a result of immobility, chronological age, malnutrition, incontinence, compromised perfusion, immunocompromised status or chronic

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    Translational Research for Practice and Population

    DEVELOPING OR CREATING AN INDEX TO MINIMIZE RISKS OFPRESSURE SORE 1. Describe the current nursing practice. An instrument specifically designed to aid health care workers evaluate the dangers of pressure sores that a patient faces is called the Braden Scale. After assessment, the victim is categorized depending on six aspects: capability of physical activity, hydration and nutrition status, capacity to alter position, the ability to respond after sensing discomfort related to pressure, shearing

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    Rtt1 Task1

    prevalence of pressure ulcers? DVTs? HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections)? Is restraint use and proper documentation being tracked? What is our patient’s average length of stay? Has the patient’s Foley Catheter been removed or reordered? What is their Braden score? Are they a fall risk? These reports can be run daily/weekly or monthly and allow the healthcare team the opportunity to give the best care possible to our patients. After discharge, feedback from patients and their families can and are a

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    Reductionof Nocoal Wos

    information they may acquire. Purpose of the Project The purpose for this project will be to address the inconsistencies of identifying patients that are high risk for developing wounds and how nursing addresses the needs of the patients. The Braden scale is most often used for predicting the risk of developing a pressure sore and make consistent assessment of the needs of the patient (http:/​/​​, July 1, 2012). Education of the nursing staff will be vital in getting consistent

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    Winchester Arca Results

    Indianapolis, IN Yorktown, IN Beavercreek, OH Newport, MI Dawsonville, GA Sponsor Toyota Care/Kyle Busch Motorsports First Community Bank/Five Star Racecar Bodies JEGS Racing Dex Imaging/Armed Forces Foundation West Virginia University/Travis Braden Motorsports Global Asphalt Logistics & Trading/Five Star Racecar Bodies South Pointe Radiator/Great Lakes Helicopter Jubilee Conferences/Carswell Motorsports L.C.K. Trucking/McGunegill Engine Performance Platinum Express/Brand's Truck Insurance Global

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    Rtt1 Task 1

    nursing-sensitive indicators. One of the nursing-sensitive indicators in Mr. J’s scenario is pressure ulcer. From analyzing Mr. J’s case one can see the correlation between the use of restraints and pressure ulcers. Obtaining data listed on the Braden Scale such as moisture, mobility, activity, and nutrition are important when assessing for pressure ulcer risks. Once the collected data indicates the patient is high risk then the established pressure ulcer protocol needs to be followed. Nurses will

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    Wound and Skin Case Study

    Joan, a student nurse, is caring for Mr. Gordon this morning. She has reviewed his medical record and is now ready to start caring for him. 1. Joan assesses Mr. Gordon using the Braden Scale and determines that his score is 12. What does this score indicate about Mr. Gordon’s pressure ulcer risk? Explain what the Braden score is. * Mr. Gordon has a high risk of developing a pressure ulcer because his score is a 12 on the Branden Scale. The lower the score on the Branden Scale (6-23) the higher

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    Spin Master Case

     Jack was not in the wrong because  the parts were put on Metalcrafts truck clean, but had bird manure on them on transport. These  poor scores for Jack could affect future business with the company.   Metalcraft Supplier Scorecard    Team 2  Braden Burns  Richie Jager  Jesse McCormack  John Hoskins  Ryan Forsthoffer   

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    Rtt1 Task 1

    pressure ulcers are by using the Braden Scale which should of been implemented upon this patient being admitted (Fosco, 2012). When the scale is used it can trigger the appropriate interventions before a pressure ulcer forms or gets worse, for example the CNA can pass on to other care team members if this pressure ulcer was prior to admission or formed during the patients hospital stay (Fosco, 2012). Educating all first line care team staff members of the Braden Scale is important because care

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    Low Energy Laser as a Treatment for Refractory Diabetic Leg Ulcers

    (Iran): OBJECTIVES: To compare low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to conventional conservative medical management on the healing of refractory diabetic foot ulcers. METHODS: Non-randomized, non-blinded, prospective case series of 7 patients with Braden Scale grades II and III diabetic foot ulcers. Ulcers had been present on average 6.9 + 0.9 months. Treatment was bed irradiation, IV irradiation with fiber optics, and acupuncture infrared irradiation at 6 points. Wavelengths, power, and dosage

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    Task 1 Organizational Systems Wgu

    prevalence of pressure ulcers, prevalence of restraints, and risk of nosocomial infection. When patients are admitted to the hospital it is imperative to do a thorough skin assessment including a Braden scale assessment. These assessments can help identify any pre-existing pressure ulcers or skin problems. The Braden scale assessment can help predict whether a patient is at high risk for a pressure ulcer. Having a tool to screen patients that may need a specialty mattress would be helpful in pressure

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    Healing Eat Yourself Happy A diet for good mental health Shutterstock Is Holiday Stress Creeping Up on You? Try these integrative strategies for stress management. See More Posts Most Popular 1 Angela Braden Avoid Stressful Sleep Training and Get the Sleep You Need2 A Simple Conversation Trick That Motivates People to Change3 "The Detective" by paurian / Flickr / CC 2.0 How to Profile a Narcissist With One Simple Question4

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    Clincal Care Plan

    Braden Scale Assessment Tool for Predicting Pressure Ulcer Risk(copyright Barbara Braden and Nancy Bergstorm, 1988) | Sensory PerceptionAbility to respond meaningfully to pressure-related discomfort | 1. Completely LimitedUnresponsive (does not moan, flinch, or grasp) to painful stimuli caused by diminished level of consciousness or sedationOr Limited ability to feel pain over most of the body. | 2. Very LimitedResponds only to painful stimuli. Cannot communicate discomfort except by moaning

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    Quantitative Reserch Study

    ulcer prevention, staging, and description Conclusion The mean percentage of correct answers on the knowledge test for nurses was 79.4%.The study showed knowledge deficit s about theme. The Braden scale is a good and effective tool for identify patients at risk for developing pressure ulcers. Knowledge and education about scale is necessary to use these scales. A p u development in hospitalization is an important quality indicator, implementation

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    Initial Post

    Good elasticity Warm Intact skin, no lesions Moist no rash Hair Assessment Distribution: Health: Characteristics: Expected for sex Healthy Expected hair throughout Nail Assessment Configuration: Condition: Color: Nail base: Braden Scale Smooth and intact Healthy appearance, well groomed Pink Flat and smooth Sensory Perception Ability to respond meaningfully to pressure-related discomfort: Moisture NO IMPAIRMENT = 4 Responds to verbal commands. Has no sensory

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    Critically Discuss to What Extent, If Any, Technological Progress Has Undermined the Ability of the Law of Armed Conflict to Regulate the Conduct of Hostilities. Support Your Answer with Reference to Practical Examples

    New Weapon Technologies' Daniel Klingele, 'THE CONDUCT OF HOSTILITIES Revisiting the Law of Armed Conflict 100 Years after the 1907 Hague Conventions and 30 Years after the 1977 Additional Protocols ' (Statement 2007) accessed 4th March 2016 3 Braden R. Allenby, 'Are new technologies undermining the laws of war?' [2014] 70 (1) BAS accessed 4th March 2016 4 Eric Talbot Jensen , 'Future War, Future Law' [2013] 282 (Summer 2013) MJIL accessed 4th March 2016 2 conduct of hostilities. Examples

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    Sprint How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just 5 Days Book Review

    Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days” by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, and Braden Kowitz, published in March 2016, deals with the plan how to combine imagination, design-thinking, and a stop-clock to solve some of the most pressing challenges you’ll ever face. Jake Knapp, who created the Google Venture sprint process has run more than hundred sprints with startups. John Zeratsky and Braden Kowitz were just as successful as Jake Knapp before they worked together at Google Ventures

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    University in Tempe. His specializations are in the areas of Operating Systems, Cryptography and Networking. His homepage is at November 11, 2010 Related Topics: * Innovation OPEN Forum Message Making Business Education Fun Stacey Gutman talks about Crash Courses, a fun new way to learn and tap into information you need to grow your business. Read the Article

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    Congestion Control

    [1] Amit Aggarwal, Stefan Savage, and Thomas Anderson. Understanding the Performance of TCP Pacing, March 30, 2000, IEEE InfoCom 2000. [2] M. Allman, V. Paxson, and W. Stevens. TCP Congestion Control, April 1999, RFC 2581. [3] B. Braden, D. Clark, J. Crowcroft, B. Davie, S. Deering, D. Estrin, S. Floyd, V. Jacobson, G. Minshall, C. Patridge, L. Peterson, K. Ramakrishnan, S. Shenker, J. WrocLawski, and Lixia Zhang. Recommendations on Queue Management and Congestion Avoidance in

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    Pressure Ulcers

    a 20. This scale has been tested in particularly older patients. Since the 1980s more scales have developed and at least 38 alternative risk assessment scales have been described in the literature. The most frequently used scale in research is the Braden scale. This scale consists of six items which are activity, sensory perception, moisture, mobility, shear and nutritional status. The scores on this scale vary between 6 and 23 where the original cut-off point is 16. Defloor and Grypdonck researched

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    Funding Memo

    Funding Request Memo 11 June 2012 MEMORANDUM TO: Michael Braden, CEO FROM: Michael Renger SUBJECT: Funding Request for Veterans Administration Business Writing Course Recent developments within the company have led to miscommunication efforts between department supervisors. The lack of effective written and verbal communications has resulted in decreased productivity, misrouted work orders, low morale and disorderly conduct. Written communications from

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    Pressure Ulcers

    At present Braden scale is the most common method of risk assessment for pressure ulcers. Braden scale is covering only six components, which are sensory acuity, moisture, nutrition, activity, mobility, and friction/shear. Potential grade from 6-23; lower numbers reveal high risk. Numbers of 15-18 shows mild risk; average risk were 13-14; scores of ten to twelve denotes more danger; and scores of 9 or less means extreme danger.. Other elements which are not included in the Braden Scale, cause

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