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    Lovely Professional University, Punjab Course Code MTH251 Course Category Course Title FUNCTION OF COMPLEX VARIABLE AND TRANSFORM Courses with Numerical focus Course Planner 16423::Harsimran Kaur Lectures 3.0 Tutorials Practicals Credits 2.0 0.0 4.0 TextBooks Sr No T-1 Title Advanced Engineering Mathematics Reference Books Sr No R-1 R-2 Other Reading Sr No OR-1 Journals articles as Compulsary reading (specific articles, complete reference) Journals atricles as compulsory readings (specific articles

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    RFP for Seaton Hall- Criteria List RFP may be divided into three parts. I) Introduction II) Body III) End INTRODUCTION * Must be in good structure * Keep the text simple * Maintain the focus and clarity of topic * Keep the contents concise * Adjust the background to low contrast * MESSAGE/ GOAL * RFP must address the problem and client upfront in the document title * Keep the hierarchy and placement * Give bold appearance to important points * Separate

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    which is $22,000 as opposed to $700 for a bare metal stent, prompting the questioning of its cost-effectiveness in light of the recent studies (Baura, 2007). Biomimicry Biomimicry is the process through which devices, pharmaceuticals, and processes are designed to imitate that which occurs in nature. In the instant case, biomimicry would apply to developing a biologic that would coat the stent in order to prevent complications such as restenosis or neointimal hyperplasia and promote greater

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    Story of Stuff Report

    our atmosphere and global population to the dangers of said chemicals. Leonard urges corporation to make a change in the first stages of production. For example removing a certain toxin from just one production line can have a huge improvement. Biomimicry as a philosophy could be the solution to making manufacturing more ‘natural’ and healthy, Leonard urges at the end of the chapter. It is based off of the core principles of the functions of nature, and could be a revolutionary way of thinking

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    Biomimicry or biomimetics is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems.[1] The term biomimicry and biomimetics come from the Greek words bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate. Similar terms include bionics.[2] Over the last 3.6 billion years,[3] nature has gone through a process of trial and error to refine the living organisms, processes, and materials on planet Earth. The emerging field

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    the high path toward competitive advantage and beyond ecological efficiency is as | | | |straight forward. A great potential lies among ideas such as industrial ecology clusters or biomimicry. Such concepts have been developed more | | | |than 10 years ago but are yet to become a common reality in today’s economic world. I find those two concepts fascinating. We indeed

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    Business Research

    connecting artificial limbs and other systems to nerves, some promising advances have already happened or seem probable in the near future. Biomimetics, also known as Bionics ( a term coined by an American air force officer in 1958), Biognosis, and Biomimicry, has been applied to a number of fields from political science to car design to computer science (cybernetics, swarm intelligence, artificial neurons and artificial neural networks are all derived from biomimetic principles). Generally there are

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    of developing responsible means of harvesting environmental energies. These Biomimicry devices make electricity out of sunlight, heat, sound, rain and wind energy, silently with no pollution and no depletion of raw materials. The same technology can desalinate sea-water, filter CO2 out of the air, make hydro-fuel, power trains, recharge electric cars, provide wireless Communications, or just power your home. Biomimicry — that is an emerging science — is going to be used to implement some of the

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    Biomimicry L. Nicole Doucette, Kim Fields, Tanner Funk, Anthony J. Gallela DeVry University LAS 432: Tech, Culture, and Society March 2013 Session Prof. Colleen Mallory Table of Contents ~ Prepared by L. N. Doucette Abstract --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 ~prepared by K. Fields Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 ~ prepared by A. J. Gallela

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    Sustainability Report

    dripper on each line so that the amount of water being given to each individual plant can be monitored. This will allow the nursery to monitor the amount of water being used and the performance of water saving initiatives in the future. The use of biomimicry could be used in an attempt to imitate nature’s canopy in assisting the collection of water. Plants could be planted around the collection dams to prevent rain soaking into the ground. Here, water will hit the broad leafed plants and will act as

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    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Bionics (also known as biomimetics, biognosis, biomimicry, or bionical creativity engineering) is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology. The word "bionic" was coined by Jack E. Steele in 1958, possibly originating from the Greek word "βίον", pronounced "bion", meaning "unit of life" and the suffix -ic, meaning "like" or "in the manner of", hence "like life". Some explain

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    vision. To understand how a knot got to its current state and then reengineer it to untie it takes a flexible mind. Likewise, many problems of the future will be a simple reengineering of past work. For example, there is much activity in the field of biomimicry. In simple terms, we are trying to reengineer life in a synthetic way, which nature has done for centuries. The essence of intuitive thinking is simply rethinking how something is done in a more natural progression. This is why Apple continues to

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    Digital Networks Electricity ers Electronics ByBiotechnology Chemicals as Aviation Internal hom Software TSpace combustion Dr. Information of engine technology nts 1950 1990 Any Sustainability Radical resource productivity Whole system design Biomimicry Green chemistry ited Industrial ecology ohib r Renewable energy is p se u rGreen the onanotechnology . The Natural Edge Project 2004 1900 2020 As the green technology movement highlights, technology entrepreneurship is based upon

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    Green Design

    Bibliography Biomimicry : Innovation Inspired by Nature by Janine M. Benyus, Sept. 1, 1997, (ISBN 0-06-053322-6)

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    American organization dedicated to sustainability, working with more than 80 fortune 500 companies) and strong proponent of Natural Capitalism explains the principles behind the concept, “Natural Capitalism is about productive use of resources, biomimicry (modeling manufacturing process on biological ones), reinvesting in natural capital (business and government should invest in sustainable agriculture), and service based economy. People want hot showers and cold beer; they don’t care about how these

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    Business Ethics and Decision-Making for Personal Integrity Social Responsibility-Libre

    regulatory-based environmental policies. Define and describe sustainable development and sustainable business. Highlight the business opportunities associated with a move towards sustainability. Describe the sustainable principles of ecoefficiency, biomimicry, and service. Introduction There is a tendency to believe that environmental issues have been a concern only in recent times. Environmentalism flourished in the latter half of the twentieth century: Issues such as air and water pollution and

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    Creative Methods for Problem Solving

    3 Bouchard, T. (1971) p. 182 ff. 4 Diehl, M. / Stroebe, W. (1987) p.508 The result will be a clustered idea tree with numerous relations to the starting point. The participant should write down anything that comes into his/her mind.5 Biomimicry Biomimicry is the imitation of models, systems, and elements that can be found in nature in order to solve a problem. A well-known early example is the human wish to copy the birds’ ability to fly. SCAMPER The participant asks questions about existing

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    Sustainability Plan Nz Honey

    utilising environmentally friendlier materials (No metal etc.) Increase lateral communication and teamwork and moving full production to front of pipe based methods to 100% eliminate water wastage, redirecting any back to production cycle as resource (biomimicry). Presently. Advance outlook. Happy Valley will be better placed after changes and financial capital is injected to further make changes in 2015 viable. Happy Valley will strive to be in Level Five – Proactive Strategists by 2018. Culminating

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    Extreme Makeover: Walmart Edition

    will behave under a given set of circumstances; and (3) improve human systems to make them more efficient and effective. This concept of learning from ecosystems and adapting their characteristics to human and organizational situations is called biomimicry. In the last few years, AI research has made much progress in modelling complex organizations as a whole with the help of multi-agent systems. In a multi-agent system, groups of intelligent agents have the ability to work independently and to interact

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    | | | | Biomimicry the discipline of biomimicry takes its name from the greek words ‘bios’, meaning life and ‘mimesis’, meaning to imitate.  as its name might suggest, biomimicry involves the study  of nature’s designs and mimicking them to solve human challenges. janine benyus, one of biomimicry’s pioneers defines it as, ‘innovation inspired by nature.’ an early  and well-known example of this process is evident in the  invention of velcro. the product’s inventor  george de mestral stumbled

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    Embracing Big Brother: How Facial Recognition Could Help fight Crime - Cnn.Com

    recognition technology for payments. Helsinki-based Uniqul has patented a system allowing payments to be made without wallets or smartphones. Your G-mail is watching you Technology has long learned from nature, but now it's going micro. "Cellular biomimicry" sees designers take inspiration from plant and animal cells. Meet the biohackers updated 1:08 PM EDT, Wed April 9, 2014 Forget wearable tech, embeddable implants are here. Learn more about the pioneers who are implanting devices into their

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    C2C and Industrial Ecology

    frameworks and tools emerged for both process improvement and sustainable design which included eco-efficiency, Design for the Environment (DfE), The Natural Step (TNS) and Industrial Ecology. More recently, Cradle-to-Cradle, Life Cycle Analysis, and Biomimicry frameworks have influenced product and process design. All of these methods and accompanying tools will be discussed in this chapter. [INSERT FIGURE 5.2. HERE] Process efficiency focus An efficiency model, particularly one aimed at environmental

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    Philippine Forest

    species’ activity within the last century is responsible for rapidly diminishing the diversity of life forms on this planet. Each species lost is a storehouse of environmental knowledge selected for over millions of years. The exploding sciences of biomimicry, bioengineering, and genetic manipulation highlight the enormous potential a single species may have in helping humanity create a healthier, more sustainable interaction with our environment through improvements to medicines, food production, nutrition

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    were influenced by nature. Like the wright Brothers, who observed pigeons and in combination with Da Vinci’s plans successfully created human flight. This use of natural design as a precedent for design is categorized as Biomimicry. The Biomimicry Institute describes biomimicry “ as an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies.” The idea being that solutions to many of our sustainability issues are all around

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    redefines its values and re-brands itself as a company which is committed to sustainability. The business transforms itself in to a sustainable Borrow-Use-Return model, where when it literally borrows from the environment it uses and returns in terms of biomimicry, ecological redesign and closed-loop production. In fact, the company starts strongly adapting sustainable principles and approaches and include it in their strategic plan. As a by-product of their implementation it enjoys competitive advantage

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    Natual Capitalism

    of carbon dioxide released for each microchip manufactured can be reduced almost ioo-foId through improvements that are now profitahle or soon will he. Some of the most striking developments come from emulating nature's techniques. In her hook, Biomimicry, lanine Benyus points out that spiders convert digested crickets and flies into silk that's as strong as Kevlar without the need for hoiling sulfuric acid and high-temperature extruders. Using no furnaces, ahalone can convert seawater into an inner

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    create elegant, sustainable, and innovative designs for human technologies (Benyus 1997). The field of biomimicry analyzes nature‟s best ideas and adapts them for human use (Benyus 1997). The built environment could benefit from the integration of a discipline such as biomimicry into the design process. In 1997, Janine Benyus published a revolutionary book called Biomimicry. The word Biomimicry is derived from two Greek words: bios which means life, and mimesis which means to imitate. In her treatise

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    Op-Ed: Body-on-a-Chip

    the funding required for the last bit of research. Body-on-a-Chip offers the promise of a revolution that the pharmaceutical industry has been waiting for. Rather than the current standard of the animal model, the drug testing would be done on a biomimicry of the human body. The Body-on-a-Chip employs multiple different Organs-on-Chips which, in a vacuum, react exactly as a human organ would react under certain conditions. So, if a company wants to test a new drug that they created, they know with

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    Buenavista Colleges

    already shown us the way to solve many human problems, from deciphering simple engineering puzzles to unlocking the mysteries of flight. In The Nature of Business, author Giles Hutchins makes a compelling case for applying the same principles of biomimicry to the development of a new business paradigm. He demonstrates clearly how behaviors and organizations found in nature can be applied to help companies flourish in chaotic and uncertain times. Eclipsing current approaches to responsible and green

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    to generate real public support for sustainable offerings and not be considered "greenwashing", the management know-how to scale both supplies of green materials and the manufacture of products Innovation opportunity: applying techniques such as biomimicry in development of a product, developing compact and eco-friendly packaging Stage 4. Developing new business models Challenge: to find new ways of delivering and capturing value, which will change the basis of competition Competencies needed:

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    Biomimicry to Solve Climate Change.

    designing for 200,000 years at most. Life, through evolution and by means of natural selection, has been designing for billions of years, developing the best solutions to a range of problems. We would be extremely short sighted not to use these, with biomimicry being the tool to do so.

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    Pol 310 Week 4 Quiz

    Control Act Electronic Waste Recycling Act 3.  Computer Manufacturing Company, Inc. intentionally designs its computer products to become non-useful five years after purchase. This is an example of: e-waste.             planned obsolescence. biomimicry. I.S.O. 14000. 4.  A goal in managing municipal solid waste is to:   reduce emphasis on recycling. increase landfill usage. minimize toxicity. eliminate the generation of solid waste. 5.  Big Corporation transports and stores hazardous waste

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    Spring 2014 that accomplish just what Apple had its eye on. At Under Armour, the goals are similar. The company has been developing a shirt that tracks heart rate, breathing, and G-force. Outside of apparel, Under Armour’s Nike veterans are using biomimicry to enhance shoe performance with the spine shoe. Outside of products, retail has also seen changes in technology. Bloomberg analysts contend that multiple retailing channels (online, e-commerce, mobile shopping, outlets, and social media) raise

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    learn to appreciate and care for the ecosystem, while scientists will search for new ways of reducing our impact on society, through programs such as biocatalysis (the manufacturing of renewable sources for sustainable development) and enhanced biomimicry. Creative: This last section allows youths and scientists to explore their creative side in areas such as entertainment, gaming and sporting technology. Applying the DSI in this way will allow for two major outcomes. One, students will be granted

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    (as protein synthesis or photosynthesis) especially for the purpose of synthesizing similar products by artificial mechanisms which mimic natural ones" (first appeared in the Websters Dictionary in 1974). Although biomimetics, also known as biomimicry, is  a relatively new science we can surely state that since the first Homo Sapiens, the process of observing and mimicing nature has always been present but maybe with a different purpose: survival. Nowadays the purpose may have changed into: evolving

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    Photosynthesis vs. Semiconductor Based Solar Cell

    January 22, 2012, from semiconductor.html Seale, Eric. (2003, July). Solar Cells. Retrieved January 22, 2012, from Stier, Sam. (2009). The Biomimicry Institute. Learning from Nature. Solar Cell Inspired by Plants. Retrieved January 23, 2012 from community/Solar%20Cell%20 Inspired%20by%20Plants.pdf, pp. 2-3.

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    To guide especially inexperienced designers and taking advantage of the increased design freedom LAM offers for even more radical lightweight designs, the direct implementation of bionics is introduced in this step [8]. In simple terms bionics or biomimicry means “learning from nature” [9]. The undeniable benefit of this relatively new field of research is the exploitation of solutions that have been optimized due to the process of natural selection for generations. However, the application of natural

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    Management and Leadership Paper

    called Biomimicry that is a conservation based field. Biomimcry may be the next economic trend for San Diego Zoo in as animal behavior is to be studied for nature’s best ideas and then applied to human problems. The animals in zoos and aquariums from around the world are entered into a database to study. Companies currently working in the field are Qualcomm, Proctor and Gamble, PAX Scientific, and some entrepreneurial startups (Biomimcry). “The San Diego Zoo’s effort to build Biomimicry as a new

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    need to innovate to be sustainable places. They will need to produce places, products and services in a way that use renewable resources, minimise impact and connect people with the environment. Examples of technology being developed include: Biomimicry which is the exploration of natural processes in human endeavour (Bioimicry 2008). This recognise that by integrating nature into a city the benefits are environmental, psychological and physiological. Vertical Farming involves the construction

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    ecological underpinnings of their faith and to life itself. The author is currently a member of the biomimicry community and a research assistant at the Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University where his work centers around describing the creative thought processes of designers when applying the concept of biomimicry in our built environment. He has also instructed courses on Biomimicry, Bioneers, Sustainable Business, and Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Living at Colorado

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    Mfg. Trends in 2020

    petroleum, rare earths, readily-accessible metals), calls for greater environmental sustainability and the growing importance of a low carbon economy are giving rise to the emergence of leading edge of 'Sixth Wave' innovations. The innovations include biomimicry, green chemistry and green nanotechnology, whole system design, industrial ecology, greater resource productivity, sustainable energy and satellite technologies. Australia's manufacturing industry has responded positively to the challenges and opportunities

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