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M5A1 Case Study
General Electric
Paul D. Balmforth
Excelsior College

M5A1 Case Study
General Electric General Electric; many years ago, found themselves with declining sales for their appliances. General Electric instead of just accepting a declining market share General Electric instead chose to invest in the development of new product innovation and comprehensive brand positioning (Person Education). General electric focused on developing appliances they had limited distribution, that provided capabilities and dependability that created in excitement in customers, and that allowed the company to charge high end prices for their products.
Limited Distribution Strategy As General Electric looked at how to market their Profile and Monogram appliance products they chose to use a limited distribution strategy. Through the use of a limited distribution strategy General Electric not only enhanced the image of their appliance products but shopping experience for their customers. By limiting who could sell their upper end appliances and mandating how they would be displayed and supported allowed General Electric to differentiate their Profile and Monogram appliance lines from their competitors. By incorporating a limited distribution strategy, General Electric was able to brand their Profile and Monogram appliance lines as exclusive upper end products. This exclusivity created a perceived higher value placed on the product by their consumers. These tried and true marketing strategies allowed General Electric to; not only recoup their market losses, reestablish themselves as a market leader in appliances. Not only were the Profile and Monogram products well worth their asking price, shopping for these brands provided a unique shopping experience. No longer was the customer viewing appliance shopping as a chore but as an experience that was looked forward…...

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