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April 17th 2011, 77 million registered accounts of Sony’s PlayStation Network were compromised; information including credit card details, email addresses and passwords were stolen. Due to the breach, organizations (including Sony) should be subject to stricter corporate guidelines and expected to act in a socially responsible manner. Sony’s troubles were compounded by the global financial crisis, its financial, accounting and managerial have also been placed under the spotlight.
News Paper: Sun Herald
Article: Hit Back at Network breach
Author: Lauren Farrow
Date: April 27th 2011

In recent years Sony has gone through some tough times. From the lofty heights as market leader in the early 2000s, to loss after loss, error after error late in the decade. If a business is to remain a success and to continue as market leader, it cannot afford to become comfortable with current business practices. It needs to continually look forward at new ways to be socially innovative, so too should it aim to socially responsible within the industry. It needs to closely monitor current trends and patterns within the market if it has any hope of surviving. With a plethora of different management options, the right approach should not be taken lightly, for Sony and its current problems, the systems thinking approach will be recommended. Being a global brand, it was impossible for Sony to avoid the effects of the global financial crisis. A combination of a few poor decisions along with some environmental factors put Sony on the back foot. Below are the details of the newspaper article to be critiqued.
The article explains that the attack on the network occurred on the 17th of April. On…...

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