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Group Dynamics
Research Assignment: Introduction
Research Assignment: Introduction
The Latest and the Greatest CMC
Technology has changed how we communicate and conduct group and team processes. Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) may be as simple as a live chat with another, or it may be communication with a large multi-national group. It may be synchronous or asynchronous. It is CMC that has facilitated the growth of online education and training both by educational institutions and by companies. The technology is changing rapidly. This assignment will allow you to explore the newest developments in CMC.

This assignment is due Week 4, but do not wait to start on it!

During this time, you may share information with your classmates in the Open Course Discussion Forum. You can share resources you have found, experiences you have had, or help a classmate get through a challenge using the ITT Tech Virtual Library or the Internet. The assignment, however, should be an individual effort.

Using a minimum of two sources of information, write a 300– to 450–word paper on "the Latest and the Greatest CMC" for meetings or groups of five or more. In this paper, you will: 1. Document at least two sources. Please use APA Style.
Hint: For information on citing sources, go to ITT Tech Virtual Library> Reference Resources> Style Manuals> * Landmarks Citation Machine * ONLINE! Citation Styles 2. Describe one or two new developments (within the last five years) in CMC. It may be a completely new development or a major enhancement. (Your description should explain how this development works.) 3. Describe how this new development will change the CMC process. 4. Describe the ideal application, including: * Type of group * Size of group * Cost to support 1. Given the opportunity, would you want to participate in a meeting using this CMC? Why or why not?
Deliverables and Format:
Submit your response in a Microsoft Word document. Your completed document should be approximately 300–450 words.
Font: Arial; 12 point
Line Spacing: Double Check It First | | Did you document at least two sources? Please use APA Style. | | Did you describe one or two new developments (within the last five years) in CMC? | | Did you describe how this new development will change the CMC process? | | Did you describe the ideal application, including:
a. Type of group
b. Size of group
c. Cost to support | |
Did you answer the last question concerning your preference? | | Did you use proper terminology? | |…...

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