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Young Adults Earning Quick Money Through Compensated Dating

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Young adults earning quick money through compensated dating

Recent years, there is an obvious increase in number of young adults earning quick money through compensated dating, part of them are even under-age which sexual intercourse is illegal. Since the youth’s social values are corrupted, such atmosphere greatly arouses social concern. In order to avoid youngsters being misguided, parents should spend more time on family communication; schools could enhance proper sex values through education and the government could enforce appropriate legislation to prevent compensated dating.

Parents should show their love and care by spending more time on communication with their children. In a busy city like Hong Kong, most parents work for long hours just to make end meets, while their children are left alone. One of the common features among these youngsters who earn money through compensated dating is that they lack of caring and support from family as well as communication. Consequently, their loneliness would be aroused and they would have low self-esteem at the same time. They would earn quick money to buy brand products in order to fulfill themselves or show off among peers. While they are accompanying their customers, it would lead to a mistaken impression that they are beloved and needed. As the most intimate person of their children, it is also their responsibilities to guide the youths into the right path by educating them the correct social values, such as not to be realistic and false pride that money could not buy happiness.

Schools should enhance teenager’s proper sex values through different kinds of education. As youngster spend majority of their time at school, they are easily being influenced by teachers and peers, therefore it is very effective to guide them through programs, workshops and talks organized by the school. As schools are places where students grow into a mature, more knowledgeable and a better person to contribute to the society in the future, it is undoubtedly the duty of teachers to lead the youth to obtain good social conduct. In addition, casual sex would be harmful to one's body as there is greater chance to infect various venereal disease. Also, teenagers might have misunderstanding in different ways to avoid contraception. As a result, unwanted pregnancy would occur and they might end it through surgery. Therefore, it is important for schools to educate students with more information and knowledge on proper and healthy sex so as to treasure their own bodies.

In short term, the local government should enforce appropriate legislation to improve the situation. As it is not possible to persuade all the young adults to quit their 'relationship', several laws and punishment would prevent compensated dating compellingly. Once such cases are discovered, the customers would be charged for fine and provide community service to fulfill a required amount of service hours as punishment. Furthermore, it should be illegal to influence or even force others to take such jobs in order to benefit themselves, once discovered they would be charged and punished as well.

Hong Kong has seemingly endless report on compensated dating recent years, the society is shocked about young adults including some university students accepting such way to make fast money without paying too much effort and time, their values on love and sex are not sensible at all. As these youth are the future of our society, they need more care and guidance from parents, education and the government in order to turn over a new leaf, I believe they could make a fresh start.…...

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