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An Analysis Of Website is a shopping Website for shoes-shoes for men-shoes for women-clothing-fashion accessories-bags-home décor-home furnishings & Electronic Goods. It is one of many online shopping portals like , etc and offers products and goods like other portals at a discounted price than market. Features, functionality & comparison of with other portal is discussed in detail further.
METHOD: is analysed through comparison with similar websites &, Identifying the layout, functionality, ease of excess & other features in the website. Attention have been paid to what is the design of the layout, how appealing is it to the customer, various colour scheme used, variety and range of products. Unlike which only provides clothing, accessories & home furnishing along with these also provides electronic goods, mobile & tablets and mobile recharge which neither nor flipkart provides. Free shipping is provided by all 3 websites. There is a separate section of super saver in where discount is offered on product combos whereas offers separate section of sale where discount is on individual products & mentions the market price and discounted price it is offering there & then below the product.
Layout: On the first look of home page of you can notice elegance, appeal and pleasant layout. Left panel of the website comprises all the product categories while right column is kept for advertising for revenue generation. Though right column occupies a little extra space, the website is still not cramped up and ample space is given to product display. The background colour is plain white with grey filler in some parts. A tiled format is kept for the entire website. High…...

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