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Xiaolin Showdown

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1. Glove of Jisaku-allows the user to take all yhe shen gong wu.

2. Helmet of Jong-allows the user to see in the back or behind he or she.

3. Third Arm Sash-allows the user to have a third arm.

4. Golden Tiger Claws-allows the user to go any where the user wants to go to.-

5. Mind Reader Conch-allows the user to here some ones thoughts.

6. Sword of the Storm-allows the user to control th weather.

7.Orb of Tunabi-allows the user to control the water.

8. Mantis Flip coin-allows the user to flip.

9. Shroud of Shadows-allows the user to be invisible.

10. Serpents Tail-allows the user to go through anyone.

11. Tangle Web Comb-allows the user to trap some one in a weird substance.

12. Changing Chopsticks- allows the user to go as small as a grain of rice.

13. Lotus Twister-allows the users arms to stretch for miles.

14. Fist of Tebigong-allows the user to have hard punches.

15. Monkey Staff-allows the user to change into a monkey.

16. Jet Bootsu-allows the user to have rockets at the bottom of there feet.

17. Lasso Boa-Boa-when activated turns into a bone crushing constrictor.

18. Silk Spinner-when activated sends out spider webs.

19. Ruby of Ramses- when activated allows user to pick up any type of object.

20. Sands of Time-when activated you can go to the future and past.

21. Silver Manta Ray-when activated turns into a cool type of ship.

22. Monsoon Sandals-allows the user to have legs for miles.

23. Star Hanabi-when activated lets out fire.

24. Thorn of Thunderbolt-when activated lets out electricity.

25. Mosaic Scale-is known to have some thing strange inside named Sabeeny

26. Monarch Wings-is the sister shen gong wu of Mosaic scale. When put together with the mosaic scale allows Sabeeny to not need a host he will be unstopable.

27. Reversing Mirror-when activated makes whatever happens to you actually happens to your opponent.

28. Eye of Dashi-when activated lets out a shot of electricity.

29. Lunar Locket-allows the user to move the moon.

30. Heart of Jong-allows the user to stay alive.

31. Tunnel Armidillo-when activated can turn into a digging mobile.

32. Falcons Eye-allows the user to see through anything.

33. Shadow of Fear-allows you to go in a dream and find what you are scared of and make it real.

34. Crouching Cougar-when activated becomes a cougar and gos really fast.

35. Eagles Scope-can look far distances.

36. Fountain of Wi-when activated allows you to have unlimited inteligince. When combined with eagles scope allows you to get secrets to defeat evil for good.

37. Two Ton Tunic-when activated allows you to have a solid chest.

38. Moonstone Locust-the wu can be used to unleash a swarm of stone locusts that will devoir the Heylin Seed.

39. Gills of Himachi-allows the user to turn into a fish.

Characters of Xialin Showdown!

Omi-a very sufisticated person. Trust worthy and believes in himself. Element:Water

Raimundo-a cool kind of guy likes to surf and get girls. Element:Wind

Clay-a texas guy and likes to eat a lot. Element:Earth

Kimiko-likes technology a LOT! Very smart. Element:Fire

Dojo-a fire breathuing dragon has 2 forms small and very large. Can shape shift and sense shen gong wu.

Master Fung-is a great expert in martial arts.

Master Monk Guan-a good guy fastest to learn ty-chiand has a reputation.

Chase Young-a super villian has no meaning in shen gong wu. Fastest to learn ty-chi also and has a famous reputation also.…...

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