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Writing Sentences and Paragraph

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Study Unit

Writing Sentences and Paragraphs


In this study unit, you’ll take all the information and skills you’ve acquired so far and use them to practice writing complete, correct sentences and well-organized, coherent paragraphs. You have the tools—the parts of speech; correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization; and good grammar— to construct and use a variety of sentence types. You’ve studied the uses of modifiers, tone, and form, so you can reach the people you’re addressing. You’ve also learned to write to your audience, whether you’re sending out a basic business letter, convincing a group to accept your recommendations, or presenting a research report.
Now we’ll begin to put it all together. By learning how to express yourself in correct sentences and to recognize common errors, your basic communications skills will significantly improve. By learning to focus on your topic, organize your ideas, use transitions, and write an effective conclusion, you’ll write consistently stronger paragraphs, letters, essays, and reports. This, in turn, will increase your professionalism and open doors to future success.
When you complete this study unit, you’ll be able to

Compose sentences correctly

Use various sentence structures and types

Recognize and correct fragments and run-on sentences

Construct unified, coherent paragraphs

Connect paragraphs to build a well-organized, logical document


Writing Complete Sentences
Sentence Structures
Sentence Length
Sentence Variety
Sentence Types
Correcting Fragments and Run-On Sentences

Writing Effective Paragraphs
Elements of a Paragraph
Paragraph Structure
Paragraph Length
Connecting Paragraphs
Writing Persuasively





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