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Writing Assignment 1: Introduction

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2. To what did the Latin religio refer?

3. Taoism and Confucianism are nontheistic religions, that is, religions for which belief in God or gods is nonessential. While gods are not alien to either Taoism or Confucianism, belief gods is not central to either tradition. What are a couple of other religions that can be called nontheistic religions?

4. What is Paul Tillich's definition for religion, and why do Hopfe and Woodward consider its development too broad?

Theories of the Origin of Religions, pp. 5-9
5. Explain E. B. Tylor's theory concerning the origin and evolution of religion. What is animism, and to what, "ultimately" and "finally," did Tylor think it evolved?

6. To what does the term "mana" refer?

7. Explain Max Müller's theory concerning the origin and evolution of religion.

8. How does Wilhelm Schmidt's theory differ most from those of Müller and Tylor (hint : the answer has something to do with which came first, monotheism or polytheism)?

9. Explain Sir James Frazer's theory concerning the origin and evolution of religion.

10. According to Ludwig Feuerbach, who created whom?

11. For Karl Marx religion consisted of the idea of heaven, so what did Marx mean when he wrote that religion, or the idea of heaven, "is the opium [a pain killer] of the [oppressed] people"?

12. Sigmund Freud argues that "the younger males" who "joined together in killing" their father experienced enough remorse and guilt to recreate their father as a living spirit, or god, whom they could obey, appease, pray to and worship. He also argues that because humans wish there were a moral order in the universe and an afterlife, they create a parental figure, whom they call God, to assure them of a moral order and an afterlife. God, for Freud, is a "wishful illusion" based on the adult need for a…...

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