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ENGL 0102-003 Writing about What Matters Martin Luther King gave the “I Have A Dream…” speech where he proclaims that it is time to cash a check that has long been due to them. It is not money that is wanted it is a demand to have the riches of freedom and the security of justice. King brings up things that should no longer be satisfied by the colored population. By listing these things King brings out the faith in people to take action and make the changes that are needed. The ending of this speech brings the message of freedom for all not just blacks. President Obama spoke on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington sharing how much King influenced the changes that were made following his speech. Obama spoke about how through all the hatred a nonviolent path was taken in order to get this freedom. Finding courage within others and ourselves is what leads us to be able to move forward and make a difference in the future. At the end of Obama’s speech he says that the promise of tomorrow comes from the lessons of the past. A country can only change its ways because of the love from the people. The dream has changed over the past 50 years to become something even bigger. There is so much more diversity in America today and more people share the same struggles. The vision changed to become more than just a fight for equality for blacks but for everyone who is struggling for the freedom to be themselves. These visions could not be added to or changed. They represent what two powerful men see for their country. I hope that people will continue to make strives toward showing respect for all. Being treated with dignity and respect is the only way Americans can come together as one. President Obama’s speech reminds us of the progress we have made but also what direction we need to continue to go in. My only hope is that one day no one is looked down upon…...

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