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The z-table
Z 0 0.01 0.02 0.03 0.04 0.05 0.06 0.07 0.08 0.09 Use this table to:
0 0.5 0.504 0.508 0.512 0.516 0.5199 0.5239 0.5279 0.5319 0.5359 a) find a z-value given a confidence level, or
0.1 0.5398 0.5438 0.5478 0.5517 0.5557 0.5596 0.5636 0.5675 0.5714 0.5753 b) find the area under a standard normal curve to the left of a given z-value.
0.2 0.5793 0.5832 0.5871 0.591 0.5948 0.5987 0.6026 0.6064 0.6103 0.6141
0.3 0.6179 0.6217 0.6255 0.6293 0.6331 0.6368 0.6406 0.6443 0.648 0.6517 a) To find a z-value for a given confidence level:
0.4 0.6554 0.6591 0.6628 0.6664 0.67 0.6736 0.6772 0.6808 0.6844 0.6879 1. Determine the cumulative probability corresponding to the confidence level
0.5 0.6915 0.695 0.6985 0.7019 0.7054 0.7088 0.7123 0.7157 0.719 0.7224 For 95% confidence, the cumulative probability is 0.975.
0.6 0.7257 0.7291 0.7324 0.7357 0.7389 0.7422 0.7454 0.7486 0.7517 0.7549 For 90% confidence, the cumulative probability is 0.95.
0.7 0.758 0.7611 0.7642 0.7673 0.7704 0.7734 0.7764 0.7794 0.7823 0.7852 For 99% confidence, the cumulative probability is 0.995.
0.8 0.7881 0.791 0.7939 0.7967 0.7995 0.8023 0.8051 0.8078 0.8106 0.8133 2. Find the cumulative probability in the table.
0.9 0.8159 0.8186 0.8212 0.8238 0.8264 0.8289 0.8315 0.834 0.8365 0.8389 3. Find the z-value by adding the z-column to the the z-row
1 0.8413 0.8438 0.8461 0.8485 0.8508 0.8531 0.8554 0.8577 0.8599 0.8621 E.g.: For 95% confidence, z = 1.9 + 0.06 = 1.96
1.1 0.8643 0.8665 0.8686 0.8708 0.8729 0.8749 0.877 0.879 0.881 0.883 Find a more detailed account of the relationship between the cumulative probability and the
1.2 0.8849 0.8869 0.8888 0.8907 0.8925 0.8944 0.8962 0.898 0.8997 0.9015 confidence interval on page 21 of the clip titled "Calculating the Confidence Interval" in
1.3 0.9032 0.9049…...

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