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Working vs Stay at Home Mothers

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Research Paper Working vs. Stay Home Mothers Joseph Ochoa Com/172 September 18, 2012 Brenda Caine



Children have such an amazing connection with their mothers, it is usually the first word they learn and the name they scream when they are hurt. Working mothers have stormed into the business world at full force in the last 20 years. This has had an impact on the children today, although mothers who stay home have more one on one time with their kids. According to Youngberg, “One significant, reoccurring issue specifically related to a mother’s decision of whether to be active in the workforce or be a stay-at-home mother involves the cognitive effects such a decision might have on children” (2011). While Children get as much attention at daycare as they would at home, stay at home mothers have a bigger impact than working moms. Mothers who work and mothers who stay home have the same busy lifestyle. Mothers need to get groceries, get the kids to baseball practice and better have a husband who is splitting the responsibilities to help take off the pressure. Mothers who work start taking their children to daycare at the young age of six to eight weeks. Heidi Brennan said on the Dr. Phil show “Children do not do well with large separations at a time” (Stay-At-Home Moms Vs. Working Moms, 2012). Because of the job that mothers have, mothers are required to be back to work right away after six weeks. Full time jobs are eight hours a day, which that newborn child is spending with a perfect stranger in hopes to get the right amount of attention. This does not seem to be fair to a newborn that is entering into this world to be with his or her family.


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