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Wood Company Joins Vietnam Market

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Executive Summary

Some people think that going internationally is only for large companies. It might be true, it might not. It is because a large company has strong financial health to deal with every transaction, and they are experience enough to foresee the upcoming threats might happen. It is not because it is always a chance for everybody. Obviously, when it come to international platform, it becomes a part of global market, there would be a lot of requirements for a company to meet. The quality of the product has to be sustain, in order to ensure the quality of it, the imported material should be strongly examined. In this paper, the new established manufacturing company would be a sample of procedure in both importing raw material from foreign country to supply for the manufacture, and exporting its product to foreign market, some additional tips for trading would be talked.

Contents Executive Summary 2 I. Introduction 4 2. The product and its industry 4 2.1 The Vietnamese Furniture industry 4 2.2 The company’s product 6 III. The procedure of importing raw materials 6 3.1. Choosing a country 6 3.2 Choosing a supplier 7 3.3 Legal platform between Laos and Vietnam 8 IV. Exporting wooden furniture 10 4.1. Market analysis 10 4.2 Choosing an importer 12 4.3 Legal platform notice when import wood product into the USA 13 V. Additional tips to ensure the success 14 VI. Conclusion 16 VII. Recommendation 17 VIII. References 18 IX. Appendix 19

I. Introduction

Peace VN is a new established company in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a furniture manufacturing company. With the mission of providing only the premium quality for every product with the most competitive price, Peace VN has put a lot of effort in finding a good timber supplier for its manufacturing. Because of the rare sources of wood and timber in Vietnam, and the law and…...

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