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Why do you want to study in UP?

To study in UP is to grow more as an individual. UP forge its stakeholders under its learning sanctuary and engages them into friendly competitive academic programs with the help and guidance of its faculty members expert in their own fields.

A sanctuary of learning is what I like most about UP, from the people you may encounter, to the places you may stay at and to the shade and coolness provided by its plants. Its ambiance makes me excited and feels like I can excel in everything I’ll be doing. Studying in this school will never make me bored to learn and discover new things and to think of new ideas that may help the global community.

Friendly competitive academic programs are held at UP, as what is based on what I overheard. Because of this students are pushed through their limits and grow more, well who wants to be at the bottom list of the class anyway? Right?

Faculty members expert in their own fields forge the students from steel and turns them to gold which UP and the country can boast out loud. I want to harness more wisdom shared by those professors. I want to be a productive citizen who undergone from those experts. I know to myself that I want to be that gold!

Like minds pushing limits of its stake holders, faculty members expert in their own fields, and a sanctuary of learning. This is UP and that is why…...

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