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Which Is More Important Love or Money?

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This is a very controversial topic that could be discussed for hours, but I will try to explain my personal opinion on the matter. Love and money are two things totally different; one is an emotion and feeling while the other is material. I think love is the main ingredient that a person needs to feel self-satisfaction as well as it is the most wonderful gift we got from God to share it with our family and friends.
Money is important in our life; however, we are not sure if we will have it forever and in this case, just feelings mainly love and the support of your closest people can help you deal with any difficulties you are experiencing. In the world, there are so many people who are poor but love each other; also, there are many rich people who are not happy with their partners because some of them just choose each other for economic interests.
I agree that money is necessary to survive and get the basics in life. However, in rich cultures people can become more materialistic and lose touch with the important simple things such as relationships, sensibility and humility. Money combined with power can lead to corruption, which is very common in some parts of the world, so that can put in danger the democracy and the ability for society to have justice, fairness and equality.
Love and money are essential in life, but we will have a better world if everyone has more love and peace to share rather than money. Furthermore, personally I find more important the love and support from my family and close friends to help me fulfill my life in a meaningful way. My experience of love is a deep and strong emotion that with much patience can overcome any economic difficulties.
In contrast, too much emphasis on money makes you become more superficial and materialist in your outlook on…...

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