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Where a Kid Could Be a Kid

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Where a Kid Could be a Kid

As we waited in line for the restaurant to open there was a thrill of excitement in the air. We had arrived for the celebration of my little cousins birthday. As I pushed the door open, the scenery rapidly changed as I set foot on what seemed to be a new planet. We had returned to Chuck E. Cheese. The color of the walls, the color of the carpet, and the color of the ceiling all seemed to affect every person that entered the room with a positive attitude. The restaurant, in fact, did not smell pleasant at all; an oniony stench that ran through the room. Chuck E. Chesses reminded me of when we once ran around happily, excited to be living in happiness. I tried to invite my friend but her mean self replied with “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded”
The excitement was revealed after the children saw the flashing lights, and heard the loud noise that seemed to be escaping from the games that was spreaded out all through the restaurant. It was then that I felt as If it was I that was running around playing the games, as if it was I sliding down the slippery slide, and as if I were eating the dull pizza that I once thought of as the most delicious food at Chuck E. Cheese.
There was a small boy that stood out from the crowd, a curious looking child. He was very well dressed; He had a chunky but adorable face; His expensive shoes suggested rich but his dirty shirt and dirty pants and dirty hair the opposite,i was thinking he was having a little to much with his food. He was happy but he didn’t express it. The frown that happily ran across his face revealed many possibilities of him being a shy boy. He had friends but did not speak, he had everything but he had nothing. Naturally, the child had a mother but she was not present at the time. In fact, the child seemed parentless by the way he starred at the other families. but my cousin being the sweet heart that she is invited the lonely boy to her birthday party;so,that made us proud.
A few hours had passed, and the excitement increased when a giant, fluffy, cheesy smelling mouse came out from the back door that read “employees only”. My little caousin called after him like he was some famous celebrity so that made me laugh cause it was so adorible. We took pictures with him and it was just so fun seeing everyone else having fun. After that night had ended, we went home remenist about the day we had,and the fun that was had. I wouldn't mind going back again even in my oldest years.…...

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