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What Is the Ideal Career

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What is Your Ideal Career?

I believe my ideal career would be in the legal field. There many professions in this field. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s it was a challenge for me and my family. The legal system was unjust back then and I saw the police as a scary, powerful authority and they could do whatever they wanted to whomever they want. This opinion didn’t change until one summer I met a police officer that changed my opinion about the police force. By his action he showed me that all police were not bad. It was then when I realized I could make a difference in my life. I became fascinated with how the process of the legal system worked and as I got older I looked into the different positions that were offered in the legal field. These positions range from Judges, Lawyers, Court Reporters, Paralegals, Police Officers and Legal Assistants. When I began my journey, I had graduated high school and applied for the academy, but that did work out as it was a height requirement at that time, but that did not discourage me. I continued to look for different avenues, within the legal field because I wanted a career that had an energized work environment. Someplace where I never knew from day to day what it will bring. While doing my different research, I chose to work as a Paralegal. I started as an intern for a small law firm in Nevada specializing in corporate law. Working there made me realize that corporate law is fascinating, but it was not what I wanted to do and it didn’t keep me energized. There are many agencies I can work for as a paralegal such as a Corporation, or a Law Firm. The responsibilities of a paralegal would include client files, drafting correspondence, research, they can specialize in family law, criminal law, corporate law, homeland security, probate, real estate, bankruptcy and private agencies – YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, not for profit organizations. The primary duties of a paralegal are to assist attorneys in a case. This may include drafting motions to summarizing reports of legal documents. Paralegals are limited to what can be said to a client regarding a case. The guidelines in assisting in any legal case are entirely up to the attorney in charge. To be a paralegal you must be willing to work as a team, follow directions and be able to multitask when necessary. There are many opportunities in the paralegal field depending on what, where and who you work for. The job market for a paralegal is growing fast. Having a stronger education in this field will help me establish a better position because once I receive my Bachelor’s Degree it will open up opportunities in my current position. I will able to move to other position within the court system. By having a higher education there is a better chance of keeping or acquiring a secure employment. Those in this field have either a certificate or an Associate's Degree in paralegal studies. By me receiving a Bachelor’s Degree I will stand out when other positions become available to me. The certificate program is only for a few months. Most paralegal programs only require a certain amount of education. An Associate’s Degree usually takes eighteen months to two years. With the job market today the higher the education the better. In some states there is an exam requirement to be a paralegal after you complete college. What everyone wants these days is a bigger salary for their work; according to the BLS report the annual wage for paralegals were $46,680 in 2013. The top paid in the field made $74,870, while the average made approximately $29,460.00. (1) The useful skills I learned from this course will be managing my time and prioritizing. To be ahead of the game in the paralegal world I can join a local paralegal association or get involved in a network so I will know about any job opportunities. Also, I could put together a portfolio and this is where Kaplan Career Resources Center would help. I believe the center will help me organize my achievements and education.


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