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What I Know About College

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College, the next step in your life. What I know about college already is it is expensive, books must be bought through your own money, and it is better to take college classes in high school. Most of things I have learnt through school and my brother because he attends WKU and tells me a lot about college and how expensive it is.

First, college is extremely expensive, not only because you have to pay to get in but you have to buy your own books and tuition is charged by how many hours you have of classes. Sometimes for some students it is cheaper than others and in other cases it is more expensive. Using the college dorms is expensive too, my brother had to pay six hundred dollars or so to live in a dorm. On average most books for college are one hundred to even five hundred dollars maybe even more and you buy more than a couple books. So just living in a dorm and buying your books could total to a thousand dollars.

Next, books this is probably cost you more than you think. My friend that goes to UK pays around three hundred dollars for his books and that is for engineering classes. Imagine regular classes like chemistry and trigonometry. Worst part is you have to pay for books with your own money, yes you can get a loan but you still have to pay it back. My brother spent one hundred and thirty five dollars on a book he only used once and he could not pass the class without that book.

Lastly, you better try and take college classes in high school than college, for example math 150 in college is around five hundred dollars or so while math 150 in high schools is

around one hundred dollars. That means you can save around four hundred dollars by doing something one year earlier. I learnt this when my math teacher told me that it is better to take math 150 now than later. Trust me you are going to need that four hundred dollars for your classes you take in…...

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