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Freshman Scholarships
Scholarship consideration deadline: February 1

General and competitive scholarships for freshmen are available to students attending Southern Miss the fall semester immediately following high school graduation. To be considered for any of these scholarships, you must submit:

• an application for admission
• $35 application fee
• ACT or SAT scores
• a high school transcript
Standardized test scores| Only standardized test scores earned through December 2012 (ACT) and January 2013 (SAT) will be considered for scholarship-awarding purposes. The written portion of the SAT is not considered.

Combining scholarships | Students may be considered for multiple Admissions-based scholarships, but only one scholarship offer may be accepted. The only exception to this is the Regional Scholarship, the award representing the full cost of nonresident tuition. Students can accept multiple scholarships offered through other departments at Southern Miss or scholarships offered through sources outside the university. Such departmental or outside scholarships may be combined with Admissions-based scholarships.

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General Admissions-Based Scholarship Opportunities

Consideration Deadline: February 1

National Merit Scholarships Opportunities

National Merit Semifinalist Scholarship
Students designated as National Merit Semifinalists will receive the National Merit Semifinalist Scholarship, a scholarship equivalent to the value of tuition (and nonresident fees, if applicable) for four years.

Presidential National Merit Scholarship
Students progressing to National Merit Finalist status will receive the Presidential National Merit Finalist Scholarship, which is designed to cover tuition (and nonresident fees, if applicable), campus housing, a meal plan and a book stipend for four years. Finalists will further receive a $4,000 study abroad scholarship to participate in the university international program of their choice. Finalists must list The University of Southern Mississippi as their first choice institution with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Academic Excellence Scholarship

• Composite 26 ACT or higher (combined SAT score of 1170 or higher)
• Above-average core GPA as calculated by the Office of Admissions
• Automatic consideration upon admission (no application is necessary)

Golden Opportunity Scholarship

• Composite 24-25 ACT (combined SAT score of 1090-1160)
• Above-average core GPA as calculated by the Office of Admissions
• Automatic consideration upon admission (no application is necessary)

Regional Scholarship (for nonresidents of Mississippi)

• Represents the full value of nonresident fees
• Composite 21 ACT or higher (combined SAT score of 980 or higher)
• Above-average core GPA as calculated by the Office of Admissions
• Automatic consideration upon admission (no application is necessary)

Competitive Admissions-Based Scholarship Opportunities

Application Deadline: February 1

Presidential Scholarship

• Composite 30 ACT or higher (combined SAT of 1330 or higher) and have been offered admission to the Honors College
• Scholarship equivalent to the cost of tuition, campus housing, and a meal plan for four years, plus a semester book stipend
• To apply, submit the Competitive Freshman Programs Application, which will be available in the fall. (Note: Students desiring consideration for the Presidential Scholarship should complete and submit the application for admission to the Honors College, which serves as the application for the Presidential Scholarship.)

Leadership Scholarship

• 3.0 high school GPA or higher
• Proven record of leadership in high school and community activities
• $20,400 ($5,100 annually for four years)
• To apply, submit the Competitive Freshman Programs Application, which will be available in the fall.

Luckyday Foundation Citizenship Scholarship

• Mississippi residents only
• 3.0 high school GPA or higher
• Demonstrated commitment to community service, campus involvement and academic excellence
• $20,400 ($5,100 annually for four years)
• To apply, submit the Competitive Freshman Programs Application, which will be available in the fall.…...

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