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What Changes Did the Repulican Bring to the Federal Government

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Report : constraint -all_violators -path slack_only -min_delay
Design : mscore
Version: B-2008.06-SP2
Date : Tue Jan 6 15:01:44 2009

###### All these Will require ECO to fix

min_delay/hold ('clock_gating_default' group) Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- src/afe/u_cal_proc/cp_cnt/INS_ck_mux_0_stech_ctand2_I/B -5.96 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_cal_proc/cp_timer/INS_mux_TIMCK0_stech_ctor4a_I/B -5.94 (VIOLATED) min_delay/hold ('REGIN' group)

min_delay/hold ('ck_apb_r_g' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_map2/sq_bml4_5_q/xyidb32/LOCKUP/D -0.10 (VIOLATED)

min_delay/hold ('ck_apb_s' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_map2/sq_bml4_5_q/xyidb32/LOCKUP/D -0.10 (VIOLATED)

min_delay/hold ('ck_apb_s_g' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_map2/sq_bml4_5_q/xyidb32/LOCKUP/D -0.10 (VIOLATED)

min_delay/hold ('ck_cal_cal' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- src/afe/u_dsyn_dlc_top/u_dsyn_pddig/u_dsyn_pwr_sequencer_r/timer_done_reg/D -0.09 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_dsyn_dlc_top/u_dsyn_pddig/u_dsyn_pwr_sequencer_s/timer_done_reg/D -0.07 (VIOLATED)

min_delay/hold ('ck_sif' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_map2/sq_bml4_5_q/xyidb32/LOCKUP/D -0.09 (VIOLATED)

min_delay/hold ('ckhsrv_srec' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- src/ctrblk/ctrblk_clk_servoafe_unblocked_d_reg_0/D 0.00 (VIOLATED: increase significant digits)

min_delay/hold ('ckqread_bist_rsyn' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- bob/rwienc/rwi_enc_testm/togl_rom_clk_rsyn_reg/SI -0.31 (VIOLATED) bob/rwienc/rwi_enc_testm/togl_pp1_mem_rsyn_reg/SI -0.27 (VIOLATED)

min_delay/hold ('ckqread_rrec' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data01_reg_2/D -0.32 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data01_reg_5/D -0.30 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data01_reg_3/D -0.27 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data01_reg_4/D -0.24 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data23_reg_4/D -0.22 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data23_reg_1/D -0.22 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data01_reg_0/D -0.21 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data23_reg_3/D -0.21 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data23_reg_2/D -0.19 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data01_reg_1/D -0.18 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data23_reg_0/D -0.16 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/inter_adc_data23_reg_5/D -0.16 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/adc_data_3d_reg_4/D -0.14 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_map2/sq_bml4_5_q/xyidb32/LOCKUP/D -0.10 (VIOLATED) src/afe/u_adc_mdig/u_adc_mdata/adc_data_3d_reg_0/D -0.10 (VIOLATED)

min_delay/hold ('clk_l_rrec' group) Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_47_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.16 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_17_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.14 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.13 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_14/D -0.13 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_32_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.12 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_57_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.10 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_63_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_9/D -0.10 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_3/D -0.09 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_13/D -0.09 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_15/D -0.08 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.08 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_4/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_1/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_2/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_14_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_35_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_69_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_8/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_1/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_14_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_10/D -0.07 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_15/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_57_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_16/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_9/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_11/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_1/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_2/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_10/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_4_gen_vnu_37_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_9/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_0/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_4_gen_vnu_40_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_15/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_18/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_7/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_14_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_1/D -0.06 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_14_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_7/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_35_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_4/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_4_gen_vnu_37_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_3/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_57_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_5/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_5/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_49_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_3/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_11_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_49_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_17_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_3/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_2/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_1/D -0.05 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_17/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_17_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_2/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_57_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_0/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_32_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_13/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_18/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_6/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_68_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_5/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_3/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_5/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_64_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_16/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_60_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_49_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_12/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_7/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_5/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_1/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_50_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_5/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_12/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_17/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_0/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_35_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_1/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_7/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_9/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_47_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_3/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_13/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_12/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_0/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_64_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_14/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_3/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_50_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.04 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_8/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_10/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_6/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_11/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_2_gen_vnu_25_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_19/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_47_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_3/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_8/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_12_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_5/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_6/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_6/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_11_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_14/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_2/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_5/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_50_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_3/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_69_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_3/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_14_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_14/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_11/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_8/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_3/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_0/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_2/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_17/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_66_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_9/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_47_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_10/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_4_gen_vnu_37_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_0/D -0.03 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_27_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_3/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_4/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_4_gen_vnu_37_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_17/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_2_gen_vnu_25_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_35_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_14/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_5/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_63_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_4/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_0/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_1/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_4_gen_vnu_40_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_14/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_17_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_1/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_15/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_4_gen_vnu_40_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_9/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_11/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_5/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_0/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_49_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_16/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_17_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_11/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_18/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_57_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_3/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_32_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_6/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_17_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_19/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_71_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_8/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_35_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_7/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_63_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_5/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_71_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_7/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_49_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_18/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_71_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_15/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_6/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_16/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_2_gen_vnu_25_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_15_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_4/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_2_gen_vnu_18_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_15/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_14/D -0.02 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_59_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_3/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_47_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_7/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_57_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_9/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_13/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_50_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_17/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_11_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_14_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_16/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_69_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_6/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_14_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_5/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_71_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_1/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_47_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_9/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_71_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_3/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_8/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_50_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_19/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_62_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_3/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_9_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_1/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_50_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_3/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_57_sq_dec_vnu/dec_out_reg/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_57_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_2/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_12/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_32_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_7/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_32_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_10/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_69_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_0/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_32_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_8/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_47_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_18/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_14_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_3/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_69_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_1/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_59_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_60_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_48_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_4/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_69_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_14/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_57_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_13/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_71_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_10/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_31_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_7/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_14_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_2/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_35_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_6/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_50_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_4/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_9_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_11/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_49_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_7_gen_vnu_63_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_11/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_5_gen_vnu_46_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_14/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_cnu_block_4_gen_cnu_175_sq_dec_cnu/v2c_mag_r_reg_1/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_34_sq_dec_vnu/ext_llr_reg_2/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_11_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_17/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_1_gen_vnu_14_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_6/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_6_gen_vnu_61_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_9/D -0.01 (VIOLATED) bob/sq_sv_itlv_dec/sq_itlv_dec/sq_dec/gen_vnu_block_3_gen_vnu_32_sq_dec_vnu/dout_reg_11/D -0.01 (VIOLATED)

min_delay/hold ('pp0_wr_rsyn' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- bob/rwienc/rwi_ldpc_pp0/rwi_intl_wlayer/intl_B3_row_hld_reg_1/SI -0.31 (VIOLATED)

min_delay/hold ('pp1_mem_rsyn' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- bob/rwienc/rwi_enc_testm/togl_pp1_mem_rsyn_reg/SI -0.29 (VIOLATED)

min_delay/hold ('pp1_wr_rsyn' group)

Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- bob/rwienc/rwi_ldpc_pp1/rwi_intl_wlayer/cycle_cnt_reg_6/SI -0.35 (VIOLATED)…...

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To What Extent Did the Changes in Government Benefit Women and Young People in Germany Between 1918 and 1945?

...To what extent did the changes in government benefit women and young people in Germany between 1918 and 1945? Historians can agree to a certain extent that changes in government had advantages and disadvantages for women and young people in many different ways. The war had just ended in 1918, causing a lot of damage. This resulted in weak government as Germany was blamed for the war in which they had to sign the Treaty of Versailles causing decrease in money and low public morale. From Weimar republic to Nazi Germany there were many changes that government made which benefited women and young people. Weimar Republic was a democratic government formed after Germany's defeat in World War I, the Weimar Republic lasted from 1918 until 1933. It was named after Weimar, the city where the constitutional assembly took place. Life in Germany was positive for some women. Women during this time period in Weimar Germany had freedom and were even offered jobs that were considered ‘masculine’ for example teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges and even politicians. The reasons why women were given opportunities to work in powerful roles was because of changes in government policy during the war when men were drafted for war. In Germany, women were entitled to vote from the age of 20. In contrast, during this time period it was a rarity for women to have the right to vote in European countries. During this time period very few women were entitled to vote in European countries. However, in......

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Uop Federal Government Worksheet

...University of Phoenix Material Foundations of the U.S. Federal Government Worksheet Complete the chart below by identifying the three branches of government and their entities. U.S. Constitution 1. Legislative 2. Legislative 3. Judicial 3. Judicial 2. Executive 2. Executive | 6. Supreme Court 6. Supreme Court 5. President 5. President 4. Congress 4. Congress | 9. Vice President 9. Vice President | House of Representatives House of Representatives 8. Senate 8. Senate | True or False 1. The Tenth Amendment limits the power of states. FALSE 2. The Constitution signed in 1787 contained the Bill of Rights. FALSE 3. The Constitution created a system of dual sovereignty, meaning the federal government has exclusive power in interstate commerce. True 4. The president and vice president are part of the legislative branch. FALSE 5. Congress can impose federal mandates, which require the state government to comply with its orders. True or False Multiple Choice 6. The concept of dual federalism D: viewed federal and state power as fixed d. The Bill of Rights is C: the first 10 amendments to the Constitution e. The legislative branch is composed of which of the......

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To What Extent Was the Federal Government Responsible for Improving the Status of African Americans in the United States in the Years 1945-64? (30marks)

...extent the Federal Government was responsible for the change of status of the African Americans in the period 1955-63, but there were other factors, such as civil rights groups and important figures such as Martin Luther King, which contributed to this change, and therefore it would be wrong to say that the Federal Government was the main reason behind the change. To a small extent the Federal Government’s actions did bring about a change in the status of African Americans as it provided legalisations being passed which in turn meant that they did want equality in America. The first president, which started the transformation of African Americans status in society, was President Truman. He wrote a report known as ‘To Secure these Rights’, which highlighted the problems Africans Americans were facing, and it also attracted publicity. Also Truman appointed William Hastie as the first black federal, which obviously showed a change in their status. Not only did their status improve but it also gave confidence to African Americans and showed that there were opportunities available for them. However, this didn’t bring any direct de jure change and so therefore wasn’t effective in the long term. Moreover, despite Truman stating solutions to all the problems he did very little in practice and his ideas were seen as too radical and wasn’t supported Congress. In the years 1955-1964, many civil rights leaders began to become more known, and took direct action in order to bring......

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In What Ways Did the First World War Lead to a Greater Power for the Federal Government?

...‘I not only use the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow’. Despite expansion during Woodrow Wilson’s first term as president, the federal government on the eve of World War I remained small. Although the federal government meddled in a few areas of economic life, it was for most citizens remote and unimportant. Throughout the essay I shall be examining how the Federal Government gained greater power through the First World War During the war the government built up the armed forces to strength of four million officers and men. Of those added to the armed forces after the U.S. declaration of war. Men alone, however, did not make an army. They required barracks and training facilities, transportation, food, clothing, and health care. They had to be equipped with modern arms and great stocks of ammunition. I believe that this strengthened the Federal Government because of the fact that they had such a big army due to the amount of conscription during the war, people would be afraid to go against the government in case the army would get involved, therefore giving the government more power over the people. Another way in which the Federal Government increased its power was through The Espionage Act, June 1917 and The Sedation Act, May 1918. The Espionage Act made it illegal to encourage disloyalty or obstruct military recruitment and could be punished by a big fine or imprisonment of up to 20 years. The first target of the Espionage Act was anti-war labour organisers......

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Federal Government

...developing and maintaining programs as well as encouraging diversity. Xerox is one of those companies that strongly believes in diversity and have received positive rapport from top business magazines, news broadcasters and other corporations. The organization has made significant changes to accommodate minorities and women. Including these changes into their organization had resulted in promoting many women and minorities into higher positions. Discuss how human resources professionals can ensure that top organizational leaders encourage managers and employees to follow laws and guidelines. A corporation can reap the negative effects when employees fail to abide by the laws and guidelines. To encourage employees to follow the laws and guidelines, the corporation can initiate several steps. It is very important that the employees are made aware and to do so, the corporation must make available the necessary information to inform these employees. During the recruitment and selection process, human resources management should let possible and selected candidates know about the laws and guidelines that must be followed. This will ensure that employees are knowledgeable. Managers should also be schooled on what types of questions they should avoid during the interviewing process. These questions should exclude facts or information in regards to race, sex, gender or disabilities. Managers who fail to do so when interviewing candidates will lead the organization to possible......

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To What Extent Will the Coalition Governments Proposals Bring About an Effective Reform of Parliament?

...To a certain extent, the coalition government’s proposals will bring about an effective reform of parliament. However, some people have questioned the effectiveness of the reform of parliament under this coalition, for example suggesting that The referendum on AV may have lead to an even more hung parliament. On the one hand, Primeministers, known as the incumbent, can no longer call elections to suit their own interests. This was due to the establishment of fixed term elections introduced by Cameron in 2011. The reform reduces media speculation, which makes parliament more stable and fairer for parties not in government. This is also a fairer system as Primeministers would usually call an election when their party was significantly higher in the opinion polls than all other political parties, making the chances of them re-gaining power much stronger than they may have been 5 years down the line at a set date. On the other hand, some people have suggested that 5 years is too long, noteabely Nick Clegg who wanted 4 years between elections. There have also been concerns about whether campaigns will become dragged out and leborious like America’s 18 month season. Also the fixed term elections don’t necessarily make for a better government and shown by the USA, for example. The flexibility of non-fixed term election system allows for a dissolution and new election if the Government has an inadequate majority. The value of this has been shown in 1951, 1964 and the second......

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To What Extent Did the 1911 Revolution Change China?

...It seemed that China had changed a lot after 1911. However, many things remained the same as before. The 1911 revolution developed China in many ways, bringing down the Manchu Dynasty was most important. “such was the decline in support for the Manchu government that the last years of its life between 1908and 1911may be fairly described as a revolution waiting to happen”( page 19 Lynch) This end to 2,000 years of Imperial rule was most significant, as it was the Manchu's, who were seen as the roadblock to reform and the development of China. Throughout Chinese history, old dynasties had been overthrown or replaced by new dynasties. However the 1911 revolution was the first to cause the downfall of a monarchy entirely and attempt to extend the ideas of democracy and human rights throughout China, this had never been done so before. After 1911 Revolution, a republic was set up in China. This put an end to more than two thousand years’ in a dynastic cycle. China s leadership no longer proclaimed to hold a ‘Mandate of Heaven’ and was no longer led by an imperial family. The success of the 1911 Revolution led to far greater equality amongst ethnic groups who were now able to coexist with each other. The republic government liberated political power from one ethnic group, the Manchus, and extended it to all the Chinese people. Once the Qing Dynasty collapsed, the revolutionaries embraced the equality of all ethnic groups, emphasized the removal of obstacles among different......

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To What Extent Did the Wilhelmine Government Meet the Needs of the People? divert working class attention away from the poor working conditions that they were functioning under. Wilhelm refused to allow freight charges to drop as they had in America, and thus German grain producers could not compete adequately with their counterparts. By 1900, it had become cheaper to import grain from America than to transport it 400 kilometres from within German soil. As a result of Wilhelm’s stubbornness, grain prices dropped and heavy internal tariffs were needed to allow the Junker farmers of East Prussia to pay their debts. Here it is clear that due to Wilhelm’s tenacious personality, the needs of the working class Agriculturalists were not met. Furthermore the dramatic expansion of German industry led to substantial changes in the distribution and the living standards of the working population. The efforts of Wilhelm to expand German industry, were fuelled by Conservative interests as opposed to sympathetic feeling towards the Working class. Whilst some of the outcomes of industrial expansion certainly may have benefitted some workers, their own primary needs were not considered. One of the major results of the industrial expansion was the form of large-scale movement of the working class population to urban centres (ultimately coupled with a poor standard of living) and from agricultural to industrial employment. From a detailed analysis, it would be easy in fact to see these developments as a classic case of industrial expansion alienating the industrial...

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In What Ways Did World War Ii Contribute to the Growth of the Federal Government? How Did It Foster What Historians Now Call the Military-Industrial Complex?

...4. In what ways did World War II contribute to the growth of the federal government? How did it foster what historians now call the military-industrial complex? World War II majorly contributed to the growth of the federal government through the universal taxation of incomes to help fund the war, a huge military establishment, and multibillion-dollar budgets. All of these things more than likely would not have come about in the size that they did if World War II never started, although World War I did have a part in it also (Henretta 725). US Troop numbers during the war reached 12 million men and women required a huge number of resources in order to keep up with military demands. Some of these additional resources include but are not limited to housing, subsistence, clothing, medical care, training, and transportation, not to mention the special equipment, arms, ammunition, and expensive weapons platforms that now included tanks, fighter and bomber aircraft, and naval aircraft carriers (Higgs). World War II had cost the US government ten times that of what World War I did which is why the government levied so many new taxes. The government continued to raise income taxes to the point that income taxes went from 23 percent up to 94 percent as the "class tax" grew into a "mass tax". Even after the federal government was bringing $43 billion dollars more in revenue, they still had to finance a large portion of the war through borrowing. This large amount of borrowing from......

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Federal Government

...contracting sector and the cyber security threats and policies that govern it. We will also examine the classes of data that the defense contractor must protect and the potential cyber defense technologies that could be implemented in a prioritized strategy to secure that information. This briefing will also provide the priorities for legal and policy compliance amongst Defense contractors. Because Hytema is a Defense contractor the organization must work closely with the Federal Government causing them to adopt many of their policies and regulations. The most strategic and informative policy is the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). All departments and agencies are required to coordinate and cooperate with the Department of Homeland Security as it carries out its cybersecurity responsibility actives as noted in the Office of Management Budget (OMB) (, 2015) 2. Social Importance 2.1 Effects on society of the sector Defense contractors contribute to a very large part of what is deemed as societal importance in today’s society, however they are often overshadowed. Defense contractors that work for the Department of Defense within the cyber technology sector take up almost eighty percent of the DoD staff (, 2015). The Department of Defense states that its main objective is not tanks, planes or ships but its people. Quality is divided into four unique sections; policy, finance, force readiness and purchasing. A policy......

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Common Core and the Federal Government

...Common Core: Should the Government Participate in Education Standards? The Common Core Initiative is something that is very important to the growth of youth in the world of education. It provides a standardized education outline in hopes of making the United States a more intellectually competitive nation. Yet, while nearly all states have adopted this Initiative, there is little faith in its influence on the intelligence of the average student. There are many attributes and subtle nuances in the whole of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. This makes it difficult to say whether or not the education system is benefiting from this initiative. While Common Core set out to define when and what children should learn, was the change necessary and/or successful? Ever since people have been attempting to standardize education the question of “What is important?” has been asked. State education standards have been around since the early 1990s. By the early 2000s, every state had developed and adopted its own learning standards that specify what students in grades 3-8 and high school should be able to do. Every state also had its own definition of proficiency, which is the level at which a student is determined to be sufficiently educated at each grade level and upon graduation. This lack of standardization was one reason why states decided to develop the Common Core State Standards in 2009. America’s decreasing intelligence average became a public matter. Many people......

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Ethics in the Federal Government

...Are Ethics Laws in the Federal Government a Violation of Constitutional Rights? Abstract The paper explores the United States Government’s efforts to put in place laws that guide the ethical behavior of its civil service employees. From the founding of the nation, ensuring ethical behavior by government employees has been a recurring theme, and legislation, laws, and executive orders have been implemented at each stage of our government’s growth to guide federal employees in the ethical administration of their duties. However, at what point do the laws become too restrictive on the very citizens who have sworn to uphold our nation’s democratic values? A history of legislation, laws and executive orders is given along with the eventual backlash of court cases and demands for reform based on constitutional rights. For purposed of brevity, this analysis will focus on federal employees. Are Ethics Laws in the Federal Government a Violation of Constitutional Rights? Over two hundred years ago, with regard to ethics in the federal government, Thomas Jefferson wrote the following words “The right of any officer to give his vote at elections as a qualified citizen is not meant to be restrained, nor, however given, shall it have any effect to his prejudice; but it is expected that he will not attempt to influence the votes of others, nor take any part in the business of electioneering, that being deemed inconsistent with the spirit of the Constitution and his......

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