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Internship Report on Food and Beverage service of The Westin Dhaka

In partial fulfillment for the requirement of the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management program of Victoria University of Bangladesh, this report is prepared under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Arif Hasan and submitted to Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management for evaluation.

Zahirul Islam
Batch No: 24th
Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management
Victoria University of Bangladesh
58/11/A, Panthapath,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Date: 17/09/2015

Letter of Transmittal
17 September 2015
Arif Hasan
The supervisor
Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Victoria University of Bangladesh
58/11/A, Panthapath,
Dhaka- 1205

Subject: Submission of the Internship Report Dear Sir,
With due respect and humble submission to state that I am Zahirul Islam submitting my Internship Report on “Evaluation of Food and Beverage Service of the Westin Dhaka”.
For your kind consideration as a part of requirement in completing my Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management program. The report contains general information about the food and beverage service operation at The Westin Dhaka and my personal findings during my internship period. I would like to express my heartiest gratitude for your kind cooperation and guidance in making this report informative and time oriented. There may have some unintentional mistakes. I am requesting you to consider my mistakes. Sincerely Yours, ………………….. Zahirul Islam ID: 151124081

Student declaration

I declare that the entire report is submitted as a part of the program requirement for the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management program at Victoria University of Bangladesh.

This paper is dedicated to my parents, without them I cannot even think about my existence.…...

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HR Planning/Development, Marketing. They also mentioned that the candidates should have strong drives to achieve results. Westin published the ad in a highly professional way, whereas DHL did not do it. Westin mentioned their requirements in bulletin points and in detail, which highlight each and every point and, DHL wrote all their requirements in one paragraph, which is little vague. Westin mentioned the age limit DHL did not. Westin mentioned key results and deliverables (what does success look like) but DHL did not say anything regarding this. Westin broadly described about major activities to ensure achievement of key results and deliverables and DHL did not mention about it. Westin did not mention the salary they will give but DHL clearly mentioned it. 1. DHLdid not mentioned key results and deliverables......

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