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Week 5 Discussion

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Week 5 Discussion
"Shintoism and Zoroastrianism" Please respond to the following:
It has been said that a person is Shinto in the same way that he is Japanese. Identify at least two factors which would explain the close relationship between Shintoism and Japanese nationalism.
Shinto is closely related of being Japanese, a very indigenous religion with the Japanese culture with a lot of influence of Buddhism and other imported religions. Based on Shinto legends which link Shinto to Nationalism, it was believed that the native Japanese people are descended from the “Kami”, the most ancient form of spirituality, were present at the founding of Japan.
Because of these beliefs, that the imperial families were an unbroken line of descent from Amaterasu, and that the family is older than the people of Japan, and its survival depends on maintaining the relationship between the Emperor and his people, the emperor rule Japan because this is what their gods want to. Allegiance to the emperor is one of the factors of being a Shinto which led to being a nationalist.
Another example of would be the Japanese national Flag, a red circle on a white background. Red signifies the rising sun and the white background signifies purity, righteousness, and national loyalty.
Explain at least two ways in which Zoroastrianism acts like a bridge between Eastern and Western religions.
Based from what I understand with Zoroastrianism, I found out that it is one of the ancient religions in the world, and its beliefs have some similarity with other religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism such as the belief in a supreme God, The Duality of Existence, Divinity of creation, Spiritual nature of the world and human beings, Belief in polytheism, Belief in the basic goodness of the humanity, Belief in the sanctity of the elements, Belief in the tradition of prophets, Belief in afterlife, Belief in sin and expiation of sin, Belief in the Judgment day, Belief in the efficacy of sacrificial rituals, and Belief in the importance of righteousness.

At one time it was the dominant religion of Iran and adjoining regions. Its popularity declined when the Islamic invaders occupied Iran and introduced Islam. A handful few who fled from Iran, after the fall of the Sassanid Empire, to escape persecution in the hands of the new rules took shelter in India. They are known today in India as Parsis, a small community that has been persistently striving ever since to keep the tenets of the religion alive, despite hardship and lack of following.

Along with India used as a refugee place for the Iranians, China was also greatly influenced by this religion. From the fifth century BC to the first century BC, Zoroastrianism spread into the Western Regions of China. It was regarded as the earliest religion passing to this area. It was once the state religion of Persia. After the rise of Arab Empire, Zoroastrianism was forced to move to the east. The religion developed rapidly during the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-589) and the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). After the Song Dynasty (960-1279), this religion had largely disappeared although its practices were carried on by the Uygurs (Uigurs) and the Tajiks.…...

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