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Week 3 Supporting Activity Bsa 375

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Week 3 Supporting Activity: Website Critique
University of Phoenix Online
BSA 375
Marc Portner
April 29, 2012

Apple is a company that does things what appears to be the right way. Their products are brilliant! They are advanced and highly adored by many. There is a certain loyalty to their products that make them appear to be almost a cult. They thrive on simplicity of use and user experience. This is exactly what happen when you log onto their website. The experience is simple and enjoyable.

Critique of Apple’s website First and foremost, I must admit, I am an Apple enthusiast. I adore their products and use them everyday. As a matter of fact, I am typing this assignment on my MacBook. However, this is not the reason I picked their website for this assignment. I picked it because it is well designed and easy to navigate. The following paragraphs are my critique of Apple’s website.

Which of the six design principles do you see being utilized in this website? Provide examples.

In my honest observation and opinion, Apple’s website follows the six design principles. The website is very anesthetic. The website uses a mostly white background that allows the content to be visible and appealing. The content is well laid out on the website and does not intrude with each other on the webpage. User experience is very high. This is usually what Apple thrives on, user experience. Anyone regardless if they are new to Apple products or are avid user such as myself, will be able to navigate through the website with ease. You can anticipate what will happen next when you click on anything within the website.

What are some changes that could be made to the design of the website to better incorporate the six design principles?

There really is not much that needs to change within Apple’s website. Everything about the website follows the…...

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