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Waqf Management and Development in Egypt

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The influence of product price and brand on Economics students’ of IIUM spending behavior

Nurul Faezah binti Md.Azizan

International Islamic University Malaysia


Consumers’ decision making on purchase is a type of analytical process and frequently they undergo a similar psychological process in deciding what products and brand to buy. Product price and brand are several factors that affect customer’s spending behavior in satisfying their needs and hence, it is important for manufacturer and retailers to know what factors that encourage customers to buy a product. The purpose of the present paper therefore, is to investigate the influence of product price and brand among students who represent adolescents, on their spending behavior. Questionnaires were distributed among students from Kuliyyah Economics and Management Sciences of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) to view their judgment about this issue. The results then propose that most of the students valued product price more than brand name of products in selecting things to purchase.

Table of content


Introduction 4

Literature Review 7

Methodology 10

Findings/Discussion 12

Conclusion 17

References 19

Appendix A 21


Background of Study

As technology is rapidly growing these days, most consumers now are well-informed about the products in the market especially the one that is regularly used by them. They are now becoming a sensitive price taker as they will easily substitute to similar products that offer cheaper price even though from different brands. However, in this competitive industry, it gives…...

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