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Management and Leadership Paper
The world of business is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Old business strategies and conventional managerial approaches are fading away. With market forces such as globalization, poor economies, wars, and the internet—just to name a few, the uncertainty and volatility for business have never been greater. A business looking to succeed cannot rely on the same one management styles and solutions. Good qualified managers are important for any company; but throughout this unprecedented global tumult, a successful business necessitates quality leadership. This paper will contain data pertaining specifically to these points. A Manager
Bateman & Snell wrote, “Today’s best managers can do it all, for they are working leaders. They focus on relationships with other people and achieving results. They do not just make decisions and give orders, and wait for others to produce and evaluate results. They get dirty, do hard work themselves, solve problems, and produce results” (Bateman & Snell, 2009).
There is a clear and definitive distinction between what is called a manger—and what constitutes as a leader. A manager is in a position of power bestowed upon them by the owners. A manager’s role within the company is considered to be transactional. He or she informs the subordinate worker on what must be done and in exchange, the employee is compensated. A manger of a company are compensated to get things done; and usually within constricted restraints of time and money. Research has discovered managers come from stable backgrounds and live comfortable lives. Consequently, they tend to be risk-averse and try to elude conflict (Changing Minds, 2012).

A Leader
By definition, a leader does not have underpinnings or subordinates.…...

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