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Sarah Fiore
Mr. Hallmark
English Comp 1
Source Summary Living to Work
Sayers, Dorothy, Living to Work.
Dorothy Sayers was displaying her views on the working people of the world as she sees it. She believes that out of all these people there are only two groups to be classified in; the people who live to work and the people who work to live. Her purpose in writing this was to convey how she feels about the much divided classes of work.
The theme of this essay is the attitude the masses have towards work in the modern era. The work to live group hates the mundane jobs they occupy while the other group, the living to work category, love the occupation they chose for they are able to gain a sense of completion from their crafts.
In class we are focusing on the future jobs that we have in mind and the life that will be a head of us. In this story we are able to see two different types of work and taking that into consideration apply that to what we have planned for ourselves. Do we want to take a career for money, love or convince?
My first thoughts during and after reading were that this author believed there to be no grey lines. That there are the ones that hate and the ones that love their work. That the society sees a successful job as one that makes one wealthy, not one that that being moral comfort. That the world has become obsessed with the idea of success being something that gains money or fame, not something that will help others directly or works smaller than some big corporation.
What is something that you have seen, read, or heard about that is something that is against the main flow of society but proves a point that deserves more credit than to just be push off as something off setting? Do you think this world is governed by money and efficiency… but with the demand of such a high population is this to be expected?

Sarah Fiore
Mr. Hallmark
English Comp 1
Source Summary Two Prefaces from Working
Terkel, Studs, Two Prefaces from Working.
Adding to the previous thoughts that occurred from the passage before this article goes more in depth with the lives of these two working classes. Delving into the minds and thoughts of actual people from two different sides of the working spectrum, Terkel is able to convey the views these two men have on work.
Again the theme of this passage is about the people and their places in work, how they feel and their attitudes towards it.
The class that lives to work was represented by a stone mason, an optimistic handyman that hand crafts his works and is able to see the finishing product of this labor. He believes that his work lasts long after he does and he is proud of what he creates. Pouring his heart and soul into his craftsmanship so much that he feels that after his is gone he will live on in his work; that his precious stone work is his idea of immortality. The second class that works to live seem never to make it out of their limbo. They are factory workers or people who work in a small part of a larger image that they no longer can see in their minds. They are people who do what they have to do to survive. They get up when they have to and work when scheduled and repeat so they can earn the money that one day might get them out of their hell. But this particular man interview knew he was not going anywhere any time soon and even though very smart only wishes that his son will not end up like his father but as someone on top.
This author seems to follow the idea of having two different ideas of work. They must me analytical but unjudging. They know about the ideas and arrangement of society and shows that by writing. He must have grown up working regular jobs and after finding his writing career he was able to express his views of different working people and how they feel.
What are some mundane, expressionless jobs that you had to work? Something that where the only reason you got up and ready for the job was because it was a means to an end and after two weeks you got a paycheck.

Sarah Fiore
Mr. Hallmark
English Comp 1
Source Summary Jean Beicke
Williams, Carlos William, Jean Beicke
Jean Beicke is a story written to invoke uncomfortable thoughts of the great depression and to illustrate the actual happenings of the people during this time when it comes to health and the doctors in this profession.
The theme was about the helplessness these doctors and nurses faced and how, while forced with the reality of the situation, were unable to do anything but accept the fact that they were unable to save everyone like they so thought. Parents were forced into dirt situations and children were left to die because parents were either dead or unable to take care of them. Sick children were believed to be better off dead than for the parents having to pay for a doctor to save them.
This story shows a different side of work during a time of great hardship and grief. It shows the limit people are pushed too and how they deal with such a situation. So while this doctor so hallowed from the death of all these sick and starving children suddenly had this urge to save this one terribly deformed and malnourished little girl.
The author was once a physician himself like the man in the story written. So not only was this man writing about something in his field but he was able to connect on a level not everyone can. Being a doctor he could have faced situations that left him feeling incapable of saving a life or maybe had to deal with the horrifying guilt of a wrong diagnosis, but one thing for certain is that he was able to convey the feelings of helplessness one of medicine may feel when unable to perform a lifesaving task.
Do you think that if we fell under a depression like the one in history that the same situations would occur? Would people really feel that children were better off dead than to be saved only to be used as whores or to cry, starving on the street, would that happen like it did then?…...

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