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Kudler Fine Foods’ Loyalty Card Program
Kudler Fine Foods has submitted a service request to develop a frequent shopper program to track customer trends and give frequent customers rewards for being loyal customers. Many grocery stores have adopted a rewards or loyalty program. This program gives the customers a discount while they shop and sometimes offers rewards and prizes. By using this program, a store also collects valuable data that can be used to specify which customers by certain items. This information can then be used to tailor advertisements and coupons to each customer. This program will hopefully increase sales by providing a more efficient marketing plan to customers.
Many other grocery stores have found that using a loyalty program can increase profits and customer base. In a recession, such as the one we are currently experiencing, it is important to maintain the customer base that a company has worked so hard to obtain. According to Colloguy research (as cited in Helbig, 2009), “U.S. consumer participation in rewards programs is on the rise across all demographic segments, . . . Consumers are leaning on loyalty programs to stretch household budgets further by earning rewards for their purchases” (para. 7).
Many grocery stores use a loyalty program for tracking customer purchases and offering discounts. This loyalty program comes in the form or a card. When a customer decides they want to part of the loyalty program, they fill out a form. This form contains the name, phone number, mailing address, and email address of the customer. The customer is then issued a rewards card with a unique number. This information is then placed into a database and is accessed every time the customer scans the card at the check-out counter. During the transaction, a database also captures what items are purchased and if any coupons were…...

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