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Veterans Having Trouble Finding Jobs After the Military

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Unit 6 Project
Veterans Having Trouble Finding Jobs After the Military
Mark Everhart
Kaplan University
Professor Sandra Fontana

Veterans who have served this country by going to war are quickly realizing that America is not appreciating the sacrifices made for our service members. Veterans are being passed over for employment for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), lack of job skills for performing civilian jobs, and the inability to cope with the transition from military to civilian life. The unemployment rate for veterans is 6.9 percent (Norman, 2012). The government and the employers need to work together to make the transition out of the military a smoother process. The Department of Veteran Affairs cannot process the applications for the G.I. Bill fast enough to accommodate the veterans. Veterans lack the job skills necessary to perform jobs in the civilian sector after the military. All military veterans should have special training, skill and mind set for the transition from military to civilian life, provided by the government and employers to ensure employability after serving their country regardless of how many years of service one has served. Veterans lack the special training and skills that are necessary to compete with the civilian population. Veterans often have jobs that cannot transfer to the civilian world (Hefling, 2011). For instance if they are an infantryman, they cannot get a job as a mechanic. Even as a Diesel Mechanic, it is hard to find work in the civilian sector. The military uses different equipment than the civilian sector. Many veterans do not take advantage of the benefits that are given to them while they are on active duty. SPC Black a United States Army Veteran stated that, “I have never used my benefits in the Army” (Nicholas Black, personal communication, February 15, 2013).Aol Jobs (2012) reported that, “Surveyed veterans admitted that they have difficulty knowing where to begin their searches as civilians”. Some veterans leave the military with a degree and still cannot manage to find a job. Even though the military offers the G.I. Bill, veterans are having issues when it comes to processing claims and knowing what funds are still available (Shane, 2013). Most veterans do not even know how to write a resume. Being able to write a resume is vital in today’s economy. When veterans do job interviews; they tend to act as if they bring the military with them. Many veterans find that changing their current mind set away from the military can be difficult, especially when interviewing with potential employers (Mielach, 2012). The military instills a sense discipline that many civilians have a difficult time relating to. The military has a specific way that its leaders are expected to carry themselves, and it is hard to break habits that are instilled in you day after day. Many veterans treat their children as if they are in the military. They are trying to instill discipline in their children by using what they have been taught over the years. It can be even more challenging for military service members that are children of a military upbringing to adjust. Employers are scared to hire veterans due to the fear of PTSD issues in the work place (Briggs, 2012). Many of the veterans that have served in Iraq or Afghanistan have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. The definition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is as follows: “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event (Mayo Clinic, 2013). In fact, there are approximately11 percent of Afghanistan and 20 percent of the Iraq veterans have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Medline Plus, 2009). Many veterans do not receive treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the fact of repercussions from the military. The government could also offer counseling to veterans that may need it. The government needs to remember that all scars are not visible. If a soldier complains or attempts to receive treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he or she will be blackballed by the military. The individual will probably not get promoted, receive awards and may get discharged with no benefits (Steve Fox, personal communication, January 2013). Employers are scared that the veteran will have an outburst or not be able to control or deal with the situations that they may encounter on the job (Briggs, 2012). Some veterans will face many tough psychological problems when returning back to civilian life. Veterans do not have the confidence to find jobs. Many veterans get overlooked when applying for jobs. The unemployment rate of veterans is not faltering. The unemployment rate of the general population in July 2012 was 8.3 percent compared to the unemployed veterans who had 6.9 percent unemployment rate (Norman, 2012). Out of the millions of veterans that have served this great nation, The United States of America, 21.1 percent of these veterans are unemployed (Hernandez, 2013). With the two current wars this nation has taken part in, 6,630 soldiers, sailors, and marines have given their lives for this country. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been ongoing and have lasted over a decade. At this rate, the unemployment rate for veterans will be over 25 percent in the near future. This is due to the fact that veterans are not getting the same job opportunities as the civilian population. There are many different ways that the government and employers can help fix this problem. Military and government officials make it mandatory for service members to take more classes that can make transition easier. The government could also help the veterans find jobs before leaving the military. This would allow an easier transition for soldiers. This way they already have a job with an income before leaving the service. The government can work hand in hand with the civilian employers and find out the most common or needed skills that a veteran may need to get a job. If employers and the government work together, they can solve this problem. Granted there are millions of employers compared to the government. Employers may offer veterans the chance to learn special skills. This would help improve the veterans mind set and create a positive environment for the veteran to grow into a part of their business. “The reality is, a lot of (job skills) they learn in service, they’re drug free, they’re healthy, they’re willing to relocate, they’ve got a lot of leadership, they’re very, very diverse, (they have) teamwork (and perform well) under pressure,” said Chris Hale (Essner, 2012). Yet this is still not enough to stray away from negativity. Employers should front load veterans when it comes to hiring. Most veterans offer leadership skills that a business needs to grow. The employer should help create and mold the veteran into their type of leader that they need for their company. Employers and veterans can work together to promote a place where veterans can learn and grow with a company. Veterans can embrace the lifestyle that the business has and can be a part of its foreseeable future. Employers may be able to offer medical help for veterans if they need it. The government, business owners and employers need to work together to solve this problem. When they all work together, veterans can start having a more productive future in society. In 2009, President Obama gave a speech to the American people regarding the veterans that served the United States. The President stated that the United States of American had not fulfilled its obligation to its service members when dealing with treatment, support and jobs. The President signed into effect the Veteran Job Skill Act on July 2012 (The White House, 2013).
Most of the Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers are veterans. Companies like McDonalds’s, Exxon Mobil, Lockheed Martin, General Motors, and Wal-Mart have veterans serving at the top of their company. Alex Gorsky, the CEO of Johnson & Johnson stated that, “I was a field artillery captain in the army, I had 125 soldiers… Right away, you think, I’m going to jump out there and apply my captain skills. I had to get used to rejection” (Lin, 2012). “In 2007 (the latest data available from the U.S. Census Bureau), veterans owned 2.4 million businesses, or 9 percent of all businesses nationwide, generating $1.2 trillion in receipts and employing nearly 5.8 million people” (Moran, 2012). In North Carolina there are 1,656 businesses that are owned by veterans (Buy Veteran, 2012). In 2007, there were an estimated 821,189 small businesses in North Carolina (NC Department of Commerce, 2013). That means that veterans own 1.22 percent of the businesses in the state of North Carolina. In conclusion, it is obvious that Veterans struggle with employment opportunities. If the government and employers were more willing to take a chance and offer training, veterans may be more qualified and better prepared to obtain a job as a civilian. Employers who offer training programs for veterans may find that veterans can be an asset to their company and not a liability. There are many Chief Executive Officers that are prior military. This is not a coincidence. Veterans receive training to be the best at what they do. If a veteran can become a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, how far can a veteran take your business? Veterans once served this country in war, now employers should allow them to serve their communities with a sense of pride. When veterans are being rejected from employment in their community, it is as if they are being “spat on” and unappreciated after all of the precious time and sweat blood and tears they have given this great nation. Veterans need more help from the government before leaving the military. The government needs to implement more ways for its personnel to be better prepared for the world they are entering. Employers claim that they practice equal opportunity, but when it comes to Veterans, employers do not stand by their philosophy of equal employment opportunity. It has been proven that former military veterans are the predominately best suited for leadership positions (Essner, 2012). If veterans can sacrifice so much for their country, then maybe just maybe, it is time for their country to serve them.

Revision of Letter to the Editor Unit 5
To the Editor, The unemployment rate of veterans is astonishing. There have been many attempts to lower the veteran’s unemployment rate, all have failed thus far. Currently, the unemployment rate for veterans is at 6.9 percent. All the while, businesses are still not hiring veterans. It has been brought to many veterans attention that this is partially due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Wal-Mart has pledged to hire 100,000 veterans within five years (USA Today, 2013). This is just a start to what potentially could be a great ending. President Barrack Obama gave a speech in 2009 to the American people. He stated that the government has not fulfilled its obligation to the veterans who have served this great nation. The United States of America has been at war for over a decade. When the President notices a problem and announces it publicly, you know it is a problem. The President signed an executive order for employers to hire veterans. In return the government will offer employers tax breaks and many other things. Veterans lack the skills necessary to compete in the U.S. economy. Many veterans do not know how to write a proper resume. Many veterans are reluctant to ask for help because they do not know how or where to turn. AOL Jobs reported that, “Surveyed veterans admitted that they have difficulty knowing where to begin their searches as civilians”. The United States government and business owners need to come together and figure out a strategic plan to solve this issue. Employers that do not hire veterans are being hypocritical. When they need help or feel threatened, who do they turn too? They turn to the service member to protect them. The difference is that employers are scared to hire veterans. If employers hire veterans, they will show that the sacrifices that veterans have made will not go unnoticed. In the end it is extremely important that the veterans know that they are not forgotten or overlooked. For someone to lay down their life and not ask questions, the least an employer can do is give veterans a chance. Veterans deserve the same rights as a regular civilian. They deserve the same opportunities and the same training. Veterans have served the American people, now it is time for the American people to serve and assist the veterans.
Mark Everhart

Reflection I realized a lot about myself as a writer. I use to despise writing with a passion that one can only compare to the flu. I was never really any good at writing. I learned that I could do more than what I thought I could. I had great help, especially when it came to my peers and professor. When it came to the process of writing, I found out many new things. I found out how to take my voice and put it into the paper. I also found many different techniques to help with my writing. As a thinker, I learned that my mind is the only thing that can limit me. I can do anything if I put my mind to it. This class forced me to think outside of the box and look at things from different views. I was able to create new ideas and generate them on paper. When I did this, it flowed like music coming off of the paper. I have created and practiced many new skills over the course of this class. This class provided me with multiple techniques that will benefit me in future classes. For instance writers block, everyone experiences writers block. I learned that I could walk away and not force myself to do things. I can use inspiration to help with writers block. Also, I learned a great deal of information when it came making different outlines. I always used a traditional outline, instead in this class, I was forced to come out of the shadows and perform things that I was uncomfortable with. This made me a better writer. APA formatting was not easy. It takes practice to get the proper form. I also enjoyed the help from Kaplan when it came to APA formatting. Kaplan made it so easy to figure it out, and made a quick link just for the students. I thoroughly appreciate the help and easy access. Having conversation with others was remarkable. It broke the monotony of regular online college classes. I learned as much from my classmates as they learned from me. The interaction helped me create new ideas and understand the material that we were going over. The professor presented the class with many different techniques and gave many different examples in order for the class to better understand the material. During discussion and seminars, the professor and my classmates would critique my work. I found this very helpful. It made me change the entire way that I approached my paper and writing style. Sometimes taking constructive criticism can be tough, but you have to take everything with a grain of salt and realize that it is only making you better. When it came to all of my work in this class, my classmates have helped me so much. I cannot thank them enough for all of their help.
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Unit 9 Project Rubric (240 points: 150 for essay, 50 for presentation, 20 for letter, and 20 for reflection question responses) A 216-240 points | Essay Content:Includes a compelling introduction with a logical persuasive thesis statement and a conclusion that effectively wraps up the essay.Supports main points effectively and clearly (no logical fallacies, outside sources used to support arguments where appropriate) and skillfully refutes counter-arguments without ignoring data that contradicts the student’s thesis. Shows original thought.Refers to at least 5 secondary sources in the body of the paper and on the references page. At least two of these sources are academic books or articles, and at least one comes from the Kaplan Library. 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Language may be vague or sentences too wordy.Numerous grammatical and punctuation errors. Misspellings are more frequent, but they may not be caught by a spell checker. Does not always follow the accepted conventions of Standard American English.An attempt at APA formatting and citations was made, but project contains several significant errors in layout or citation style.Letter to the Editor:Letter needed to be edited more thoroughly to enhance clarity and purpose. Demonstrates little revision of the version posted in the Unit 5 invention lab.Reflection question responses:May not respond to all of the reflection questions, answers may not be in paragraph form, or lacks specific examples from the student’s work throughout the course.Presentation:Message in presentation lacks originality or may lack clarity and purpose. Not effective enough for intended audience. 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Shows little original thought.Relies on personal experience to the near exclusion of outside research, does not meet the source requirements, or sources are inappropriate for an academic essay.Essay is two pages short of the length requirement, excluding the title and references page.Too little revision and expansion of the draft submitted in Unit 6.Organization, Style, Mechanics, and APA:Paragraphs are underdeveloped and lack coherence and transitions.The style is inappropriate for an academic essay and interferes with the development and clarity of the main points.Many serious and minor grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, including those that would be flagged by a spell and grammar checker. Often fails to meet the conventions of Standard American English.Citation and formatting meet few APA guidelines.Letter to the editor:The letter lacks clarity and a sense of purpose. Inappropriate for its intended audience. Demonstrates no revision of the version posted in the Unit 5 invention lab.Reflection question responses:Only responds to some of the reflection questions, responses may be in incomplete sentences or are not in paragraph form, and responses lack any specific examples.Presentation: Message in presentation lacks originality, clarity, and purpose and is not effective for intended audience. Has only 1 or 2 pieces of information regarding the student’s big idea and lacks research to support points. Does not demonstrate revision of the version posted in the Unit 7 invention lab. | F143-below points | It meets no or few of the assignment's guidelines; missing one or more required components.The components outlined for a 'D' paper, presentation, letter to the editor, or reflection responses are not met.Essay, letter to editor, and/or presentation have not been revised.It may be plagiarized. | Comments: | Points: 230 I appreciate your work on the final project, Mark. This is a topic that needs attention. I have several community college students/families struggling with this issue in various ways. Indeed, we need to provide funds in order to provide health services and jobs for veterans. You have done a fantastic job overall! See the feedback on lower/higher order concerns as you review. Nice job! Sandy |…...

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Homeless Veterans

...Homeless Veterans in America Name Institution Part 1 Statistics show that there are between 130,000 and 200,000 homeless veterans in America. Homeless veterans amount to about one-fourth and one-fifth of the entire homeless population in America. Homeless veterans are a population of Americans who have at one time or the other served their country in war. An estimated 131,000 veterans spend a night homeless, and this population doubles if one considers the population of homeless veterans over the course of the year. An approximate of 40% homeless men are veterans that are a significant considering 34% of the general adult male population is composed of veterans. Besides being homeless, this population faces other problems which include; social, economic, and psychological problems (Alker, 2009). Homeless veterans are more likely to suffer addiction as compared to the general population. According to Alker (2009), 76% of homeless veterans are alcohol or drug addicts. Because of the painful memories and the new reality of homelessness that dawn on them they turn to alcohol and drugs. Coupled with all the problems these homeless veterans experience social problems such as isolation. For this reason, they have no one to share their pains with and, therefore, they rarely receive help for treatable conditions such as addiction (Center for American Progress, 2008). Economic stressors are a root cause of homelessness for American veterans. The skills acquired from their......

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... * 中文(简体) * Sign In ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Bottom of Form RAND > Published Research > Research Briefs > RB-9336 > Invisible Wounds Mental Health and Cognitive Care Needs of America’s Returning Veterans RESEARCHHIGHLIGHTS View the print-friendly version: PDF (0.2 MB) Key findings: * Approximately 18.5 percent of U.S. servicemembers who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq currently have post-traumatic stress disorder or depression; and 19.5 percent report experiencing a traumatic brain injury during deployment. * Roughly half of those who need treatment for these conditions seek it, but only slightly more than half who receive treatment get minimally adequate care. * Improving access to high-quality care(i.e., treatment supported by scientific evidence) can be cost-effective and improve recovery rates. | Since October 2001, approximately 1.64 million U.S. troops have deployed to support operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many have been exposed for prolonged periods to combat-related stress or traumatic events. Safeguarding the mental health of these servicemembers and veterans is an important part of ensuring the future readiness of our military force and compensating and honoring those who have served our nation. In the wake of recent reports and media attention, public concern about the care of the war wounded is high. In response, several task forces, independent review groups, and a......

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Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

...ENGL099 – Pre-College English Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life Introduction My paper is on the transition from Military life to Civilian Life. The dealings and issues that a lot of the service men and women and even their families deal with on a day to day basis. In this paper, I will write about what they go through including the families of the service men as well as the dealings with PTSD and the issues of finding work after they are out of the service. Whether they are healthy or have been dismissed medically, the struggles they endure every day. I. Topic #1 A. Military Life 1. In the military, things are structured everything is done precise and accurately. No stone is left unturned. Typically, servicemen go to work whether in the office, in the field and it is hard labor. Nothing in the military is ever easy. The wives are left to take care of the house, the bills sometimes and the kids. Some spouses do work as well. Some already had careers when they married. A lot of spouses however will volunteer their time in the kid’s schools or around the base just to keep busy. 2. When a family is facing deployment, it is not only hard on the servicemen, but it is hard on the family as well, especially the children. The children have to deal with months or even a full year without their parent and some families if both their parents are in the service, they are having to deal with both parents being deployed which then leaves them with really......

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Gays in the Military

...Critical Thinking HU345-02 Unit 9 Final Project Gays in the Military Diana Brown Professor RonaldDean Davenport Kaplan University Gays in the Military The United States has been faced with different debates. Gays in the military has been one of the strongest political debates since the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy started almost two decades ago. A majority of democrats wanted to allow gays to serve openly in the armed forces, and the republicans completely opposed; they wanted to keep this policy, solely to ban gays from serving openly in the military. The policy completely prohibited homosexuals from serving in the military; if it was any suspicion of a person being homosexual, regardless if they were or not engaging in homosexual conduct, they were put under investigation; if it was determine that the person in fact was homosexual, they were immediately discharged. This was not only unfair, but discriminatory and at the same time unconstitutional. It is hard to understand how they got away with this for so long; this simply did not make any sense. For some Congress’ members and military officials the fear was that by allowing gays to serve openly in the military could cause more casualties and would endangered the troops.. In an interview with newspapers and wire service reporters at the Pentagon, Gen. James F. Amos, the commandant of the Marine Corps at the time said: "you don't want anything distracting. . . . Mistakes and inattention or distractions......

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Military Suicides

...Among American civilians, whites have historically and significantly led the way in the rates of suicides. Although leveling off after the 1990’s, the rate of white suicides has still been almost twice as much as minority groups. It has also been shown that males commit suicide significantly more than females.  Figure 1 Figure 2 As the rate of suicides increases in our nation, it has risen consistently with white males leading the way, as shown in figures 1 and 2. There are many theories behind what is driving this, however there are no hard facts behind any of these theories and there is still no concrete reason why white males are more prone to commit suicide. A very important group within the American population has been increasing rapidly as well in suicides. The rate of suicides in the U.S. military is so high now, that in 2012, more service members died from suicide than combat exposure. Determining the driving factors behind this increase is not only important in mission readiness and the safety of our nation but can provide information on whether or not key individuals (whites, males) should not be used in combat situations if already prone to suicide. Because it is already proven in the civilian world that these individuals are more prone to commit suicide, one must wonder if this is true in the military. What characteristics predict whether or not an American soldier will commit suicide? Is it the same as in the civilian world? And if there is any difference,......

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...To: Mayor Eric Garcetti Date: November 19, 2015 Subject: Veteran Suicide Prevention in California (Nationwide) ______________________________________________________________________________ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: “All I ever considered when I thought about suicide was the guilt I was feeling and just wanting a way out, wanting to not have those memories anymore,” said Clinton Hall, 35, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan as an infantryman and now lives in Portland, Ore. His friend and fellow soldier killed himself shortly after returning home. An epidemic is raging among us and some of us have no idea the problem sits next to the very flag of freedom we encounter throughout our day. Suicide is one of the many causes of death for American military forces. A research project in 2012 reported in Times Magazine regarding active duty members of the military, shows a surprising 349 veterans took their own lives; more than the death from combat operations that year. The Veteran Affairs Department estimates that 22 vets die by their own hand every day. For a veteran, the sound of a firework can spark a flashback of war; while shopping at the aisles of the super market, a veteran may suddenly feel the need to seek cover as it reminds him of being ambushed in Iraq or Afghanistan. The reality is that our patriots are leaving one battle and returning home to another. Some veterans feel ostracized, others are homelessness, have become drug addict,, and are unemployed. These problems relate......

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Finding Jobs

...In the process of switching jobs to better suit my career field I found that is more accurate and reliable. CareerBuilder offers tons of vacancy options as wells as tools to search for a desired job and job field. Whereas Riley Guide offers limited and a less variety of jobs as well as job search options. “CareerBuilder is an employment-based site that helps job seekers to search for job openings by keyword, location and career category”. Whereas Riley Guide serve as an online source designed to help jobseekers find employment websites. When using job seekers have the ability to post resumes and apply to job openings after creating their own online profile. Whereas Riley Guide servers as a search engine which allows visitors to browse through multiple lists directly from the website. The list is only a blueprint that provides links to other sites where visitors can search for employment. Also Riley Guide does not give visitors the option to create their own online profile or upload any resumes. Riley Guide is only a guide to other resources that can help jobseekers find employment. offers career advice information and a resume writing service. The writing service can assist you with writing your resume as well as critiquing the resumes you may post to your online profile. Whereas Riley Guide offers only articles as a guideline when writing or posting your resumes to other employment sites. is......

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