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Vakue Chain

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Business Processes
Coursework 2

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Introduction 2

Waitrose Overview 2
Resources and Competences 3

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 5

Level of Competition 5 Threats of Substitutes 6 Threat of Entrants 7 Bargaining Power of Buyers 8 Bargaining Power of Suppliers 8

SWOT Analysis 9

Waitrose Supply Chain 10

Waitrose Value Chain 11

Primary Value Chain Activities 12

Inbound logistics 12 Operations 13 Outbound Logistics 13 Marketing and Sales 13 Services 13

Support Value Chain Activities 14

Procurement 14 Technology Development 14 Human Resource Management 14 Firm Infrastructure 14

Conclusion 14

Bibliography 16

Appendix A 18

Appendix B 19

Appendix C 20

Appendix D 21

Appendix E 22


As a continuation of the analysis provided in Coursework 1 on the Stamford Waitrose Branch and the Waitrose Company, using PEST(EL) analysis, on the external influences that affect its business. The analysis in this paper focuses on how the branch and Waitrose as company employs Supply Chain Management, Porter’s Value Chain and Porter’s Five Forces business process models to contribute to their position within the highly competitive UK grocery business. To distinguish itself from other leading supermarkets Waitrose employ a differentiation strategy; by targeting a cliental that prefer quality products over price, providing a wide variety of fresh items and by using ‘Own brand’ labelled…...

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