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Yes we should protect and maintain New Jersey beaches and properties for lot of genuine reasons such as beaches are also create the huge revenue around the year, beaches bring lot of people from around the USA for enjoyment and fun with their family and friends. If people stop visiting beaches government of New Jersey will lose huge amount of revenue, business owners businesses will go down and lot of people will end up with loosing their jobs. If we don’t protect and maintain beaches and property there will be c

The quality of life and the strength of the economy in New Jersey are challenged by persistent threats to the health and viability of one of its most cherished and fragile assets: its ocean resources. Despite regulatory efforts to date, New Jersey residents still face beach closings, seafood health advisories, and prohibitions on shellfishing in some areas because of pollution. In addition, pressures on fisheries due to overfishing and ecosystem destruction have jeopardized the future vitality of these resources. New Jersey now has an opportunity to seize a leadership role in strengthening protections for its ocean resources, rebuilding valuable fish populations, and cleaning its coastal waters. Two national blue-ribbon panels, the Pew Oceans Commission (POC) and the United States Commission on Ocean Policy (USCOP), recently reviewed the state of our country’s declining ocean resources and made recommendations to policy makers about improving or overhauling existing ocean laws and management. While a majority of the commissions’ recommendations are directed to the federal government, many can be undertaken directly at the state level.
State governance of coastal and ocean waters extends three miles from the shore. These environments function as critical habitat for many marine species and also represent the environment that humans use—and abuse—most. Indeed, both commissions stressed the importance of state policies and actions in abating the threats and restoring coastal and ocean fish populations, habitats and waters. Several states, including California and Massachusetts, have already taken stepstoward implementing recommendations from these reports.…...

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