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March 2, 2016
Professor Mondol USB Interface In today’s new world of technology, we are very fortunate to be have USB ports, many of us ask ourselves about what USB ports are and why they play an important role in our lives. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is used for so many purposes whether that be in the technical world or daily uses. The main purpose of the USB is to receive and deliver different types of data. This is a protocol for connecting peripherals to a computer.

USB are small, reversible, fast, powerful, and flexible. They play a really big part in my college life. Being an IT stupid means that I have many essays and projects to complete, and with the help of a USB I can easily save my information and not have to worry about it getting deleted. Many times I have important documents such as resumes and job applications, but with just a couple steps I can keep all my files safe. USB are also very helpful to me when I have to make a presentation in class, rather than having to drag my laptop with me I can just connect my USB and my presentation will appear on the screen.
USB have been around for almost 20 years now. The first USB starts to develop in

1994, this was Co invented by an Indian young man named Ajay Butt. Ajay collaborated his idea with 7 well known companies. Compaq, Dec, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Nec, and
Nortel got together and created the first USB specification. After a year had passed the first USB 1.0 debuted in 1995 and transferred data at the rate of 12 megabits per second.
As the years went by the USB kept improving. In 2000 the USB 2.0 was 40 times faster than the previous, with a rate of 480 megabytes per second. This also added more power source and allowed capabilities for various multimedia and storage devices. People even nowadays use USB 1.1 and 2.0 during their everyday lives. Some devices are the mouse, keyboard, webcam, and cameras. Now recently the USB 3.0 is being used throughout the world. with an approximate “super speed” data transfer rate up to 4.8 gigabits per second This USB 3.0 is the market’s highest capacity flash drive with storage capabilities up to 1TB. You can backup your entire computer on this portable USB drive. The USB also allows you to transfer and edit HD and 4K video.
As the time and technology improves, the USB gets more beneficial for people all around the world. The inside of a USB has just 3 simple parts that help it get to work.
The board is used to hold all the internal components and it also includes the USB connector. The NAND flash memory storage chip is where all the files are stored to keep them safe from deleting. The last part is the controller chip which is known as the
“brain” of the flash drive. This retrieves information from the drive and records all the information from the NAND flash memory. All parts of the USB link together and without all three parts the USB in incomplete.

The USB is very simple and easy to use, in just a couple steps you can access all your information. Firstly you have to plug the memory stick into the computer. Go to your file and then save as, click the dropdown at the top and find the memory stick.
Next you'll have to drag your file to your memory stick and make sure it's located there before deleting the information. Finally you need to press save and then remove the memory stick while making sure it doesn't get damaged.
The USB is found in many electronic devices such as computers and laptops.
Every device has a different purpose when using the USB. For example the Wi­Fi­USB is used to connect internet on either PC or laptop. Another example is the USB hub, which is used to see live video streaming. USB ports are often built into equipment such as computers, keyboards, monitors, or printers. The USB also has many application ports such as the mouse, which is used as an alternative option for laptops for better use.
Printers which allow data to transfer using a USB cable . This is connected into a USB port, after data is transferred and received you can print the paper.
In conclusion the USB has been useful and beneficial to all. This cheap and affordable product has helped many in the business world. It has provided space to save pictures and files without having to worry about them getting deleted. Being able to use a USB has made our lives a little bit easier than before, rather than having to carry a laptop or computer we just need to have this handy portable size USB on us. As the world has been growing so has the USB, it has provided today's generation with more reliable source. All in all everyone should invest in a USB because this product is reliable and accessible at any time.

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