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Unit 10 Reflections

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MT445, Managerial Economics is the first Economics class I have taken in my educational journey. The course as a whole has made me a stronger candidate in the business world because I now have some knowledge of economics and how it affects business decisions to add to my management experience. I am embarrassed that I did not have this knowledge prior and to be as successful as I am in my career. I have an employee who constantly speaks of economic terms and now I have the understanding needed to hold a confident conversation about a topic such as diminishing returns. Learning more about economics, I feel has made me worldlier by understanding the effects of globalization. This course has affected my professional development as a student and a person by introducing me to economics and giving me a greater understanding. I now have the foundation to reach my goal of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and then continue on to earn my Master’s in Business Administration. I feel this class has helped me understand more about the industry I work in and the future growth of my company. Currently I hold the position of Associate Director of Admissions at Kaplan University. In our management meetings we discuss how we need to grow the company in a shrinking market. I had a general understanding, but now thanks to this class I am able to see the overall picture to have a clearer understanding of the impact market conditions have. This class also has prepared me for my future classes that are part of my education plan to take in the near future and will help me in the business…...

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