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What will be your new market strategy in India? How do you plan to position Uninor?
I want Uninor to be the best in three things. First, distribution, since a direct contact with the customer is crucial. In other Asian markets where we operate, Telenor is best-positioned on distribution and we want to replicate that in India too.
Second, we want to be the best on basic services like voice and 2G data services. That is why we are not concentrating on value-added services and post-paid services.
Third, we want to be the lowest on costs. We are small and we need to compensate for some of the scaled advantages enjoyed by our rivals, but we have an advantage because we don't have legacy issues.
Has the dynamic pricing model been successful in the circles you are present? Has it increased calling?
The plan is a little bit complicated to communicate. So it takes a little bit of time for the users to understand it. But now the concept has started to pick up. The plan does two things: it drives users to the Uninor network and it also enables us to utilise our network optimally. It's also a way for us to control our costs. But, it is still early days to measure the success.
What next from Uninor's camp on the pricing front?
There are several things lined up. Right now we are trying to hold the dynamic pricing position. We will soon come out with other pricing and segmentation solutions. The focus will be on generating usage, based on cost. There is price sensitivity in the market. If we play it correctly, balancing the average revenue per user and usage, it will be a success. Then we plan to bring in segmented solutions for different segments of population such as the youth, housewives or professionals.
Uninor is operational in 13 circles. But, it has not got any start-up spectrum in Delhi and allocation of additional 2G spectrum in other circles is still being…...

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