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Undying Hatred

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Undying Hatred

A curse can change a person. It can drive them insane. So insane where the agony is too much to bare. They have hatred, evil within and no true love from a single soul. The hatred is what comes out the most and transfers over to the people around them. Many say they don’t have hatred or evil but, there is always a little somewhere deep down. Queen Revenna has undying hatred because of the curse of beauty that lives forever. Her hatred was conveyed to everyone around her no matter how closely related they are. The enchanted mirror is Queen Revenna’s only satisfaction to her beauty. When the Queen stands in front of the mirror and says, “Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?” A figure will appear in front of her that only she can see. It tells her what she wants to hear. She always goes to the mirror when she needs the confidence that her beauty is unique and will never die. The second time she goes the mirror in the movie, she doesn’t get the answer she was hoping. The mirror tells her, the way only she will be able to keep her beauty forever is by killing Snow White and taking her heart. Revenna couldn’t stand that someone was standing in her way of forever being beautiful. She felt hatred towards Snow White and wanted her heart so that nothing else could stand in her way of being alive and beautiful forever. Especially, since Snow White is the only one who can kill the Queen because her beauty is much greater than her’s.
Revenna trusted the enchanted mirror to tell her what she needed to do. Though it was the only thing that made her believe her beauty was a gift, no one else agreed with it. No one loved the Queen. The mirror came to life so that it showed how much she loved her beauty and would never give it up for anyone. That meant she would kill anyone who was in her way of being the one and only. The reflection in the mirror was the Queens only place where she felt loved and understood.
As the Queen started to lose her power she found that she could not even trust her own brother to do a simple task of bringing Snow White to her alive. The Queen yelled out her hatred to her brother saying she could not trust him anymore or anyone. She healed her brother as a gift to show that she still cared but she needed him feeling well enough to find the person that she needed the most. The longer it took her brother to find Snow White the older and powerless the queen became. She was running out of time and she was starting to feel outraged. When her brother was killed she felt that he was dead. It made her weaker. The queen was alone now with no one to trust or anyone to love. Her plans were falling apart and her beauty was wasting away. As her beauty was fading it made her angrier and more compassionate to find Snow White so she could live forever.
The young men that were around the queen always reminded her of the men that had broken her heart in the past. She never liked the king. Revanna just wanted his kingdom. She hated the fact that once their Queen died they would just find another one and not appreciate the beauty they had. She knew how that felt being traded for another because her beauty was not good enough to last. She wanted everything to revolve around her beauty. Her beauty and power was number one to everyone around her. The men just made her realize that better than before. Most importantly the curse of beauty that she had was making her feel as if no man was good enough to live a life with her that was full of power and control. She couldn’t even see her brother as one after he could not live up to the standards she asked for. When she kills the son of the old man in the movie she tells the son that, “he would have been a worthy king but he disobeys his queen which is a disgrace.” The queen doesn’t want a man to be in control of her life, she wants the beauty and control to be in her hands. She thinks the men have nothing to do with the women once they become their queen and that the queen has no power. They are just a face that is beside the king The hatred she has towards the men around her even the ones in her family. Snow White pulls the worst of hatred out of Queen Revenna. When the Queen uses up most of her magic to transform into William, this let’s her get extremely close to Snow White to kill her. The queen was willing to use up every little bit of magic to get what she wanted, which was Snow Whites heart. When Snow White lived through the poison apple that she had been fed by the queen she was outraged and wanted nothing more than to have her killed, but by her own hands. The Queen shows her hatred towards her by taking the beauty out of everyone she could find and waiting for Snow White to come to her. Snow White led right into the queens plan and it made her thrilled. Her beauty was looking amazing and her power up to strength to get rid of the one she hated the most.
In the beginning, the queen didn’t have as much hatred towards Snow White as she does in the end. As the movie progressed her hatred towards Snow White progressed excessively as her beauty progressed as well. The Queen didn’t see her as a threat when she was a little child, she was just some royal child that everyone thinks is dead now. As time progressed and the Queen became less powerful Snow White began to rise from place she couldn’t see. It made the Queens hatred increase to an extreme rate towards the people around her. As she talked to Snow White in the movie she told her that she had lived twenty lives. Those twenty lives shows the hatred that had been built up and the love that was never given to the Queen and was shown in one battle against the one who could ruin everything she lived for.
In conclusion, Queen Revenna had lived a lot of lives and through out those lives she had learned that men were rotten and no good to her anymore to love or even to have ruled a kingdom. Everything that had been done to her was caused by a curse her mother gave her when she was young, the curse of always being beautiful and living forever. Over the years she had lived, so much hatred had been built up that she could no longer trust her own family. Those around her did not see her beauty any longer but saw the things she did that was evil and never wanted anything to do with her. Queen Revanna was the one that people looked at as evil and had hatred towards the ones around her. The thought that she could have hatred after all those twenty lives because those around her did not treat her beauty with respect anymore but as a cursed one who was nothing more to them other then a object that will never go any where. So her hatred comes from those of her past.

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Snow White and The Huntsman. Dir. Rupert Sanders. Perf. Kirsten Stewart, Charlize Theron, and Chris Hemsworth. Universal Studios, 2012. DVD.…...

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