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Understanding Early Drug Use and Its Benefits on Future Drug Treatments

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Understanding Early Drug Use and Its Benefits on Future Drug Treatments
Laura-Ryan Brooks
Argosy University

Drug abuse is a growing problem in the world today. Past studies have been conducted in efforts to recognize similar patterns in addicts’ lives that may have contributed to their behavior. The emerging results from this research suggested that it was due to several maltreatments occurring during the addicted individual’s adolescent years that were behind their early drug use. It is during the critical years of adolescence, when the brains of young adults are still developing, that the youth of today are most susceptible to a number of issues that can lead towards drug addiction, such as problems at home, abuse, and peer-pressure. Exploring these adversities will help shed some light on why adolescents make the decision to use drugs. This paper will address what influences drug use and how this knowledge can help treat addiction. Issues surrounding why addicts began drug use and how this information could be beneficial in treating substance abuse in the future will be explored.


Understanding Early Drug Use and Its Implications on Future Drug Abuse Treatment
Addiction has been defined as a “misguided attempt at self-repair” (du Plessis, 2012 para. 53). But who is in danger of becoming addicted or may be feeling the need of some “self-repairing? During a 2013 testing of the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS), a tool to assess certain personalities found often in substance abusers, it was found that adolescents were at high-risk for substance abuse (Castellanos-Ryan, O'Leary-Barrett, Sully, & Conrod, 2013). The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has been investigating adolescent drug use since 1975 through the Monitoring the Future (MTF) Project (Whitesell,…...

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