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Turn Off Your Tv and Start Doing Something More Interesting

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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”
-Albert Einstein

Today, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on; are the key to keep you connected, these gadgets keep us in constant contact with friends and family, and they also allow us to have easy access to the Internet. These gadgets are rarely out of reach, when they should be a privilege, you can find people using them in the office, the classroom, the library, the cafeteria or on their room.

All of these devices might keep you close from those who are far away, buy they also keep you far away from those who are close.

Good morning members of the jury, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Elena Saravia Garza, and today I will talk to you about doing something more interesting than watching your TV.

American teenagers spend more than seven hours each day using devices, when that should be the total time in a week. That means half their waking time.

If you ask someone what are the most important things in their lifes, their family and friends would probably be near or at the top of the list, but instead of spending most of their free time with them, they spend it using gadgets.

Spending a lot of time in devices can lead to serious consequences, like obesity, cancer, heart troubles, damaged eyesight, diabetes, sleep dificulties, decreased attention span, limited brain growth, autism along with others.

Most people have fences and locks on their doors because they don’t want theifs to rob them, but the gadgets that rob our time, people welcome them into their homes and even would build a special room for them.

A recent study made by sociologists of Maryland University cuncludes that unhappy people spend more time watching TV, while people who consider themselves happy dedicate more time to read and socialize.

Life is meant to be lived, not to be watched.
To get you started living your life rather than watching others live theirs, you should consider this tips: * Balance your time * Give yourself limitations * Spend your free time doing something interesting and useful * Every time you want to watch T.V or use gadgets remember about all the things that you need to do as a priority * Remeber that devices are not necessary, they’re just accesories * Don’t let your TV control you
When you wake up, say to yourself: Tody, I’m going to spend one hour tops in devices, and all the rest of my free time, I will spend it doing excersice, Reading, playing table games, hanging out with my family, with my friends, doing my chores, my homework, listening music, learning something new, and on, and on.

So today, I want to invite all of you to spend your free time doing something more productive and useful than sitting in a couch watching a screen.

“I am sorry tos ay there is too much point to the wisecrack that life is extinct on other planets because their scientists were more advanced than ours”
-Jhon F. Kennedy…...

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