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Transportation and Logistics Chain

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Running head: Transportation and Logistic Chain

Ahmed Lajili Ali

UB.ID# 0860828

University of Bridgeport

Mechanical Engineering Master of science

Principle of Logistic

((MEEG 574))

Pr. David Burnell


Purpose: to introduce the issue of the transportation and logistics chains.

Finding: outlines how the individual papers affect debate on the nature and development of transportation in the supply chain.

Originality: provides a summary of the perspectives studied within the transportation in the supply chain.

1. Introduction

My research is on the transportation and logistics chains. Products are transported between different places in different stages within a supply chain. The transportation has a large impact on both responsiveness and efficiency. Faster transportation allows a supply chain to be more responsive but reduces its efficiency within a supply chain (Chopra & Meindle, 2007, p.53). Transportation has a significant impact, because it controls the speed of response and reply as stated in Newton's third law of every action there is always opposed an equal reaction. An example of Amazon is a company that sells products on the internet and uses UPS or FedEx, which is a transportation company that delivers products to customers. This is an example of transportation within a supply chain. In logistic today wrote article for Rosenau transportation gains real time visibility to customers. This article about Rosenau found solution to assistance improve dispatch, routing and customer service to provide real time visibility to its customers, and reducing operating costs by making more stops in fewer miles. They also focused on improving the information it provides to its customers on delivery, pickup status, at same time…...

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