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When I first came to Toronto (which is the southernmost city in Canada) from Middle East I found it quite different than my home country. As it was an entirely new place for me, which had to resemblance to Middle East it was quite difficult for me to roam around in the city. However, soon I realized that although there are a number of sites that one could visit in the world, but Toronto is one of the fastest, busiest, and advanced multicultural cities of the world. Apart from being Canada’s capital city, Toronto is the largest and well populated city in Canada. It is the ideal city for tourists to visit as over here one could find various quality shopping sites.
All around Toronto, there are a number of dissimilar shopping malls. In the Ontario area of the city the Square mall is the biggest mall in which one could find drug stores, departmental stores, hobbies and crafts, children’s fashion stores, banks, automotive services and numerous other things. Apart from the Eaton centre mall there are several other malls like Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Centerpoint Mall, Cedarbrae Mall etc. If one plans to visit any one mall out of those mentioned above then it would surely keep him/her engaged for the whole day in discovering different things in that mall.
For Toronto the tourist attractions are the key preeminence, which keeps it rich and fast. As far as places are concerned, there are a number of places that you could visit like the water kingdom where tourists could enjoy numerous special water rides, the Toronto zoo in which one could see a variety of animals and birds that have been brought from all over the world, the Paramount Canada’s Wonderland where people could enjoy their time in riding different rides, the Ontario science center in which a number of dissimilar scientific models are put for display, and Toronto Islands where one could enjoy lake shore and bicycle riding. Apart from all these places there is the renowned C.N Tower that is the tallest building in the world, the center of tourism and a significant telecommunications hub in the Toronto city. After visiting these places I feel that the time spent over there has become an extraordinary memory in my life.
Toronto being a multi cultural city is a great place in which one could find various people from across the world. On the Lawrence Avenue East, I found a lot of Arabic stores, facilitating the people from different cultures and religions; the city has a number of places for praying and worshiping. For people from across the world Toronto is surely a greatest attraction.
In conclusion it can be said that, the Toronto city is an ideal location to visit where people who love to travel and see new things can finally have a tour of the whole world without even going out of the city.…...

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