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Eliezer Baez
Eco-Earth Consulting
Typography Presentation
March 27, 2014

Font Set # 1

The process these fonts where chosen had depended on well they would fit with that wireframe that was created last week. It took some time to play with different fonts and styles to come up with this particular set. As this business has a direct link to Eco-friendly or as they say going green or other colors that remind you of earth or protecting the environment I wanted to use colors that where close to that theme as you see with the greens, yellows, and blues. As for the first font I chose a well of handwritten font but digital where it looks homemade and I used the color yellow which is a color in my research that catch’s attention also keep the weight of the font regular keeps it simple an easy to read. The headings I wanted to use a bolder font which catch’s your attention and can clearly be read using earth color green to complement the website. The next following fonts are considered to be more web-safe fonts which means can be easily read and understood by many operating systems. Keeping the text and text links as the norm of 12 PT allows the customer to easily read the website. The Font set can also be using during the finalization of the website to help bring the hole project together as this font family works together.
Font Set # 2
Title Font – Brush Script Mt 30 Pt –Sky Blue
Headings Font – Impact 24PT – Black & Green
Subheadings – Century Gothic 18 Pt – moss green
Text fonts – Myriad Pro 12 Pt – Black
Text links – Verdana 12 Pt – Blue underline
This font set which was also created like the pervious font set by reopening the wireframe that was created in the previous weeks and finding what works well together. For the first font as it is the title I decided to you a more different font that works well with the title of the website to grab you’re a attention I keep the font weight regular and used the color sky blue which represents the earths sky. For the heading font I decided to use the same as the previous font set because it complements the title font and brings your attentions away from that to the different sections of the page clearly. The other text font and text link I the weight I had kept it regular and also the font size at the factory norm of 12 PT so it can easily be read and see on all platforms. Web-Safe fonts are great to use as it can easily be read by everyone which is why I keep this font set simple. Which this font set can also be used and apply during the finalization of the website.
Font set #3
Title Font - Harlow Solid Italic 30 Pt – Regular - Dark Red
Headings fonts – Bauhaus 93 24 PT – Bold – Brown
Sub headings – Britannic Bold 18 PT – Regular – Dark Green
Text Font – Times New Roman 12 PT – Regular – Black
Text Links Font – Myriad Pro 12 PT – Regular Bold italic – Blue underline
For this font set I also used the same steps that were also used for it the previous two font set as I used the wireframe as a blueprint and mock up on how this fonts would look a merge together. I decided to go with a warmer toned color plate to as used this idea throughout all the fonts shown in this font set. I also decided to think of an old school theme which can relate to the type of audience we are trying to gain you are passionate about finding an easier way to become more eco-friendly. These fonts are not web-safe so will have to be used as a graphic text in ordered to place on the site besides the Times New Roman which is web safe which was decide to be used for the bulk of the information being placed on the site because it can easily be read by everyone. The tile font and the heading font I wanted to use fonts that catch’s the website viewers’ attention it may not be as easy to read but is a create way to look at the particular parts of the site. This font site can be applied at throughout the website building process it also great to keep changing and adding fonts to see which one will fit best together in the research is also know that you will always make changes to your work until you feel it looks best.

Sample of typography In wireframe for font set #1…...

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