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power & hand tools

Toolsmarket : A consumer’s
What’s the colour and shape of the power and hand tools category moving into 2012? Nick walsh reports on a consumer-friendly market.
“It’s hard work. Everyone’s fighting but that’s the nature of the

economy. Those that are working smarter are thinking about how they deliver products to the market and they are the ones that are winning.’ says Blair Sutherland, National Sales Manager for Fox & Gunn. It’s a synopsis we’ve heard time and time before over the last 12 months but one that still rings true. No one is saying it’s an easy market, but according to Sutherland: “Everyone is very optimistic about this year and the signs are good. Building hand tool products have definitely lifted. That in itself says to us that the market is starting to make spasmodic recovery. It’s just a question of when and how it’s going to happen.” Across the board, there is a palpable sense of a “waiting game” going on, especially in light of the inherent role new construction starts play in the industry. As we go to print, building consent figures for January do show positive growth and though it does come as heartening news, many players in the market are wisely sceptical about anything suggesting less than steady incremental progress. But you do have to be in to win and suppliers are prepared for an expected increase in demand. In the notoriously price-feisty power tools sector we hear that demand is currently at a low point but suppliers are similarly optimistic about the New Year. The upside is that the situation has made it a consumers market in many respects. Both in terms of DIYers and the trade, there has never been such a wide range of affordable gear so readily available. Hamish Matheson, Commercial Manager for Stanley Black & Decker, points out: “From a tradie’s point of view this is good news as the tools are getting better while the price points remain the same or are reducing.” BARE TOOLS, COMBOS & KITS The trade consumer is also spoilt for choice in terms of power tool configurations. Though we hear there has been a slight slip in the sales of 4-piece kits, it’s been tempered by the emergence of smaller kits and battery-less or ‘bare’ tools. Mark Murdoch of Makita agrees that bare tools (or “skins”, as

Makita calls them) has become quite a big market as a value offering: “They have become quite popular so we’re working quite closely on making sure our customers know enough about it.” In this regard, we hear the scope of independent merchants is a definite advantage. Murdoch continues: “The independents are quite flexible – they don’t need a SKU number and it’s very simple for them. For the likes of some big boxes, you can’t have separate prices for an individual item and the same item paired with a drill – It gets too messy. So at the moment it’s channelled quite nicely through the power tool centres.” Though the traditional 4-piece kit’s status as a mainstay of the industry doesn’t look set to change, the 2-piece kit has seemingly reached an attractive price point for the trade customer after value for money. Hamish Matheson: “Kits have always allowed tradies to get into secondary cordless applications without having to outlay the full amount each time, the recent trend is towards the impact driver as a secondary tool and this kit has become prevalent.” As just one example, Makita is seeing interest in their 2-piece drill/collated screw gun kit. Makita’s Mark Murdoch says when it comes to kits, it also pays to offer the full range of accessories and add-ons. “We like to offer everything, the components, the bags, torches, extra batteries – the whole lot. Accessories is where the money is.” We’re also hearing that the accessories market still has legs with more than one supplier saying it’s doubled its range in the last 12 months. SILVER LINING & MULTI TOOL MADNESS Elsewhere in the power tool market, suppliers are seeing the benefit of a silver lining. Graeme Young, National Technical Manager for Paslode: “Whilst sales have been under some pressure for certain products, other products have been performing very well.” Young points towards an uptake of galvanised and roundhead nails, indicating that, though consumers may not be building houses (they’ve also noticed a decline in bright nails used for framing), they are cladding and building decks. We also hear that there has been unprecedented growth in multi-tools. Gavin Lowndes, National Sales Manager for Steelfort Engineering (Worx and Icon brands): “The multi-tool has been a phenomenon really. It’s as if consumers have discovered a completely new tool.” Interestingly, pundits say the surge in sales can be attributed at large to the “Renovator” multi-tool infomercial style ad currently getting heavy television rotation. The campaign features an


nzhj | March 2012

power & hand tools

March 2012 | nzhj


power & hand tools

affordable Chinese imported take on the multi-tool and seems to have created tangible interest from punters. Thomas Alberto, Power Tool Brand Manager for Robert Bosch, explains: “Basically consumers have bought the tool, tried it and quickly realised it was perhaps not of the best quality. They’ve instead chosen Bosch because we’re know for our quality. It’s just taken off! We also have the full support of a massive accessories range for out multi tools as well.” TECHNOLOGY – THE LATEST ON LITHIUM It’s no secret that for end users in the trade, there has been a change from a NiCad or NiMh based battery technology to Lithium-ion. (Li-ion). The epidemic has been helped along by a number of major suppliers stimulating the platform by introducing new models and tools. The end result is, again, very positive for consumers – they’re spoilt for choice for lighter, cordless tools. This technology has made its way to the DIY market, with more and more Li-ion products reaching the “sweet spot” price point sought after by punters. What’s the forecast for Li-ion in 2012? Makita’s Mark Murdoch: “Those that have held off buying a new tool may now decide that the time is right to upgrade that very old tool to a Lithium-ion tool. The NiCad will eventually go and the 10.8V Lithium-ion is the replacement to it, so there is quite a raft of products that are coming out in that platform.” And Makita isn’t the only player hinting at an increased focus on Lithium-ion…”I see this year as a big year for consumer Lithium-ion in NZ.” Says Stanley Black & Decker’s Hamish Matheson, somewhat cryptically. Where to from here? Matheson reckons: “The next generation of cordless technology will focus around brushless motors. While the technology has been around for a while the challenge has been to get it to market in an attractive and affordable package. For it to be successful, it must be launched at a price that the tradie is willing to pay for the additional features.

Given the way these products work, the major benefit is improved power and run time through reduced friction and a more efficient system.” watch this space! ANTI-VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY? Our more discerning readers may have noticed an increased presence of “anti-vibration technology” (AVT) featured in power tools. Indeed European based manufacturers already incorporate AVT in many of their tools. For the uninitiated, what exactly is antivibration technology and how has it entered the market? The idea of AVT has come about as a precaution against workplace accidents and fatigue associated with the prolonged use of tools with high vibration levels. Not surprisingly, some of the most alarming cases (nerve damage) have been from sustained use of breakers, rotary and demolition hammers. So regulations have been put in place in Europe that govern the time spent using tools which can potentially provide health risks. The European standard, known as “EVL” (Exposure Limit of Vibration) measures the vibration levels of any tool, and calculates the maximum amount of vibration an operator may be exposed to in any single day. The unanimous view of pundits is that, inevitably, a similar arrangement may soon become the status quo in New Zealand. Alberto Thomas of Bosch’s Power Tools Division, says: “It’s already on the books for Australia and as you know whatever trends that come from Australia especially in terms of safety in the workplace tend to trickle down into New Zealand.” Naturally, suppliers say that we can expect an increased focus on AVT this year, with more than one supplier hinting at new tools incorporating the technology just around the corner. Rest assured, we’ll keep you posted on the latest on AVT. “AN EXCITING TIME” All things considered, advances in technology and new product

Accent Tools has greeted the New Year with a host of new appointments and internal promotions. First up, Tom Baker fills the role of Territory Manager. Baker comes from a merchant background and brings with him an established relationship having previously worked with the Hitachi brand through a cadetship with Exotic Building Supplies. His resumé also includes running his own business in the commercial fit-out arena. Baker will be working with Accent’s reseller network from Auckland to the top of the North Island. Also new to the company, Theo Collins has recently joined the customer service team as first point of contact for all enquiries from store level. Formerly in this position, William Walker moves from customer services in to the role of Marketing Support. Walker will support Product and Sales Managers with all aspects of the company’s marketing and promotions. Last but by no means last, Andrew Way, a stalwart in the company since (L-R): Theo Collins, William Walker. 1995, has moved into the position of Managing Director, following the retirement of Accent cofounder Chris Kennings. Initially joining the company as a sales cadet, Way moved through a variety of positions before becoming a Director in 2007. As Managing Director he is ready to take up the challenge of: (L-R): Ron Cowen, Andrew Way, “driving the business forward Tom Baker. in the challenging market environment.” Way say he is looking forward to “working closely with our business partners to maximise the opportunities given to us in representing the Hitachi, Nilfisk and Shinano brands in New Zealand.” New Sales Manager, Ron Cowen, is responsible for the company’s sales force of six Territory Managers across the country. Cowen has been instrumental in strengthening Accent Tools’ relationship with key business partners over the last 5 years in the position of Key Account Manager and is looking forward to the challenges his new role will bring.


nzhj | March 2012

Meet the only Meet the only under 3kg pistol grip rotary hammer grip rotary hammer with a with anti-vibration with an technology in NZ.

Makita’s New HR261 1Ft 26mm coMbiNatioN HaMMeR
In line with international regulations covering exposure limits of vibration(ELV), Makita has produced a 3Kg class pistol grip rotary hammer incorporating unique AVT anti vibration technology to significantly reduce vibration. A piston counterweight and drill bit absorption damper system, reduces vibration in all three modes, reducing energy-sapping worker fatigue and site accidents. Also features • Robust construction • Quick change chuck - from SDS-plus to 3 jaw in one second • Greater energy efficiency • Increased rating of 800 watt • Increased capacities - 26mm concrete, 13mm steel, 32mm wood • LED job light • Easy depth adjustment • 40 bit-angle settings • Longer bit guide also witH aVt
Plus tHese New Models


5kg, 850w 3 mode Combination Hammer

2 mode with free 6 SDS bit set

HR2300 X6


3 mode, 800watt, 2.8kg


2 mode, 1,100w. Slide lock-on/trigger switches


2 mode, 1,500w. Slide lock-on/trigger switches

w w

contact your Makita representative or phone 0800 Makita

power & hand tools

The new WoodChuck combination rasp & chisel from Nicholson can be used for multiple purposes. As well as operating as a standard chisel and flat rasp/file, the curved back of the rasp serves as a round rasp for shaping round holes and the small edge of the tool has file serrations on it making it useful as an edge file in confined areas.

have made the power tool category an incredibly accessible category for consumers. But the current “price wars” scenario has not come without a cost to the industry as our readers know. Suppliers are wary of establishing their brand as distinct from the general influx of product. Fox & Gunn’s Blair Sutherland: “People forget that we’re only made up of 4 million people. There is a limit in terms of what’s sustainable. It’s up to us as suppliers to create that point of difference.” Interestingly this need also applies to retailers, as one pundit points out: “Retailers are increasingly wanting to run their own distinct type of promotion. They don’t all want to be promoting the same circular saw at the same time.” It’s a balancing act for suppliers who, while wanting to stimulate the market, are not willing to lose their bread and butter high volume sales as a result. Hamish Matheson concludes: “The challenge for manufacturers is to manage channel conflict between the retailers while continuing to provide outstanding value and products to the consumer. Product IDs, value and technology are improving quickly, which is good for all concerned. This is an exciting time for DIY power tools.” Still not convinced, that the power and hand tools consumer has it sweet? Take a closer look at some of the latest and greatest product offerings over the next few pages…

Three Brands, One Supplier... Three Brands, One Supplier... Three Brands, One Supplier...

• All Rennsteig striking tools are made in Germany • Manufacturered from hardened chrome vanadium steel, offering a long service life • Owing to the hardened striking heads no splintering and ‘mushroom’ heads will occur • Chisel blades are either polished or lacquered
MPM 8193 03/12

• Work worn cutting edges are regrindable in short intervals

MPM 8039 03/12

Proudly brought to you by Proudly brought to you by Proudly brought to you by Husqvarna New Zealand Husqvarna New Zealand Husqvarna New Zealand • NZ_HardwareJournal_3xBrands_85x130.indd 1 NZ_HardwareJournal_3xBrands_85x130.indd 1 NZ_HardwareJournal_3xBrands_85x130.indd 1 9/02/2012 12:51:58 PM 9/02/2012 12:51:58 PM 9/02/2012 12:51:58 PM


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power & hand tools

The Crescent Ratcheting Data Crimper & Stripper (CDC68) is a multi-purpose tool suitable for data cabling jobs. Not much larger than a pair of pliers, it can cut, strip, connect and crimp, so users won’t need to change tools or dies (for 6P and 8P connectors). Features include an integrated cable cutter, with inbuilt length stopper and stripper that will work on flat, round Cat5 and network cabling. The CDC68 boasts a ratcheting system which means less force is required than with non-ratcheting tools, reducing user strain. Finally, this tool has precision CNC ground crimping teeth, for a neat, firm crimp and boasts cutting blades of tough SK5 steel. Makita’s new HR2611FT series of Rotary hammers are the first under 3kg class, 26mm, 3mode, pistol grip rotary hammers with anti-vibration technology (AVT) on the NZ market. This has been achieved through the introduction of a piston counterweight and drill bit absorption damper spring. Reduced vibration in turn reduces energy-sapping worker fatigue and site accidents. For safety alone, this model excels. It also features an LED job light and optional dust cap to collect dust when drilling overhead. But the HR2611FT is also more robust and energy-efficient than its predecessor. It delivers greater performance from its increased 800-watt rating, is more efficient and provides increased capacities of 26mm in concrete, 13mm in steel and 32 mm in wood. This product also has a quick-change chuck. The HR2611FT is joined by its big brother model the HR3210C 5kg, 850w 3 mode Combination Hammer, also with AVT.

High Performance Vacuum Solutions for any application

Accent Tools has the right solution for your customers’ vacuum requirements.
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power & hand tools

New from Bosch, the GSh 27 VC demolition hammer boasts the highest removal rate (tons/h) in class– at least 50% higher than competitors and its predecessor model, says Bosch. It also boasts 25% less vibration than competitors because of improved impact mechanism and decoupled handles. This product has a long lifetime and promises low maintenance due to high quality aluminium and steel components. Features include ergonomic handles with soft grip and fall over prevention and an anti-slip surface on covering cap, which prevents the tool from falling over, while leaning against a wall.

The ATTIX Wet & Dry portable vacuum range is led by the premium Xtreme Clean models. This unique design has been developed for tasks such as extracting and collecting fibre cement dust generated by power tools. Nilfisk Xtreme Clean vacs use a unique self-cleaning filter system. During operation the filter is automatically cleaned whenever it becomes clogged, meaning no downtime is needed to manually clean the filter and there is no reduction in suction performance. For larger or more intensive applications, Nilfisk’s CFM range provides heavy duty solutions to site or factory cleanups. These robust machines are available in a range of configurations. The CFM range features models with 25-300 litre containment capacity, and with specialised versions that can collect hazardous dusts or liquids. Vacuums in this range are also powered by a wide range of power sources – single or three phase electric, pneumatically powered or petrol and diesel engine powered. An extensive range of hose and accessories options means that any Nilfisk vacuum can be custom configured to efficiently clean up in any application.

The Worx BladeRunner 650W multi-function saw is a benchtop machine that is claimed will cut “just about anything into just about any shape” This product uses . a quick tool-less blade change system. An ergonomic arm can be quickly adjusted for different material thickness, flipped up for access to internal cuts and removed for large cutting. The machine features a sewing machine style pressure foot that holds material down when cutting and guide rollers to ensure the blade remains accurately vertical. Additional features include: on-board blade and miter gauge storage, on-board cord wrap, variable speed control for different materials, removable dust drawer and guard dust hose connection and rocker switch with safety key.

The new hitachi C7UY circular saw is is a 7½” model that cuts like an 8¼” This 190mm saw cuts a remarkable 78mm deep at 90° and 55mm at . 45°. These feats are achieved by adding a third small diameter gear in the product’s drive-train which enables the blade axis to be lowered, bringing it closer to the base plate. This means more of the blade is exposed and able to be used for cutting. This saw is equipped with a lightweight but tough PTFE-coated aluminium base plate, offering less frictional resistance than a conventional nickel-plated base plate for smooth, fast, cutting. The saw also boasts an impressive no-load speed (5,500rpm), a dust blower (to make sure the guide line isn’t obscured), low weight (just 4.2kg), easy cutting depth adjustment and easy access bevel adjustment. C7UY is supplied in a carry case with 20T TCT blade as standard.


nzhj | March 2012

power & hand tools

The latest addition to the DEWALT arsenal, the DWS780-XE compound slide mitre saw, has power and cutting capacity to spare at the same time as being versatile enough to tackle a range of timbers, from fine, precision cuts to big jobs up to 303x110mm. With DEWALT’s innovative XPS shadow line cut indicator, trade professionals will enjoy accurate alignment of the blade and an illuminated workspace for increased productivity and quality of work. The cam action mitre lock and new quick release bevel stop setting makes adjusting the angles between 0-50° degrees and 0-60° easy. This product’s 60-tooth blade and the compact body, ensure it’s also easily portable, lightweight and durable.

Using compact 7.4 Volt Lithium-ion batteries means the new and upgraded Paslode Impulse FrameMaster-Li drives 6,000 shots each charge – 50% more than traditional Nickel-Cadmium technology. Full charge is achieved in just 1 hour and charging life has also been extended by up to five times. The addition of an on/off battery position allows the battery to be disengaged but remain secure on-board when the tool is not in use. This increases battery-charging life and prevents disengaged batteries dropping from the tool. A new “pinch-grip” depth of drive adjuster makes changing drive depth for different timbers, nails and applications easier. The FrameMaster-Li also has a battery indicator light, a nail lockout to avoid dry firing and damage to the timber surface and is sold with a pulse type Lithium-Ion battery charger. A unique reversible rafter and belt hook is also standard. Two Lithium-Ion batteries are included with this tool.

New from DEWALT, the 150mm & 180mm variable speed polisher features a large speed dial and variable switch which adjusts simply with pressure to ensure maximum control. The “no volt” release switch also prevents mishaps from the unit accidentally starting when plugged in, even if the switch is left in the on position. In addition, the replaceable wool ingestion shields stop blockages for a smooth and consistent glide.

Time Tested Quality Brands

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power & hand tools

Tool BoX EssENTIAls
We take a look at some of our supplier’s highest selling staple hand tools, the tradesmen’s go-to gear.

Bosch’s new GBG 6 and GBG 8 bench grinders feature a high input power induction motor for fast work progress and long lifetime. This compact tool features a die-cast housing with encapsulated ball bearings to keep the motor dust-free. It also features a robust base with rubber feet for secure working conditions. Also new, the GBh 18V-LI compact cordless rotary hammer is said to be the most compact design in its class (including SDSplus holder). The tool features a pneumatic hammer mechanism – optimised for drilling holes from 4-8mm but it is also suitable for smaller to medium screwdriving and drilling applications in wood and metal with chuck adaptor. This product is available as a barebones tool.

These original Japanese pattern design, Dogyu drop forged nail puller are tempered for extra durability. Bot nail puller claws are precise and sharp to remove imbedded or headless nails with ease and will grab nail shanks to pull finishing nails through removed moulding to minimize damage. A must in any builder’s apron, Estwing’s curved claw solid steel hammer provides unsurpassed balance and temper. The head and handle are fully polished and forged in one piece. Exclusive Shock Reduction Grip offers the upmost in both comfort and durability, while reducing vibrations caused by impact. Traditionally styled compact four-fold rules, the Fisco Craftsman’s and handyman’s rules are suitable for both professional and DIY use. With both rules remaining rigid when extended, these are the ideal tools to use for single-handed measuring.







• Economical and perfect for flat grinding • For removal of imperfections in concrete • Dry grinding

• Double row for longer life and smoother finish • Perfect for flat grinding • Formwork cleaning • For removal of imperfections in concrete • Dry grinding

• Perfect for glue/paint removal - no clogging • Fast stripping of concrete • For removal of imperfections in concrete • Dry grinding

• Double layer for better cooling • Perfect for shaping concrete/ stone • For removal of imperfections in concrete • Dry grinding

For enquiries call POWERS now on 09415 242

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nzhj | March 2012

power & hand tools

Bahco Superior, ProfCut and PrizeCut handsaws take some beating. PrizeCut features universal strong and hard wearing UT-toothing, making it suitable for both rip and cross cutting in all types of wood. Its blade is rust protection lacquered and it features a one-component solid handle. The Superior handsaw boasts to cut through anything made of wood and still be sharp after years of use. This is due to the hard point unique XT-toothing, low friction coating and a thick blade for added stability and precision. Aimed at the professional user, the ProfCut and Profcut+ saws feature the new super sharp hard Point GT-toothing. There is also a wide variety of ProfCut application handsaws available for sawing in plywood, laminates, timber, plastics, plaster and concrete. Also from Bahco is a 94-piece socket and mechanical set. This set feature 1/4” and 1/2” sockets and spanners. The case is made from highdensity polythene and features 13 combination spanners on a practical removeable tool-rack.

New from Tridon, Rennsteig striking tools are manufactured from hardened chrome vanadium steel, the forged chisels and punches are quenched and tempered as a whole to guarantee a good resiliency and to resist hard working stress, offering a long service life. Owing to the hardened striking heads which are made according to DIN standards, no splintering or mushrooming of the head will occur. Chisel blades are either polished or lacquered. Shanks of all striking tools are dip coated in gold laquer. The conical and parallel shanks of all punches are polished. The Rennsteig tools are available loose or are also available with the new userfriendly colour coded hang tags to enable quick and easy product identification.

From Germany, SKG’s all-in-one screwdriver covers six different cross slot sizes (including PH1, PH2, PH3 and PZ1, PZ2 and PZ3), a feat that is achieved by a specific flank-geometry of the blade tip. Using the hexagon blade with the fingertips, it helps to start especially smaller screws, where as the hexagon bolster enables extra torque with the help of a spanner. This tool features an ergonomically designed, multicomponent handle for grip and a hang-up-hole. The Komelon InOX MagGrip 8m tape measure is made from stainless steel for improved rust resistance. This product has measurements printed on both sides for easier readability and line drawing and a magnetic tip for easy measurement by one person. The INOX MagGrip is encased in impact absorbing rubber.

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...Helpful Tools for Project Management Christopher Benson INF 337: Integrate Cost & Schedule Control Instructor: Shane Lauber September 22, 2014 The past 30 years have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number and variety of organizations engaged in project-based work. In addition to “traditional” project-oriented industries, like construction, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals, service industries as diverse as finance, utilities, telecommunications, and insurance are beginning to embrace project based ventures. This paradigm shift is due to growing recognition that projects and their effective management can provide organizations with a significant competitive edge through cost reduction, enhanced responsiveness, and overall value to customers. Consequently, a number of organizations have adopted many of the well-known techniques of project management, and professional project management organizations have witnessed marked increases in membership. Despite this enormous interest in projects and project management practices, success rates in many industries are at alarmingly low levels. In addition, bad news about high-profile projects continues to dominate the headlines – in both the public and private sectors (Venkataraman & Pinto, 2008). A lot of this bad news comes from the PM (Project Manager) not being educated on all the tools at his/her disposal to be better prepared to prevent the project from failing. In order for anything to succeed, it must...

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Comparision of Tools

...ASSIGNMENT III SOFTWARE TESTING TOOL COMPARISION QTP, SELENIUM AND TESTINGWHIZ BY, S.Shahida Banu. 120071601087. COMPARING QTP, SELENIUM AND TESTINGWHIZ INTRODUCTION: When it comes to test automation tools for web application testing it is hard to choose between the available options in the market and the right alternative that offers best of the latest technologies from the market place at the right budget. Open source tools provide the benefit of low initial investment but, they’re not always the best alternative in the long run due to lack of official support & training. Commercial tools on the other hand are highly expensive to implement resulting in higher cost of failure should the right tool not be selected.  Automation is a continuous process and it’s very important to have the basics right:- * Setting up the test environment  * Screening the available tool options  * Creating a Proof of Concept with a few sample test scenarios for the application  * Preparing (automation) frameworks  * Building libraries of functions & methods  * Defining configuration parameters To help test managers and automation engineers choose the right alternative, we have prepared a comparison matrix between the three closest contenders that are highly rated by Test Managers and Automation Engineers alike. Here is a comparison between HP QTP with Selenium and TestingWhiz. QTP vs SELENIUM vs TESTINGWHIZ: Testing automation tools enable developers and......

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...Drawing Tools, Equipment and Materials Technical Drawing Pens -were originally designed for engineers and architects, but quickly became popular among artists for their precision. Technical Pens are refillable, with either a replaceable ink cartridge system. -it can make lines of constant width, which offer more control and precision than lines that vary in width. Technical pens are also used for loose sketches, like concepts for logos or web designs, as well as freehand doodling. -a "Rapidograph” pen is a trademarked name for one type of technical pen. Compass -are used for inscribing arcs or circles. It can be also used for measuring the distance. Compasses are also used in drafting, mathematics and other purposes. -Compass has 5 parts, the legs, hinge, needle point, pencil lead, and the adjusting nut. Drawing Board -also called Drafting table, Drawing table or Architect’s table. It is a multipurpose desk which can be used for any kind of drawing, writing or sketching on a......

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Tools for Business

...Department of Information Technology and Media (ITM) Author: Katarina Lundqvist, Study program: Master of Science in Engineering – Computer Engineering, 270 higher education credits Examiner: Tingting Zhang, Tutor: Aron Larsson, Tutor: Mats Olsson, Scope: 20102 words inclusive of appendices Date: 2010-03-17 M.Sc. Thesis in Computer Engineering AV, 30 higher education credits Tools for Business Intelligence A comparison between Cognos 8 BI, Microsoft BI and SAP BW/NetWeaver Katarina Lundqvist Abstract 2010-03-17 Tools for Business Intelligence A comparison between Cognos 8 BI, Microsoft BI and SAP BW/NetWeaver Katarina Lundqvist Abstract The aim of the thesis was to conduct a general study of Business Intelligence and BI systems followed by a comparison of Cognos 8 BI, Microsoft BI and SAP BW/NetWeaver. The goal was to distinguish similarities and differences between the tools regarding technique, cost, usability and educational need and to provide a mapping for different customer situations. The method consisted of a theoretical study followed by a practical part including development, testing and interviews. The comparison showed that SAP and Microsoft both use the client/server model while Cognos is an integrated web-based system built on SOA. SQL Server can only be installed on Windows while BW and Cognos also support UNIX, Linux and IBM.......

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Assessment Tool

...Assessment Tool Analysis Paper Jean Watson’s theory of human caring focused on establishing a caring relationship with patients. She believed in treating them as holistic (mind, body and spirit) being. To further secure our understanding and relationship with our patients we can use our assessment tool analysis to better know them. Becks depression inventory, dysfunctional attitude scale and social support questionnaire are the assessments that I have chosen to look deeper at the depressed population and community function. These tools should take me deeper on how this population might have gotten to where they are and why they are a vulnerable population. Created by Dr. Aaron T. Beck, the Beck Depression Inventory is an assessment tool design to determine the presence and the severity of symptoms of depression. Composed of 21 multiple choice questions it aims to assess the symptoms and attitudes specifically seen on depressed patients. To interpret Becks Depression inventory, the score have to be tallied and added. According to ( ) a person that scored 1-10 are considered normal, 11-16 has mild mood disturbance, 17-20 borderline clinical depression, 21-30 moderate depression, 31-40 severe depression, and anything over 40 is considered to have extreme depression. This tool can be use in many of our vulnerable population, but we are going to concentrate on the teens and young adults to explore the correlation between depression and obesity. According to the Centers for......

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Selection Tools

...Selection Tools Shannon Lawson HRM/240 December 04, 2011 Tony Risner Selection Tools Selection of candidates for employment in an organization is a critical practice for the Human Resource Management. If they make a poor decision, they might end up with underperforming employees, which is the reason proper and effective tools should be applied when selecting candidates for any job in any organization. When hiring employees for a job in the supermarket, the three selection tools the Human Resource Management should use are: 1. An application request 2. Carrying out an interview 3. Giving references These three tools are vital and important for the selection of an employee for a supermarket because they give important and pertinent information about the person applying for the position. Working in a supermarket does not require professional skills and the Human Resource Management needs to know that the candidate applying for the position poses essential skills and can easily adjust to the supermarket setting. Application from the candidate will give the Human Resource Management the chance to review if the candidate has the required skills. Carrying out an interview will allow the Human Resource Management to meet the candidate and see if they can handle the work expected of them in the supermarket. Having references gives Human Resource Management the chance to check behavior and character of the prospective employee. BEST......

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Behaviral Tools

...Behavioral tools are used by human service workers to assist individuals in developing, organizing, and maintaining changes to improve a quality of life. There are approaches service workers may find helpful when working with various clients and working in different situations. To focus on creating healthy behaviors, this report on behavioral tools looks at effective methods of implementing change through the following: client centered approaches, grounding techniques, and operant conditioning through positive and negative reinforcements. The report will also assist human service workers identify some situations that the stated approaches may be used for. Client Centered Approach The client centered approach is a behavioral tool that human service professionals use in counseling or psychotherapy. Developed in the 1930s by American psychologist Carl Rogers (Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2012), client centered therapy focuses on human strengths rather than human deficiencies. The client centered approach is non-directive and creates behavioral change by focusing on personal growth and self-actualization. It was Roger’s belief that humans who move toward self-actualization are more inclined to have concern for others and behave in genuine, trustworthy, and constructive ways. Rogers believed the way to accomplish this was to place the client in control. To establish client control, the therapist does not direct the client, does not pass judgments on the client’s feelings,......

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Internet Tools tools can help this company communicate and obtain information more efficiently. After evaluating Dirt Bikes I think they will benefit from the recommendations I will propose. By my observations the company can benefit from an intranet and a couple other technology tools in numerous ways. Since Dirt Bikes offers internet use to all of its employees that use a desktop I think it would be a great idea to create a private network for the company. When a company has many employees and many different locations it becomes difficult to communicate effectively with its employees. The features of a private network that I believe benefit this company are those supported by a corporate network infrastructure. These types of networks support a mobile sales force using cell phones, mobile employees linking to the company Web site, internal company networks using mobile wireless local-area networks and video conferencing. Intranets make running a company easier to all of its managers and employees. An intranet basically combines all of a company’s data into one single system. According to Laudon and Laudon(2011), “…an intranet typically centers on a portal that provides a single point of access to information from several different systems and to documents using a web interface. Such portals can be customized to suit the information needs of specific business groups and individual users if required.” Tools that are provided by an intranet are: e-mail, collaboration tools,......

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Selection Tools

...Selection Tools Supermarket Job • 1.0 Identification of Three Selection Tools for a Supermarket Section A properly designed and well executed employee selection process is important for a company because it makes employee perform better, it decreases employee mischief and leads to better employee attitude, higher company productivity, and less turnover. For a company to remain competitive nationally and internationally they need to have an effective recruitment and selection protocol; a good selection is paramount in the hiring process. It’s the difference between a good hard-working employee and an employee who may not uphold the ideas of the company. A good selection process can reduce the number of applications one may have to choose from. The three selection tools that would be considered for a hiring program at a supermarket would be employment history, interview process and background check. A supermarket employee must be considerate and helpful to the many people they serve. Employment history can usually be determined through the application process. It shows the person responsible for hiring the types of jobs the applicant has held in the past, the length of employment, the reasons why they are no longer employed, and how often the applicant has moved from one job to another. Since there’s usually a high turnover in this industry, most hiring managers would like to reduce the number of employees that leave and may be able to monitor this......

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