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Dear Mr. Palshaw:

Hello, my name is Derrick and I am a student here at Carmel High School. As you probably know, I am a huge New York Yankees fan. They are the best team in the whole Majors, and there is no doubting that fact. I understand from one of my peers that you are a Boston Red Sox fan, as I had also seen your Red Sox magnet on your whiteboard. The idea of a Yankee fan and Red Sox fan co-existing in a classroom setting is just a preliminary result of past encounters between the two franchises. I hope that we can look past these abundant differences and carry-on with our positions at CHS; you as a teacher and me as a student. However, if there is an occurrence in the future of the Yankees losing horrendously, I will be forced to bring up the fact that they have been spotted at number one most of the year, have forty American League Pennants, and twenty-seven World Championship Trophies. Oh, and will most likely be going for another one this year, unlike Boston. But enough about baseball, that will end up with a fight and I know how much you love fighting over plagiarism. I was born August 10, 1995 in San Diego California. I lived here in the Monterey Peninsula until March 24th, 2004 when we moved to the Hudson Valley of New York. My family moved back to California on December 29th of 2010 for my father’s work. My mother and father are divorced since 2000, and I have one sister named Grayson who is a sophomore here at CHS. As a student I tend to slack off, but I matured over the summer and am ready to nail all As this year. I look forward to this year, and to that lunch you owe me, Subway sandwich: chicken breast with shredded cheese and spinach.


Derrick Brereton…...

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