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Three Types of Entrepreneurs

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Three Types of Entrepreneurs
The Social Entrepreneur is motivated to transform the world into a better place to live. He/she does not accept status quo and seeks to actively improve environmental, educational, social and economic conditions. Rather than being driven by the desire for profits, social entrepreneurs are usually aimed at improving the quality of goods and services while contributing back to the community and society.
The Serial Entrepreneur continuously comes up with new ideas and starts new businesses. He/she can easily duplicate his/her previous successful business model, or follow his/her experience to realize a new idea. Serial entrepreneurs are willing to take risks in new fields and are likely to experience repeat entrepreneurial success.
The Lifestyle Entrepreneur combines their interests and expertise into a business model that allows them to make a living. Unlike other entrepreneurs who grow their businesses and aim for high return upon exiting or selling their business, lifestyle entrepreneurs are truly passionate about their professions and choose a business model that can sustain long-term development. They place their passion before profits, integrate their interests into their business and possess high expertise to yield breakthroughs in their respective fields.
If I were an entrepreneur, I would most likely emulate the “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”. I feel like when you love what you do and you are passionate about it, then success will definitely come. If I ever got into an entrepreneurship, it would definitely be something that I have always dreamed about and wanted to do for a while. The pressure of success would not be a factor.
Access the impact of globalization and technology on the creation of small businesses. Determine if and how these helped or hindered growth.
Technology and cheap access to energy have altered the way the…...

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